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Church of the Lutheran Confession

Doctrinal Platform

CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose — A small pamphlet that briefly and simply explains some of our doctrinal positions.

The Brief Statement of 1932 — A short summary of our beliefs, originally created and adopted by the LCMS in 1932, and still adhered to by the CLC.

Concerning Church Fellowship (CCF) — Our statement on the important Scriptural principle of Church Fellowship.

Concerning Church and Fellowship – Popular Version — Download – A more recent document discussing the important Scriptural principal of Church Fellowship.

CCF A Short Summary — Download – A shorter version of Concerning Church Fellowship

Concerning Church and Ministry (CCM) — Our statement on the Relation of Synod and Local Congregation to the Holy Christian Church.

Same-sex Marriage PolicyPDF — Our statement in response to the June 26, 2015, Supreme Court declaration that the United States Constitution requires states to license and recognize marriages between two people of the same sex.

CLC Theses And Antitheses On The Role Of Admonition In The Termination Of Fellowship With Church BodiesPDFpamphlet PDF — Romans 16:17-18 has always been considered a sedes doctrinae among us. We affirm that this passage is a word of God which teaches clearly the separation principle. We herewith set forth that which we affirm and believe, as well as that which we reject, with regard to the role of admonition in the termination of fellowship with church bodies.