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Learn From Me

An adult instruction course by Rev. Bertram Naumann

Revised, edited and formatted by Prof. Paul Naumann

NOTE: These lessons have been screened by the CLC Board of Doctrine and are being made available as a free download to anyone who may find them helpful. There are twenty lessons comprising a complete course in Christian instruction, geared mainly for adults. These files were last updated on July 19, 2019. If you notice any errors, omissions, typo’s, etc., please e-mail Paul Naumann.

You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print these lessons. The Reader is free from Adobe.

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Cover, Table of Contents and Acknowledgments

Lesson 1 – The Natural Knowlege of God

Lesson 2 – The Bible, Revealed Knowlege of God

Lesson 3 – The Trinity

Lesson 4 – Creation

Lesson 5 – The Fall into Sin

Lesson 6 – Law and Gospel

Lesson 7 – The Law (First and Second Use)

Lesson 8 – Jesus Christ, Prophesies and Attributes

Lesson 9 – Jesus Christ, Humiliation and Exaltation

Lesson 10 – Jesus Christ, Ascended to God’s Right Hand

Lesson 11 – The Holy Spirit

Lesson 12 – Baptism

Lesson 13 – The Holy Christian Church

Lesson 14 – The Forgiveness of Sins

Lesson 15 – The Lord’s Supper

Lesson 16 – Prayer

Lesson 17 – The Law (Third Use)

Lesson 18 – The Ministry of the Keys

Lesson 19 – The Last Things

Lesson 20 – The End is Just the Beginning

Click below for all the lessons, packed into one download (you’ll need to unpack them):

Lessons 1-20