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Each reference in this index includes volume number, issue number, and page(s). For example, the reference 22/3:2-12 is to be interpreted as volume 22, issue 3, pages 2 to 12. To convert volume numbers to years, add 1960 to the volume number.

The key to the initials of authors and contributors is as follows:

E.A. = Egbert Albrecht

J.A. = James Albrecht

P.G.A. = Paul G. Albrecht

BoD = Board of Doctrine

R.D. = Robert Dommer

L.P.D. = Leroy P. Dux

H.C.D. = H. C. Duehlmeier

O.J.E. = O. J. Eckert

W.F. = Warren Fanning

D.F. = Daniel Fleischer

P.G.F. = Paul G. Fleischer

V.A.F. = Vance A. Fossum

A.F. = A. Fremder

G.B.F. = Garrett B. Frank

M.G. = Martin Galstad

N.G. = Norman Greve

C.M.G. = C. M. Gullerud

R.A.G. = Roland A. Gurgel

E.A.H. = Elton A. Hallauer

G.L.J. = Gregory L. Jackson

J.V.K. = John V. Klatt

P.R.K. = Paul R. Koch

D.P.K. = David P. Koenig

C.K. = Clifford Kuehne

S.K. = Stephen Kurtzahn

P.F.L. = Paul F. Larsen

D.L. = David Lau

J.L. = John Lau

R.W.M. = Robert W. Mackensen

N.A.M. = Norman A. Madson

B.J.N. = Bertram J. Nauman

Br.N. = Bruce Naumann

D.R.N. = David R. Naumann

P.N. = Paul Naumann

J.J.N. = James J. Naumann

P.D.N. = Paul D. Nolting

P.F.N. = Paul F. Nolting

K.O. = Keith Olmanson

J.K.P. = John K. Pfeiffer

A.P. = August Pieper

G.P.R. = Gordon P. Radtke

L.D.R. = L. Dale Redlin

R.R. = Robert Rehm

E.R. = Edmund Reim

J.R. = John Reim

R.A.R. = Rollin A. Reim

N.H.R. = Norbert H. Reim

M.J.R. = Michael J. Roehl

R.L.R. = Ronald Roehl

J.E.S. = James E. Sandeen

D.S. = David Schaller

J.S. = John Schaller

P.W.S. = Paul W. Schaller

R.S. = Ralph Schaller

D.R.S. = David R. Schierenbeck

J.L.S. = John L. Schierenbeck

L.W.S. = Lester W. Schierenbeck

M.S. = Michael Schierenbeck

T.R.S. = Thomas R. Schuetze

W.S. = Waldemar Schuetze

A.S. = Arthur Schulz

G.S. = Gilbert Sydow

J.A.S. = James A. Sydow

M.S. = Michael Sydow

P.T. = Paul Tiefel

J.U. = John Ude

R.E.W. = Robert E. Wehrwein

1938 St. L. Articles of Union. (C.M.G.) 11/1:27.

A Call for Decision. (E.S.) 1/3:42.

A Statement – 25th Anniversary. (C.M.G.) 11/1:30.

A Time to Ask. (M.G.) 6/3:8.

AAL and ELS/WELS. 33/1:34-35. (J.L.)

AAL: Sinful Unionism involved. 22/2:38. (J.L.)

AALC, First Convention of. 29/1:40-43. (D.L.)

Abba: Meaning & Application. 22/3:2-12. (J.K.P.)

Abel &r. His Faith. (A.S.) 11/2:1.

Abilities to Life, Applying. 40/3:2-5. (J.K.P.)

Abortion: Humanist Influence. 26/1:8. (K.O.)

Abortion: Moral Issue. 24/2:25-29. (P.G.F.)

Abortions, Promoting Legislation against. 25/1:20f. (C.M.G.)

Abraham and Paul: Salvation by Faith, Not Law: J. Ylvisaker. 33/4:38-48. (C.M.G.)

Abraham, True Descendants of. 27/1:9f. (J.K.P.)

Abraham, True Descendants of. 27/2:7-9. (P.R.K.)

Abraham’s Covenant with God: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:18-29. (C.M.G.)

Academic Freedom & Luther. 14/2:2-10. (J.L.)

Accommodation Theory of Interpretation. 13/1:11f. (C.K.)

Act of Faith vs. the Object of Faith. (R.W.M.) 4/1:1ff.

Ad for Books & Periodicals. 5/1:40.

Ad for Dr. Keiser’s paper on Genesis. 3/5:44.

Ad: Concerning Church Fellowship. 1/5:43.

Ad: Hath God Said? by Uuras Saarnivaara. (E.S.) 7/1:42.

Ad: The Social Gospel: A Threat… by Paul Nolting. (E.S.) 7/1:41.

Adam & Eve: Genesis and N.T. 43/4:6-10. (D.L.)

Adam, The Word, &r. Its Meaning. (A.S.) 11/3:25.

Address to ILC Graduates. 28/2:2-6. (G.P.R.)

Address: Alpha & Omega: ILC. 41/3:2-5. (J.K.P.)

Adiaphora & Women Covering Heads in Worship. 28/2:13- 17. (A.S.)

Adiaphoristic Controversy. 42/3:22. (M.S.)

Admonition & Church Fellowship: WELS. 22/2:28-38. (J.L.)

Admonition & Love, Brotherly: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:35-38. (C.M.G)

Admonition and Romans 16. (E.R.) 2/5:1.

Admonition in Church Fellowship: CLC. 37/1:55. (C.M.K.)

Admonition in WELS/CLC Discussions. 36/4:32-38 (J.L.)

Admonition, Scriptural Directives in. 29/1:32-35. (G.P.R)

Adoption of Sons: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:41-48. (C.M.G.)

Advent Meditation on Luke 1. 18/3:2-15. (R.E.W.)

Advent Outlines: Kingdom of God. 25/2:42-44. (P.F.N.)

Advent Prophecy: Num. 24:15-24. 28/3:19-23. (R.A.G.)

Advent Season: Sermon Studies. (J.L.) 11/5:22.

Advent, Sermon for: Isa. 7:10-14. 36/4:2-6. (P.G.F.)

Adventism, Unrest in 7th Day. 20/4:28-41. (P.G.F.)

Adventists &r. the Immortality of the Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:30f.

Adversity vs Prosperity & God. 32/4:25-26. (J.K.P.)

AELC, Roots of. 22/4:33. (C.M.G.)

AELC: New Church Body. 16/4:39-41. (C.M.G.)

Afflictions in Church Work. (Koren) 1/5:8.

AGAPAO in 2 John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:5.

Agape & Controversy. (E.R.) 2/1, P.8.

Agape & the Lord’s Supper. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:7ff.

Age, The, in which we live. (E.S.) 10/1:1ff.

Aggiornamento (the New Look) of the Catholic Ch. (E.R.) 5/5:11.

Aggiornamento, A Sequel to. (E.R.) 6/4:27 & 38.

AIDS A Sign of God’s Wrath. 30/4:20-21. (J.K.P.)

Albrecht, Pastor Christian. In Memoriam. Funeral Sermon (E.S.) 10/4:18.

Albrecht, Pastor P.G.: A Gift of God. 16/2:10f. (E.A.)

Albrecht, Pastor P.G.: Funeral Sermon. 16/2:4-9. (L.W.S.)

Albrecht, Pastor P.G.: In Memoriam. 16/2:2f. (C.M.G.)

ALC & Doctrine of Justification. (R.W.M.) 4/1:8.

ALC & joining World Council of Churches. (C.M.G.) 1/2:36.

ALC & Missouri. (E.R.) 2/3:35.

ALC Luther League meeting in N. Y. (J.L.) 10/4:29.

ALC, Roots of. 22/4:28-31. (C.M.G.)

ALC’s “new” approach to Scripture. (C.M.G.) 3/2:24.

Allegory of Hagar & Sarah: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Allegory of Sinai & Jerusalem: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Alpha & Omega: Meaning. 16/3:23. (P.F.N.)

Ambassadors for Christ. 31/3:34-37. (P.F.)

Amen in Worship Service, Use of. 34/1:5. (J.R.)

Amen, Christ is the. 32/4:20. (J.K.P.)

Amish, The, People & Their Education. (M.G.) 7/2:24.

Amusements, Good & Evil. 33/2:34-35. (R.R.)

Anabaptists Then and Now. 38/38/3:53-56. (D.L.)

Andrea, Jacob: Early Lutheran. 41/2:26-29. (R.E.S.)

Anemic Reporting. (C.M.G.) 1/2:40.

Angel of the Lord Passages. 31/2:23-41. (D.K.)

Angels created on first day. 25/3:14. (C.K.)

Anger not Hatred. 27/3:6f. (J.K.P)

Anger: Care is Needed. 41/2:36-37. (R.M.)

Animal soul & soul of man – the difference. (A.S.) 10/5:21.

Animals & Language. 20/1:31-33. (C.K.)

Anointed, The Lord’s: Ps. 2 Version. 15/4:39f. (E.R.)

Anointing of Jesus – When take place? (E.S.) 8/2:3f.

Anointing, The Rite of. 23/4:15-29. (J.K.P.)

Antichrist & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 2/2:8.

Antichrist & Roman Papacy. 28/3:30. (V.A.F.)

Antichrist (Papacy) on Justification. 19/4:22ff. (P.F.N.)

Antichrist in 2 Thess. 2. 24/4:30-33. (D.L.)

Antichrist in II John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:10.

Antichrist, Man of Sin: Exegetical Study. 40/3:29-45. (W.E.)

Antichrist, Papacy the. 17/1:40f. (A.S.)

Antichrist, Pope the. 18/3:34f. (C.M.G.)

Antichrist, Pope the. 24/2:44. (P.F.N.)

Antichrist, Rise of the. 32/1:15-16. (J.K.P.)

Antichrist, The: Dispensationalist Concept. 21/4:24f. (C.K.)

Antinomian Ideas: Law & Gospel. 18/4:7-22. (A.P.-W.S.)

Antinomistic Controversy. 42/3:24-25. (M.S.)

Aorist & Revelation 20:4-5. 18/1:8f. (C.K.)

Aorist in its Place, Keeping the. 16/3:2-10. (C.K.)

Aorist Indicative. Translating the. 18/2:19-26. (C.K.)

Aorist Subjunctive: Greek Prohibitions. 21/1:6ff. (C.K.)

Aorist, Constative. 18/1:4f. (C.K.)

Aorist, Effective. 18/1:6f. (C.K.)

Aorist, Ingressive. 18/1:5f. (C.K.)

Aorist. Viewpoints of the. 18/1:2-10. (C.K.)

Apollinaris of Laodicea. (A.S.) 11/5:10.

Apologetics, Christian, & C. S. Lewis: Review. (E.S.) 8/1:34.

Apologetics, Law. & Gospel. 20/4:22-28. (R.E.W.)

Apology of A.C.: On Justification. 19/4:22-24. (P.F.N.)

Apology of Augsburg Confession: On Sin. 19/4:11-13. (P.F.N.)

Apostasy from the Faith, Threatening. 30/1:2-17. (C.M.G.)

Apostasy, What is? (E.S.) 7/4:20.

Apostles, The, & Imperatives of Scripture. (E.R.) 1/2:6.

Apostleship, How Paul Defends His. 40/1:10-22. (M.S.)

Apostolate, The, in N. T. Ministry. (E.S.) 9/1:13.

Apostolic Creed. (A.S.) 11/5:1.

Apostolic Fields of Labor: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:19-35. (C.M.G.)

Apostolic Preaching. (E.S.) 9/1:6.

Apostolic Word, A Final. (C. M. Zorn & E.S.) 9/3:7.

Archeological Findings of Biblical Persons & Events. 12/1:39f. (R.A.G.)

Archeology & Biblical History. 13/2:5. (C.K.)

Archeology: Jolt to Form Criticism. 12/2:40. (C.M.G.)

Arius & his teaching. (A.S.) 11/5:4 & 6.

Ark of the Lord goes visiting. (E.S.) 6/1:25.

Arminianism Today. 16/1:37-44. (J.L.S.)

Arminianism: Freedom of the Will. 28/3:36f. (V.A.F.)

Arminians and Prayer. 40/4:4-26. (V.A.F.)

Arrogance: Temptation. 39/4:23-24. (S.C.F.K.)

Art, Modern, as a Pen-Picture of our Time. (M.G.) 3/3:31.

Artist, The Teacher as. (M.G.) 4/2:21.

Asia, The Christian Witness in. 36/4:40-41. (D.K.)

Asking & Listening. (E.S.) 11/3:35.

Assent & Truth in Faith. (E.S.) 1/1:14.

Athanasius & the Creed. (A.S.) 11/5:7f.

Atheistic Existentialist. (M.G.) 3/3:30.

Atonement, Great Day of: Chapel Address. 19/1:38-40. (C.K.)

Attention, Shaping the. (M.G.) 5/2:29.

Augsburg Confession & Art. VII on Church. (E.S.) 1/1:9.

Augsburg Confession: Confessional Document. 41/1:2-9. (J.V.K.)

Augsburg Confession: Ecumenical Intent. 19/4:6-9. (P.F.N.)

Augsburg Confession: On Sin. 19/4:11. (P.F.N.)

Augsburg Interim of 1548. 41/2:21-22. (R.E.S.)

Augsburg Interim. Provisions of. 14/4:30f. (H.C.D.)

Augustine: Gold or Wood Keys. 32/4:17. (C.M.G.)

Australia, Lutheranism in. 28/2:7-18. (A.S.)

Australian Lutherans: On Euthanasia. 25/2:15ff. (D.L.)

Authority by R.C.C.. Use of. 16/3:33-44. (A.S.)

Authority claimed by’R.C.C. 16/2:30-39. (A.S.)

Authority of Scripture & Gospel Reductionism. 17/1:20ff. (M.S.)

Authority: God’s Word or Human Reason? 28/3:41-44. (V.A.F.)

Babel and Language. 20/1:26f. (C.K.)

Babylon Seeks Our Youth. (E.S.) 4/3:20.

Babylonian Captivity of Church: Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:1.

Bach, J.S.: Music Glorifies God. 36/2:23-24. (R.D.)

Bach. J.S.: 300th Birthday. 25/1:36-38. (G.P.R.)

Baier, J. W., on Syncretism & “erring persons.” (E.S.) 10/4:8.

Balaam, The Teaching of. 28/1:38-41. (J.K.P.)

Balaam’s first Prophecy: Num. 23:5-12. 27/3:19-24. (R.A.G.)

Balaam’s Prophecy: Num. 23:25-24:9. 28/2:41-44. (R.A.G.)

Balaam’s Prophecy: Num. 24:15-24. 28/3:19-23. (R.A.G.)

Balaam’s second Prophecy: Num. 23:11-24. 27/4:34-37. (R.A.G.)

Bankruptcy. Meaning of Spiritual. 24/4:14f. (P.F.N.)

Baptism & Abuse: Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:15.

Baptism & Churchman Cyprian. (P.G.F.) 4/ 3:13.

Baptism & Sacra. of Altar in C. L. C. Confession of Faith. 9/2:42. .

Baptism is Means of Grace. 36/3:24-28. (L.P.D.)

Baptism Liturgy. 34/3:11. (P.S.)

Baptism of Jesus & His anointing. (E.S.) 8/2:4f.

Baptism, Meaning of: Luther. 35/3:7-8. (A.S.)

Baptism, NIV on. 35/4:27-32. (V.A.F.)

Baptism, Put on Christ in: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:39-40. (C.M.G.)

Baptism. Holy Spirit: Review. 20/1:41-44. (D.S.)

Baptism: Method of Applying Water. 42/1:29-35. (D.P.K.)

Barry, Dr. A. L., & Comfort Factor. 33/1:38-39. (J.L.)

Barth, Karl, & Existential View of God. (M.G.) 3/3:33.

Bartholomew, Nathanael. 38/1:31-36. (D.S.)

Basileia & Meaning in N. T. (N.H.R.) 3/4:1.

Basileia. (J.S.) 1/4:18.

Beasts. Vision of the 4: Daniel 7. 25/3:32-34. (P.F.N.)

Beck, Dr. Wm. F. In Memoriam & A Tribute. (E.R.) 7/1:40.

Behnken, John. In Memoriam. (E.R.) 8/1:36.

Behnken’s, Dr., Committee of ‘Ten & Ten.” (C.M.G.) 11/1:35.

Being & Becoming. (M.G.) 2/2:14.

Believe as used in N. T. (R.W.M.) 4/1:3.

Believer, The Isolated, & Problem. (P.F.N.) 5/1:4.

Believers, Uniqueness of. 26/4:30-32. (P.F)

Belshazzar: Book of Daniel. (E.S.) 4/5:2.

Bereaved Congregation Members. Helping. 20/4:17-21. (L.W.S.)

BERITH Terminology in O.T. 21/3:2-17. (P.F.N.)

Beruf Bleiben, Im. (Trans.). 37/2:9-14; 37/3:40. (Harders – R.D.)

Bethany Reformation Lectures. (G.S.) 9/5:31.

Bible a Dangerous Book: Humanists. 26/1:6. (K.O.)

Bible as Source & Norm of Doctrine. 19/2:11-14. (C.K.)

Bible as the Word of God. 19/2:14-19. (C.K.)

Bible Authority. Reasons for Denying. 13/2:1-7. (C.K.)

Bible Clearness & Open Questions. (Walther) 10/4:5.

Bible History and Catechism. 26/3:27-29. (R.D.)

Bible Inerrant. Is the? Review. 17/2:29-38. (D.L.)

Bible Interpretation, Rules Governing. 38/4:36-48. (M.H.B.)

Bible Reading Insights. 43/1:48-50. (D.L.)

Bible Scientifically Accurate. 26/3:41-44. (C.K.)

Bible Study, No, at Luther League Convention. (J.L.) 10/4:31.

Bible Translation, The Problem. (E.R.) 6/3:1.

Bible Translation: NKJV. Review. 22/3:42-44. (C.M.G.)

Bible Translations, Modern, What’s Wrong? (E.R.) 1/3:33.

Bible Translations. On Use of. 24/3:39-44. (D.L.)

Bible Versions. Some Thoughts on. 18/4:37-40. (C.M.G.)

Bible, A Common, for all Christians. (E.R.) 6/5: 42.

Bible, Luther’s German. (G.S.) 9/2:7.

Bible, Philosophy of Translating the. 33/2:40-44. (C.K.)

Bible, The, in Transition. (G.S.) 9/2:1.

Bible, The, is Clear, Reliable & only saving message. (N. A. Madson) 2/4:27.

Bible. Luther’s Translation of. 23/1:22-31; 23/3:2-10. (C.K.)

Bible. True Love for. 12/4:40. (Engelder)

Bible: Infallible Rule of Faith & Practice. 16/2:34-39. (A.S.)

Biblical Criticism. (E.S.) 6/4:2.

Biblical Interpretation: Historical-Critical Method. 12/3:8-16. (J.L.)

Biblical Interpretation: Review. 37/1:53-55. (C.M.K.)

Bidding them Godspeed’ and Use. (C.M.G.) 10/3:14f.

Biochemical Knowledge vs Evolution. 37/2:51-56. (C.M.K.)

Bishop, A, Who is not: Pike. (C.M.G.) 8/1:30.

Blasphemy, Charge of, against C. L. C. will be discussed by Wisc. Syn. (E.R.) 5/2:36.

Blasphemy, The C. L. C. accused of. (E.R.) 4/5:37ff. & 47.

Blasphemy. 27/1:8f. (J.K.P.)

Blessedness in Suffering for Christian Faith: G. Schaller. 31/4:4-16. (R. & P. Schaller)

Blessings of Pastoral Office. Special. 18/2:27-39. (A.S.)

Blessings through the Imperatives of Scripture. (E.R.) 1/3:1ff.

Blessings, God’s Harvest of: Joel 3. 29/4:46-48. (R.A.G.)

Blessings, The, of Judah: Sermon Study, Gen. 49:10. (J.L.) 11/5:36…

Board of Doctrine, A Report. (E.S.) 4/2:29.

Board of Doctrine, Statement of Faith & Purpose. 9/2:32.

Board of Doctrine, The, & Position on Blasphemy & Wisc. Synod. (E.S.) 4/5:47.

Body, The, & how it received the Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:17.

Bond of Peace & Love in a Church Body. (Kuegele) 2/2:17.

Book of Concord & Ecumenicism. 19/4:2-28. (P.F.N.)

Book of Concord & Gospel Reductionism. 19/3:2-16. (J.L.)

Book of Concord & Verbal Inspiration. 19/2:2-22. (C.K.)

Book of Concord Alive in People’s Hearts. Keeping. 21/2:14-20. (J.L.)

Book of Concord, Review of Background & Contents. (A.S.) 11/ 5:1.

Book of Concord. Doctrinal Themes in. 19/4:29-32. (R.A.R.)

Book of Concord. Our Subscription to. 19/1:2-7. (C.M.G.)

Book of Concord: Church & Ministry. 20/1:2-22; 20/3:2-9. (R.E.W. )

Bread from Heaven: Convention Sermon. 12/3:19-23. (J.L.S.)

Brenner, Pastor John: In Memoriam. (E.R.) 2/4:46.

Bridegroom & Bride: Song of Solomon. 32/3:14-21. (J.K.P.)

Brief Statement & ELCA Confession Compared. 27/4:38-44. (A.S.)

Brief Statement binding on all Pastors, Nullified. (E.R.) 2/3:31.

Brief Statement, Then & Now. (C.M.G.) 2/2:26 and 3:21.

Brief Statement: Too clear for Liberals. 14/4:32f. (H.C.D.)

Brother, as understood in NT. 28/2:28-30. (D.L.)

Brotherhood in Early Christian Church. 33/4:3-7. (J.A.)

Buddhism, Pantheism in. 35/1:34. (S.C.F.K.)

Building Project Sermons. 40/4:26-43. 40/(D.L.)

Building Project Sermons. 41/1:33-49; 2:2-19. (D.L.)

Building Projects: Guidance. 43/1:22-47. (P.E.R.)

Bultmann: Demythologizing the Resurrection. 12/2:20-34. (C.K.)

Bultmann’s Theology vs. Scripture. 12/1:40f. (J.L.)

By-Passing the Impasse. (C.M.G.) 1/3:40.

Byzantine Family of Manuscripts. 31/4:18-34. (S.C.F.K.)

Caemmerer, R. R., & Evaluation of “A Statement.” (C.M.G.) 11/1:36.

Cain & Abel Compared. (A.S.) 11/2:1f.

Cain: in chapel address. 6/2:15.

Call into the Public Ministry. 37/4:31-39. (T.R.S.)

Call, Ministerial, & the Courts. (E.R.) 1/5:38.

Call, Pastor’s, & relation to Call of an Apostle. (E.S.) 9/1:13.

Call, The Doctrine of, & E. L. S. (C.M.G.) 1/4:36.

Call, The, & E. L.S. re Resignations. (E.R.) 2/4:40.

Calling, Remain in One’s. (Trans.). 37/2:9-14; 37/3:40. (Harders – R.D.)

Calling. Importance of Professional Improvement in Our. 14/3:1-10. (C.K.)

Calling. Our: Servants of God & of People. 15/2:1-6; 14/4:29-35. (L.D.R.)

Calling. The High. Given to Women. 18/4:25-30. (J.E.S.)

Calvinism & God’s Sovereignty. 27/2:2-20. (P.R.K.)

Calvinism & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 2/2:10f.

Calvinism on Knowing God. 38/3:44-45. (M.J.R.)

Calvinism vs Gospel. 33/3:45-48. (D.L.)

Calvinism: Double Predestination. 13/1:41f. (P.F.N.)

Calvinism: Sovereignty of God. 13/1:40f. (P.F.N.)

Calvinistic Theology & Christianity Today. (E.S.) 1/2:11 &. 13ff.

Calvinistic Views on Public Prayers. (E.S.) 2/4:5.

Calvinists and Prayer. 40/4:4-26. (V.A.F.)

Calvinists: God responsible for evil. 14/3:43. (J.L.)

Canaan: Picture of Heaven: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:24. (C.M.G.)

Canvass. Value of Neighborhood. 25/4:15f. (S.K.)

Caricatures of Ministry. 32/4:13-15. (C.M.G.)

Catechism Anniversary Gathering. Unionistic. 18/4:40. (C.M.G.)

Catechism as Tool in Teaching Values. 31/1:36-37. (K.O.)

Catechism Devotions. 43/2:49-50. (D.L.)

Catechism, Teaching: Conceptual Approach. 26/3:21-37. (R.D.)

Catechisms. Historical Introduction to Luther’s. 17/3:2-23. (R.D.)

Catechisms: On Sin. 19/4:13f. (P.F.N.)

Catholic Catechism: Present-day Beliefs. 28/4:39-43. (R.M.)

Catholic Ch. & connection with Cyprian. (P.G.F.) 4/3:1.

Catholic Ch. &. “right rule” in Ch. Music. (A.F.) 4/4:1.

Catholic Ch. &. Current Bible Translations. (E.R.) 6/5:42.

Catholic Ch. &. Ecumenism. (C.M.G..) 7/5:36.

Catholic Ch. &. Education. (M.G.) 4/2:8.

Catholic Ch. &. Jewish responsibility for Christ’s death. (E.R.) 4/4:41.

Catholic Ch. &. Joint Prayer. (C.M.G.) 1/3:40.

Catholic Ch. &. Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 2/2:8.

Catholic Ch. &. Meaning of its Reform. (C.M.G.) 1/2:37.

Catholic Ch. &. Science-conscious Protestants. (C.M.G.) 3/2:25.

Catholic Ch. &. Second Vatican Council. (C.M.G.) 2/4:36; 3/2:27.

Catholic Ch. &. the Jews. (E.R.) 6/4:27.

Catholic Ch. &. the Sacred Liturgy. (C.M.G.) 6/2:3.

Catholic Ch. &. the Virgin Mary. (C.M.G.) 7/2:36.

Catholic Ch. &. Tradition &. Scripture. (C.M.G..) 3/2:28.

Catholic Ch. &. Vatican II Documents. (C.M.G..) 7/5:33; 8/3:33; 9/1:25.

Catholic Ch. &. Vatican II. (E.R.) 5/5:10.

Catholic Ch. always the same. (C.M.G.) 1/1:43.

Catholic Ch. Mariolatry &. new Bible Translation. (E.R.) 6/5:45.

Catholic Ch. View on Ch. &. State. (P.F.N.) 5/3. P.17.

Catholic Churches. Eastern &. Western. (C.M.G.) 7/5:34f.

Catholic Views on Public Prayers. (E.S.) 2/4:5.

Causes of the Loss in Spiritual Joy. 30/4:6-7. (G.A.B.)

Celibacy & Monastic Vows: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:13.

Central Thought in a Text. (C.M.G.) 10/1:15.

Certainty of Salvation: Elect of God. (G.S.) 8/5:lff.

Chapel Address: Gen. 22:7-8. 6/1:12.

Chapel Address: Luke 2:46-47. (E.S.) 9/2:28.

Chapel Address: Ps. 118:8. (D.R.S.) 11/2:15.

Chapel Services. Hearings in. 22/2:15-18. (G.P.R.)

Chaplaincy & Governmental Policy. (E.S.) 3/3:10.

Chaplaincy, Military: LCMS Position. 33/4:51-52. (J.L.)

Chaplaincy, Unionism in: LCMS. 40/2:50-53. (J.L.)

Charismatic Errors, Scriptural Refutation. Review. 20/1:41-44. (D.S.)

Charismatic Movement & Holy Spirit. 20/2:5-12. (C.M.G.)

Charismatic Movement vs Means of Grace. 33/3:45-48. (D.L.)

Charismatics: Holy Spirit. 35/1:12-32. (P.F.N.)

Charity in Controversy. (E.R.) 2/1:8.

Chemnitz, Martin, & Condemnation of Trent. (C.M.G.) 3/2:30.

Chemnitz, Martin: Early Lutheran. 41/3:5-7. (R.E.S.)

Chemnitz: Examination of Council of Trent. 12/2:42-44. (J.L.)

Chemnitz: Translations Available. 36/4:53-54. (D.L.)

Chicago Statement of 1945. 28/2:9f. (A.S.)

Chicago Statement of the 44. 18/1:24f. (C.M.G.)

Child, The Exceptional. (M.G.) 1/2:22.

Children & Peer Pressure. 31/1:28-37. (K.O.)

Children & Their Education. (E.S.) 3/1:1.

Children of God & Image of God: A Comparison. (J.L.) 11/3:31.

Children of God, but Still in the World. 36/2:2-6. (J.L.)

Children of the Heavenly Father: Chapel Talks. 16/4:13-21. (R.D.)

Children, Loving. 28/3:13. (G.A.S.)

Children, Parents & Spiritual Education of. 33/2:30-37. (R.R.)

Children, Raising Christian. 38/2:10-15. (S.C.F.K.)

Chiliasm & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 2/2:11.

Chiliasm. (J.S.) 1/4:14.

Chinese Term Controversy. 12/1:15f. (A.S.) Christ’s Youth. 12/4-:2f. (P.F.N.)

Christ Gives Value to Devaluated Man. 30/4:43-45. (J.C.R.)

Christ in Old Testament: Appearances. 31/2:23-41. (D.K.)

Christ is Being Preached, Which? 34/4:43-45. (Br.J.N.)

Christ Jesus, In: Colossians. 15/3:27-37. (P.F.N.)

Christ Optional in Masonry. 13/2:30f. (P.F.N.)

Christ our Sanctification & Redemption. 15/2:23-26. (C.K.)

Christ Wisdom Personified, Is? 43/4:15-26. (P.N.)

Christ, Deity of. 38/1:34-35. (D.S.)

Christ, Knowing: Philippians 3. 15/4:2-18. (P.F.N.)

Christ, Life of. 38/1:39-41. (D.L.)

Christ, New Life in. 24/4:9f. (L.D.R.)

Christ: Solution to All Sin Problems. 29/3:23-25. (M.T.)

Christ: True God and Man. 29/4:26-31. (C.M.G.)

Christian Education & our Children. (E.S.) 3/1:1.

Christian Education: Declaration of Vatican II. (C.M.G.) 9/1:27.

Christian Existentialist. (M.G.) 3/2:22.

Christian Experience & Professional Improvement. 14/3:5. (C.K.)

Christian Fellowshipping, External, & the “Light.” 10/2:16.

Christian Identity: Who are you? 14/3:39-42. (C.M.G.)

Christian Knowledge, Growing in: U. V. Koren. 31/1:2-7. (C.M.G.)

Christian Liberty & Monastic Vows: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:17.

Christian Life vs Formalism. 42/1:24-26. (D.J.R.)

Christian Life, Holy Spirit active in. 20/2:10f. (C.M.G.)

Christian News & Dr. Preus’ Candidacy. (C.M.G.) 9/5:29.

Christian School: Sermon. (E.S.) 10/2:23.

Christian Spirit in Home. 33/2:32-33. (R.R.)

Christian Steadfastness: Study of HUPOMONE. 22/4:2-19.(P.G.F.)

Christian, Is the 7th Day Adventist Church? 20/4:30f. (P.G.F.)

Christian, The, as a member of Una Sancta. (E.S.) 1/1:22.

Christian: Knows all, yet grows. 16/3:20-32. (P.F.N.)

Christianity & Masonry Compatible? 13/2:28-34. (P.F.N.)

Christianity & State. (P.F.N.) 5/ 3:15.

Christianity a Religion for the World. 30/1:18-20. (P.F.)

Christianity in Roman World. 38/3:46-47. (D.K.)

Christianity in World, Role of. 37/3:50-53. (D.L.)

Christianity Today & its Policy. (E.S.) 1/2:8.

Christianity vs Other Religions. 37/2:20-25. (P.F.)

Christian’s Purpose in Darkening Days. 41/1:14-16. (M.G.)

Christians that go to Lord’s Supper, according to St. Paul. (Pieper-Grams) 9/5:18f. & 21.

Christians, Diversity among. (E.S.) 1/1:23.

Christmas Day Sermon: John 1:11-13. 27/4:2-4. (D.L.)

Christmas Evidence, Applying the: Judges 13:17-23. 17/3:2-9. (R.E.W.)

Christmas Thoughts, Luther’s. Review. 25/4:38-40. (C.K.)

Christmas, The Day of: Sermon. (E.S.) 7/5:26.

Christmas, The True Story of. (Geo. Tiefel, Sr.) 10/ 5:1.

Christology, Biblical. Review. 21/2:42-44. (C.M.G.)

Christology, NIV on. 35/4:39-40. (V.A.F.)

Christ’s Blood, The Voice of. 13/1:26-32. (A.S.)

Christ’s Deity & the Greek Article. 13/3:12-28; 4:14-30; 14/1:11-20; 2:16-25; 3:21-33; 4:8-19; 15/1:8-22. (C.K.)

Christ’s Deity, Four Witnesses for Defense of. 15/1:22-28. (P.G.F.)

Christ’s Lonely Death: Chapel Address. 21/2:27-29. (G.P.R.)

Christ’s Love & Our Ministry. 31/3:34-43. (P.F.)

Christ’s Resurrection, Historic Thrust of. (E.S.) 3/3:1.

Christ’s Return, Waiting for. 43/2:23-28. (D.M.)

Christ’s Second Coming: 1 & 2 Thess. 23/1:34-37. (P.F.N.)

Christ’s Subordination to His Father. 38/1:12-30. (J.K.P.)

Christ’s True Meat. 12/4:3f. (P.F.N.)

Christ’s Works, Keeping. 30/4:26-27. (J.K.P.)

Chronology: Paul’s Journey to Jerusalem: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:19-23. (C.M.G.)

Church & Ministry Debates. 35/4:2-26. (D.L.)

Church & Ministry: Answer to False Doctrine Charge. 21/2:30-38. (BoD)

Church & Ministry: FAL Position. 12/1:32f. (C.M.G.)

Church & Ministry: Walther. (E.R.) 9/3:5.

Church & Social Injustice, The. 25/1:19-21. (C.M.G.)

Church & State – Politics. 24/2:37-52. (P.F.N.)

Church & State Relations. (P.F.N.) 5/3:15.

Church & State Struggle in Early Church. 42/2:33-40. (M.G.)

Church & State, Separation of. 16/4:27f. (A.S.)

Church & State, Separation of. 24/2:2-19. (J.K.P.)

Church & State, Separation of: Moral Issues. 24/2:20-36; 24/3:2-14. (P.G.F.)

Church & State: RCC Abuse. 16/4:22-34. (A.S.)

Church & State: Social Issues. 24/4:2-11. (L.D.R.)

Church Attendance Important, Regular. 33/2:33-34. (R.R.)

Church draws Life from Word. 15/3:39. (C.M.G.)

Church Fathers, Biographies of Several. 38/3:23-25. (M.J.R.)

Church Fathers, Witness of Ante-Nicene. 38/3:11-18. (M.J.R.)

Church Fellowship & Its Termination: WELS & CLC (E.S.) 10/1:27ff.

Church Fellowship & Theses on Open Questions. (Walther) 10/4:6.

Church Fellowship, Agreement for. 36/1:47-50. (D.S.)

Church Fellowship, Encouraging Positive Aspects of. 33/4:2-13. (J.A.)

Church Fellowship: Erlandson-Becker. Review. 21/1:36-43.(J.L.)

Church gathered by Holy Spirit. 20/2:9. (C.M.G.)

Church Growth & WELS. 33/1:36-37. (J.L.)

Church Growth Movement & Enthusiasm. 36/3:11-12. (D.R.N.)

Church Growth Movement & God’s Word. 36/3:36,44-48. (J.U.)

Church Growth Movement & LCMS. 35/4:23-26. (D.L.)

Church Growth Movement Failings. 35/4:47-49. (S.C.F.K.)

Church Growth Movement. 34/2:51-54. (S.K.)

Church Holidays. Book Review. 30/3:29. (P.R.K.)

Church in the World. The. 24/4:3f. (L.D.R.)

Church Music as Art. 36/2:7-14. (R.D.)

Church Music, A Crisis in Lutheran? 36/2:35-38. (R.D.)

Church Music, The Future of. 36/2:27-35. (R.D.)

Church Music: Sacred vs Secular Syndrome. 36/2:14-27. (R.D.)

Church Musician’s Enchiridion. Review. 20/4:43f. (R.D.)

Church of God: Update. 38/2:47-49. (D.L.)

Church Offices: Instructions and Qualifications. 29/4:2-21. (C.M.G.)

Church vs. State. 28/4:21-22. (P.D.N.)

Church Year: Sundays after Pentecost. 20/2:6f. (C.M.G.)

Church, Basic Definition of the. 21/2:31f. (BoD)

Church, Doctr. of the, & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 1/4:13ff. and 5:11ff.; 2/1:l3ff. and 2:1ff.

Church, Doctr. of the: Catholic View. (C.M.G.) 7/2:29ff.

Church, Doctrine of the: A Resolution. (E.R.) 1/3:46.

Church, RCC Doctrine of the. 16/1:4-11. (A.S.)

Church, Sin found in the. (C.M. Zorn) 9/3:11.

Church, The “Invisible” & “Visible.” (E.S.) 9/4:8.

Church, The Glorious State of the. Num. 23:25-24:9. 28/2:41-44. (R.A.G.)

Church, the Holy Christian, in CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:37.

Church, The, & Art. VII of Augs. Confession. (E.R.) 1/1:9.

Church, The, & the Kingdom of God. (N.H.R) 3/4:27.

Church, Visible, & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 2/2:10.

Church, What is a? Book Review. 30/3:28. (P.R.K.)

Church, What Makes a Real? 30/4:31. (J.K.P.)

Church: Book of Concord. 20/1:6-12. (R.E.W.)

Church: Pillar and Ground of Truth. 29/4:21-26. (C.M.G.)

Church’s Field of Activity. 25/1:19-21. (C.M.G.)

Chytraeus, David: Early Lutheran. 41/3:7-10. (R.E.S.)

Circumcision: Yoke of Bondage: J. Ylvisaker. 34/3:20-30. (C.M.G.)

Citizenship: Earthly & Heavenly. 28/4:24-38. (P.F.N.)

Clarity of Scripture. 36/1:33-35. (C.M.K.)

CLC – WELS Meeting, Report on Jan. 11-12, 1988. 28/1:2f. (J.L.)

CLC & its Origin. (E.R.) 1/1:1.

CLC & its Position on Compromise. (P.F.N.) 3/1:19.

CLC & Other Churches: Index. 37/2:26-47. (A.S.)

CLC & some searching questions. (E.R.) I 2/4:38.

CLC & Statement of Faith & Purpose. (Bd. of Doctr.) 9/2:32.

CLC & Things to guard against in Re-alignment. (E.R.) 8/2:12.

CLC & WELS breaking with Mo. S.: Evaluation. (E.R.) 1/4:42f.

CLC & WELS Report. (E.S.) 10/1:26.

CLC & WELS Representatives meet in Mankato, Nov. 1962. (E.R.) 4/5:39f.

CLC & WELS/ELS: Doctrinal Difference. 32/3:22-30. (D.L.)

CLC & WELS: Re Agreement in Doctrine & Practice. 36/1:52-53. (D.S.)

CLC & WELS: Report in “Northwestern Luth.” (C.M.G.) 11/4:32.

CLC Board of Doctrine & Critical Issues, 1955-1961. (E.R.) 5/5:33.

CLC Existence ignored. 17/2:24f. (J.L.)

CLC Resolution &. WELS Committee on Doctr. (E.R.) 1/5:35.

CLC, Discussions with WELS (E.R.) 3/4:37.

CLC, WELS & ELS & Theses on Open Questions & Relevance. (E.S.) 10/4:14.

CLC: 35th Anniversary in 1995. 34/4:2-5. (D.F.)

CLC: Doctrinal Issues. 34/4:13-14. (E.H.)

CLC: Early Beginnings & Organization. 34/4:6-13. (E.H.)

CLC: Evangelical Spirit. 34/2:53. (S.K.)

CLC: Follow Example of Bereans. 12/3:16ff. (J.L.)

CLC: Missions, Education & Publications. 34/4:14-22. (E.H.)

Cleansing: Picture of Forgiveness. 24/4:15f. (P.F.N.)

Clearness of Scripture. (E.S.) 5/4:13.

Clergymen I Have Known. (Lance Zavitz) 6/2:17.

Cleveland to Cleveland, From: Mo. S. (E.R.) 2/3:30.

Cleveland, What, made clear: Mo. S. Convention. (E.R..) 2/4:43.

Clinton Agenda vs Christian Response. 36/4:42-44. (D.L.)

Clothing: Picture of Righteousness. 24/4:16f. (P.F.N.)

Cochlaeus &. Life of Luther in 1549. (O.J.E.) 11/3:1.

Col. 1:1-28. Exegetical Study. 25/1:22-35; 25/2:22-34. (P.W.S.)

Colleges, Universities, &. Civil Disobedience. (E.S.) 8/3:12.

Colonies, Religious Liberty in American. 16/4:25ff. (A.S.)

Colossus in Daniel, The Great. 25/3:31f. (P.F.N.)

Colwell’s Rule: Greek Articles. 15/1:8-22. (C.K.)

Comfort Factor in Accepting Calls. 33/1:38-39. (J.L.)

Command, God’s Will and. 19/3:16-40. (J. Schaller-W.S.-H.C.D.)

Commandment demand Justifying Faith. Does the First? 21/1:10-20. (Kowalke-R.D.)

Commandment, 8th, & Pastor’s Lifestyle. 37/4:16-23. (B.N.)

Commandments of God &. Monastic Vows: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:19.

Common Bible is in the making. (G.S.) 9/2:16.

Common Confession No Settlement. 33/4:50. (J.L.)

Common Confession settles matters for Mo. S. (R.W.M.) 4/1:9.

Common Confession. 13/3:37f. (C.M.G.)

Communication in Teaching. (M.G.) 1/2:24.

Communications: Key to Harmony. 39/1:39-47. (T.Q.)

Communion Announcements & Seelsorge. 14/4:5-7. (A.S.)

Communion, Close, (A. Pieper &. L. Grams) 9/5:2.

Communion, Close: Our Practice. 36/4:24-31. (J.S.)

Communion, Open, in LCMS. 33/4:52. (J.L.)

Communion. Holy: Body & Blood present before Distribution? 21/2:41f. (C.K.)

Communism. Procedure of. 12/1:25. (A.S.)

Compromise in the Ch., The Place of. (P.F.N.) 3/1:8.

Compromise is in Place, Where. (P.F.N.) 3/1:20.

Concerning Church Fellowship, Par. 7 & Correction. (P.G.A.) 4/1:41.

Conclusion to CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:43f.

Concord & Gospel Reductionism. Book of. 19/3:2-16. (J.L.)

Concord Has Its Formula. 41/2:19-29; 3:5-19. (R.E.S.)

Concord, Our Subscription to Book of. 19/1:2-7. (C.M.G.)

Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly &. “A Statement.” (C.M.G.) 11/1:30.

Concordia Luth. Conf.: Answer to Charge. 21/2:30-38. (BoD)

Concordia Theol. Monthly of Mo. S. &. Polemics. (E.S.) 1/2:11.

Conference Visitor & his Functions. (C.M.G.) 2/5:12.

Conference, Free, & Effect. (E.R.) 3/4:35.

Confession & Forgiveness: Book of Concord. 19/4:29-32. (R.A.R.)

Confession of Sin, David’s: Ps. 51 Sermon. 35/1:42-47. (P.F.)

Confession, Meaning of Subscription to a. 19/2:44. (Krauth)

Confessional Lutheranism & Abuse of Art. 7 of Augsburg Confession. (Oesch – Sydow) 9/5:32.

Confessional Subscription & Union. (E.R.) 2/1:45.

Confessions & Confessionalism. (E.R.) 5/4:15.

Confessions & Inspiration, The. 13/2:16f. (C.K.)

Confessions, How do we use our? (E.R.) 5/4:18.

Confessions, The Spirit of the. 19/2:22-30. (R.E.W.)

Confessions, The, of the Luth. Church. (Kuegele) 1/2:30.

Confidence in the Ministry. (E.S.) 9/1:11f.

Confidence of God’s Children. 27/1:10-12. (J.K.P.)

Confirmation Sermon: John 12:1-8. (E.S.) 8/1:15.

Confirmation, When is Catechumen Ready for. 38/ 4:27-35. (A.S.)

Conflict Resolutions vs Discipline. 39/2:53-55. (J.L.)

Congregation, What is a? Book Review. 30/3:27-28. (P.R.K.)

Congregations: Exercise Priesthood of Believers. 32/2:23- 30. (J.B.)

Conscientious Objectors. 24/3:9f. (P.G.F.)

Conservatism & Rom. 16:17. (E.S.) 9/1:29.

Conservative Element in Mo. S. (E.S.) 9/4:35.

Consistency Needed Between Faith and Life. 29/2:38-39. (P.F.)

Constantine & the Christian Church. (A.S.) 11/5:5.

Constitution & Education, U.S. 22/3:19-35. (J.S.)

Contending for “Lesser” Doctrines. 37/3:49-50. (D.L.)

Content of 1 Timothy. 29/1:26-27. (C.M.G.)

Contradictions in Bible, Alleged. 13/2:1-4. (C.K.)

Controlled Reaction. (M.G.) 3/2:12.

Controversies after Luther & Today. 42/3:19-34. (M.S.)

Controversy & Charity. (E.R.) 2/1:8.

Controversy, The Ethics of. (E.R.) 7/5:40.

Convention Resolution Background. 32/3:22-30. (D.L.)

Convention, 1955 Saginaw, & Union Matters. (E.R.) 5/5:35.

Conversion & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 1/5:16.

Conversion, Acts 8:26-38 on. 20/3:36-39. (J.L.)

Conversion, Acts 9:1-20 on. 20/3:40-44. (J.L.)

Conversion, NIV on. 35/4:32-36. (V.A.F.)

Conversion. Superficial. 12/1:16. (A.S.)

Corrections. 32/1:30

Council of Ephesus, 431 A. D. (A.S.) 11/5:10.

Council, The So-Called: Vatican. (C.M.G.) 4/5:43.

Counseling, Use of God’s Word in. Book Review. 30/3:31- 35. (M.S.)

Counselling Troubled Christians. 37/3:40-47. (V.A.F.)

Covenant (BERITH) Terminology in O.T. 21/3:2-17. (P.F.N.)

Covenant Faithfulness, God’s. 42/4:13-18. (P.F.N.)

Covenant in N.T., Use of Term. 19/1:17-21. (J.K.P.)

Covenant in O.T., Use of Term. 19/1:9-17. (J.K.P.)

Covenant Promised & Explained. New. 22/1:2-18. (R.D.)

Covenant, Features of God’s, in O.T. 27/2:33-37. (P.F.N.)

Covenants: Law & Gospel: J.Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Covering of the head by men & women. (J.L.) 11/2:l0.

Covetousness: Temptations in Ministry. (Trans.). 37/2:10-11; 37/3:40. (Harders – R.D.)

Creation & Fall of Man in CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:34.

Creation & Preservation needed, Clear Proclamation of. 25/3:29. (C.K.)

Creation Doctrine: ELCA. 35/2:29-31. (T.S.)

Creation in Genesis and N.T. 43/4:2-6. (D.L.)

Creation of Language. 20/1:23f. (C.K.)

Creation of Man in God’s Image. 21/2:5-8. (C.M.G.)

Creation of the earth & man. (A.S.) 10/5:21.

Creation Rejoices at God’s Deliverance. 36/1:15-16. (M.T.)

Creation Very Good, Gen. 1:31. 25/3:23f. (C.K.)

Creation vs Evolution. 12/1:42. (J.K.P.)

Creation: 24 Hour Days. Review. 22/3:40f. (D.L.)

Creation: Unlocking Mysteries. 38/3:45-46. (M.J.R.)

Creationism & the Bible. 33/2:44-47. (C.K.)

Creationism, Progessive. Book Review. 30/1:33-35. (C.K.)

Creationists, Defeat for? 26/3:38-40. (C.K.)

Creation-Science vs Evolution. 29/3:34-35. (B.N.)

Creative Activity of God ended, Gen. 2:1f. 25/3:24f. (C.K.)

Creativity. (M.G.) 5/5:17.

Creed, Apostolic. (A.S.) 11/5:1.

Criticism & the Pentateuch. (E.S.) 6/4:2.

Criticism of Received Text. 31/4:20-37. 31/(S.C.F.K.)

Critics, Negative, & the Pentateuch. (E.S.) 7/3:l7f.

Crucifixion of the Savior: Catholic View. (E.R.) 6/4:31.

Crypto-Calvinistic Controversy. 42/3:25. (M.S.)

Curriculum at Catholic Seminary. (C.M.G.) 8/3:33.

Cyprian, Great High- Churchman of Ante-Nicene Period. (P.G.F.) 4/3:1.

Dangers Facing a Pastor. Special. 18/1:10-23. (A.S.)

Dangers Threatening Fellowship, Recognizing. 33/4:6-8. (J.A.)

Daniel: Critical Review of People’s Bible Volume. 25/3:30-40.. (P.F.N.) .

Daniel: The 70 Sevens. 24/4:17-26. (P.F.N.)

Dark Ages not so Dark. 39/4:3-5. (M.S.)

Darkness in World, Spiritual. 41/1:10-16. (M.G.)

Darwinian Gradualism Rejected. 25/3:22f. (C.K.)

David a Type of Christ: Ps. 69. 36/1:2-16. (M.T.)

David’s 3-fold Plea in Ps. 51:1b-2. 33/2:24-29. (P.F.)

David’s Confession of Sin: Ps. 51 Sermon. 35/1:42-47. (P.F.)

David’s Sacrifice of Thanksgiving: Ps. 52. 37/2:15-25. (P.F.)

Day in Creation Account. 25/3:17-19. (C.K.)

Days Should Speak. (M.G.) 6/2:7.

Dead. When is a Person really? 25/2:5f. (D.L.)

Deadness, Spiritual. 31/2:7-9. (J.K.P.)

Deal Wisely with them. (R.A.G.) 6/4:12.

Death, Dignified, & Lord’s Will. 31/1:22-24. (V.A.F.)

Death, The Christian View of. 24/3:22f. (D.L.)

Death, The Second. 27/1:17f. (J.K.P.)

Death. The Faith that Assures a Blessed. 16/2:4-9. (L.W.S.)

Declaration of ALC in 1938. (E.S.) 5/4:10.

Dedication of new Mankato classroom. (L.W.S.) 1/1:34.

Dedication Sermon for Reim Hall: Col. 3:17. (C.M.G..) 10/3:28.

Defeatism Replaced by Victory. 30/4:46. (J.C.R.)

Defend, What are we determined to? (E.R.) 5/4:26.

Degrees from Heterodox Institutions. Honorary. 19/4:43f. (J.L.)

Deity of Christ & Greek Grammar. 37/3:5-34. (C.M.K.)

Denominational lines & mission work. (E.S.) 7/3:31.

Denver, The sad aftermath of: Mo. S. (E.S.) 9/4:34.

Devil’s Influence on Church Fellowship. 38/3:30-36. (M.G.)

Devotions from Book of Job. 15/1:29-33. (C.M.G.)

Dewey, John, & view on Education. (M.G.) 4/2:5.

DIA in Rom. 4:25: Objective Justification. 21/3:18-37. (R.E.W.)

DIAKRINEIN in 1 Cor. 11:29: Lord’s Supper. (Pieper-Grams) 9/5:14.

Dialogue in Teaching. (M.G.) 1/2:27.

Dichotomy vs. Trichotomy. (A.S.) 10/5:19.

DIDASKALIA: Greek word. (E.R.) 5/4:23.

Discipline, Church: Painful Love. 30/4:14-15. (J.K.P.)

Disciplining Children. 39/3:34-39. (S.C.F.K.)

Dispensational Concept of God’s Kingdom. 25/1:39ff. (P.F.N.)

Dispensational Misinterpretation of Dan. 9. 25/3:37. (P.F.N.)

Dispensationalism. 14/1:1-10. (P.F.N.)

Dispensationalism: Approach to Prophecy. 21/4:5-26. (C.K.)

Dispensationalists on 70 Sevens. 24/4:19. (P.F.N.)

Dispensationalists, Defenses needed against. 25/3:30f. (P.F.N.)

Dispensationalists: Israel or Church. 26/2:27f. (P.F.N.)

Dispensationalists: Last Days. 24/3:25. (P.F.N.)

Disunity in Confession among Christians. 34/4:25-27. (J.L.)

Divine Revelation is act of God: Quote. 9/2:19.

Divorced, Passages re Marriage of the. 23/4:30-43. (C.K.)

DLDASKALOS & DIDASKEIN: Scripture Concept. 21/4:29-47. (P.F.N.)

Doctrinal Development. 12/1:13. (A.S.)

Doctrinal Differences Exist Between WELS and CLC. 29/1:38-40. (J.L.)

Doctrinal Differences: WELS, ELS, & CLC. 40/2:45-50. (M.J.R.)

Doctrinal Formula, The Right. (E.R.) 5/4:27.

Doctrinal Statement of CLC: Faith & Purpose. 9/2:30-44.

Doctrinal Statements may be Necessary, New. 19/1:4-7. (C.M.G.)

Doctrinal Themes in Book of Concord. 19/4:29-32. (R.A.R.)

Doctrine & Practice: Background & Usage. 36/1:45-47. (D.S.)

Doctrine as used in II John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:12.

Doctrine Emphasized in Franzmann Hymns. 36/1:17-31. (J.C.R.)

Doctrine of the Gospel: Dr. Bergendoff. (E.R.) 2/1:42.

Doctrine, Answer to Concordia Luth. Conf. Charge of False. 21/2:30-38. (BoD)

Doctrine, Christians to be United in. 34/4:28-31. (J.L.)

Doctrine, Divine Source of Paul’s: J. Ylvisaker. 33/4:22-48. (C.M.G.)

Doctrine, False. (J.P.K.) 7/5:42.

Doctrine, Give Attendance to. 34/4:34-35. (J.L.)

Doctrine, The True: Our Heritage. (Kuegele) 1/5:28.

Doctrines needed to be discussed at Free Conf. (E.R.) 4/1:40.

Dogmatical Correctness & Condition of Fellowship. (Walther) 10/4:13.

Dogmaticians & Inspiration. The. 13/2:17-21. (C.K.)

Dreams & Reality: Book of Daniel. (E.S.) 4/5:12.

Dust & Chaff, Man is Like. 30/4:42-43. (J.C.R.)

Dying, The Art of. 12/4:11-21. (A.S.)

Dynamic Monarchianism. (A.S.) 11/5:6.

E.R.A. and KEPHALE-Structure. 15/2:7-13. (P.F.N.)

Earth Climate between Creation & Flood. 25/3:19f. (C.K.)

Earth, The Late Great Planet: Lindsey. 13/1:43-47. (M.S.)

Earthen Vessels. 35/2:9-23. (V.A.F.)

Easter Outlines, Post. 25/4:20-27. (P.F.N.)

Easter Season, The: Sermon on John 12:1-8. (E.S.) 8/1:15.

Easter Sermon: I Cor. 15:20-23. (E.S.) 8/1:24.

Ebal & Gerizim: Tour Observations. 13/4:31-38. (P.F.N.)

Ecclesiasticism, Entrenched. (C.M.G.) 1/2:36.

Eck, Dr. Johann, & Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:8.

Eckert, Pastor O.J.: Memorial Sermon. 14/3:34-38. (P.F.N.)

Ecumania. (C.M.G.) 1/2:34.

Ecumenical Council of Catholics. (C.M.G.) 6/5:35.

Ecumenical Mobilization. (C.M.G.) 1/5:33.

Ecumenical Movement & Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 4/5:43f.

Ecumenical Movement (Catholic & Lutheran). (E.R.) 4/4:41.

Ecumenical Movement. (E.S.) 5/5:40.

Ecumenical Spirit of Confessions. 21/2:18f. (J.L.)

Ecumenical Truths of Scripture. 19/4:3-5. (P.F.N.)

Ecumenicism, Book of Concord &. 19/4:2-28. (P.F.N.)

Ecumenicity & Realignment. (C.M.G.) 11/4:30.

Ecumenicity, Mass, & its failure. (E.S.) 7/3:30.

Ecumenism & ELCA. 39/2:50-53. (J.L.)

Ecumenism & the Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 7/5:36.

Ecumenism & Theological Education. (G.P.R.) 9/4:26.

Ecumenism in Lutheran Ch. (C.M.G.) 1/1:45.

Editorial Goal. 40/4:2-3. (P.W.S.)

Editorial Policy of “Journal of Theology.” (C.M.G.) 1/1:41.

Editorial Posture Examined, An. (J.L.) 11/2:25.

Editorial Statement re “The Kingdom of God” by J.S.. 5/ 5:15.

Editor’s Nightmare. (E.S.) 9/2:44A.

Editor’s Note: Prof. E.S. relieved of duty as Editor. (C.M.G..) 11/4:1.

Education & the Law. Private. 22/3:15-35. (J.S.)

Education & the PAIDEIA. (M.G.) 1/1:30.

Education & Training of Children. (M.G.) 1/5:22.

Education at ILC Prepares for Life. 40/3:2-5. (J.K.P.)

Education at ILC. Quality: Opening Address. 22;3:36-38.(G.P.R.)

Education for What? (M.G.) 4/3:27.

Education growth & Young People today. (E.S.) 11/3:35.

Education in Luther’s Day. 23/3:12-27. (P.D.N.)

Education influenced by the Reformation. (Koehler – Reim) 5/2:13.

Education is not Neutral. 29/2:37. (P.F.)

Education of Children, Parents & Spiritual. 33/2:30-37. (R.R.)

Education, Christian, & Aims of Cath. Ch. (C.M.G.) 9/1:27.

Education, Christian. (M.G.) 4/2:1.

Education, Christian: Blessing to CLC. 39/3:4-9. (C.T.)

Education, Christian: Wrong Attitudes. (Trans.). 37/2:12; 37/3:40. (Harders – R.D.)

Education, History & Philosophy of. Review. 15/1:39f. (R.A.G.)

Education, Humanism in. 26/1:8. (K.O.)

Education, Of: Examination of Miltonls Tract. 19/2:36-42.(J.L.)

Education, Purpose & Goal of. 39/4:13-17. (M.S.)

Education. Importance of Christian: Sermon. 20/2:26-30. (P.F.L.)

Education: A Time to Ask. (M.G.) 6/3:8.

Education: Being & Becoming. (M.G.) 2/2:14.

Education: Controlled Reaction. (M.G.) 3/2:12.

Education: Creativity. (M.G.) 5/5:17.

Education: Days Should Speak. (M.G.) 6/2:7.

Education: Deal Wisely with Them. (R.A.G.) 6/4:12.

Education: Figure Me Out. (M.G.) 6/5:17.

Education: Footnote to Creativity. (M.G.) 6/1:8.

Education: For the School Sermon. (M.G.) 5/ 3:31.

Education: Learning as Entertainment. (M.G.) 5/1:15.

Education: Left to the Living. (M.G.) 3/5:34.

Education: Men & Machines. (M.G.) 2/3:15.

Education: More Findings. (M.G.) 7/2:23.

Education: Point & Process. (M.G.) 2/1:27.

Education: Problem or Solution? 28/3:4-18. (G.A.S.)

Education: Refinding Fundamentals. (M.G.) 7/1:20.

Education: Shaping the Attention. (M.G.).5/2:29.

Education: Social or Sacred. (M.G.) 4/1:27.

Education: Spiritual Readiness. (R.A.G.) 8/1:12.

Education: Teaching the Teachers. (M.G.) 4/5:29.

Education: Telling & Teaching. (M.G.) 2/4:22.

Education: The Parochial School. (E.S.) 10/2:23.

Education: The Teacher as Artist. (M.G.) 4/2:21.

Education: Working up Trifles. (M.G.) 2/5:20.

Educator, Luther as. 39/4:12-17. 39/(M.S.)

Educator. Qualifications of a Christian: Address. 18/3:26-30. (E.A.H.)

ELC on Fellowship. 35/4:51. (J.L.)

ELCA Dogmatics Book: Critical Survey. 35/2:24-37. (T.S.)

ELCA Guidelines & Feminist Language. 30/3:19-21. (J.K.P.)

ELCA Surrenders to Reformed & Roman Catholic Church. 37/3:34-36. (J.L.)

ELCA, Apostasy in: Review. 32/3:40-42. (D.L.)

ELCA, Problems Today in. 39/2:50-53. (J.L.)

ELCA, Study of Doctrinal Platform of. 27/4:38-44. (A.S.)

ELCA/Episcopal/Reformed Full Communion. 37/1:50-53. (S.C.F.K.)

Elect of God, The: Part II. (G.S.) 8/5:1.

Elect of God: Our oft-forgotten Name. (G.S.) 8/4:1.

Election & Means of Grace. 32/1:17-18. (J.K.P.)

Election Controversy & God’s Command. 19/3:33f. (J. Schaller-W.S.-H.C.D.)

Election of Grace & Reason. 32/3:8-9. (P.F.N.)

Election of Grace. 15/2:5f. (L.D.R.)

Election, Definitions of Doctr. of. (G.S.) 8/4:5.

Election, Doctr. of, according to Walther. (E.R.) 9/3:1.

Election, Doctrine of. 26/4:38-43. (P.F.)

Election, Doctrine of: Luther. 37/1:10-31; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Eli & his sons. (E.S.) 5/5:23.

Elijah & Moses, The Passing of. (A.S.) 10/5:36.

Elijah Complex, The. 27/1:34f. (T.C.T.)

Elijah the Tishbite: Sermon Study. 18/3:15-25. (J.L.)

Elijah: Despondent. 34/4:40-41. (Br.J.N.)

Elizabethan English Today, Use of. 34/2:8-9. (J.R.)

ELS & “A City Set on a Hill”: Review. (C.M.G.) 8/5:29.

ELS & Doctr. of the Call. (C.M.G.) 1/4:36.

ELS & Policy on Resignations. (E.R.) 2/4:40.

ELS & Romans 16. (E.R.) 2/5:1.

ELS Critique of “Mark … Avoid …Origin of CLC.” 12/1:34-38. (J.L.)

ELS does not break with Syn. Conf. (E.R.) 2/5:30.

ELS Resolutions on Syn. Conf. Fellowship. (C.M.G.) 1/4:31.

ELS/WELS & CLC Discussions, 1987-1990. 36/3:49-54. (J.L.)

ELS/WELS and AAL. 33/1:34-35. (J.L.)

ELS: B.W. Teigen’s Honorary Degree. 19/4:43f. (J.L.)

ELS: Review of Lord’s Supper Statement. 39/1:30-38. (J.K.)

Emotionally Disturbed, Ministering to. 29/3:21-28. (M.T.)

Encouragement for Pastors. 39/3:27-33. (D.M.)

Engel vs. Vitale. (E.S.) 2/4:1.

Enlightenment. (M.G.) 6/1:11.

Enoch, The Faith of. (A.S.) 11/2:1f.

Enosh: Hebrew Word for “Man.” (A.S.) 11/3:29.

Entertainment & Learning. (M.G.) 5/1:15.

Enthusiasm Rejects Means of Grace. 36/3:9-11. (D.R.N.)

Entrance at Thessalonica, Fruitful. 32/4:39-48. (V.A.F.)

Entrance at Thessalonica, Fruitful. 33/1:21-28. (V.A.F.)

Epicurean Philosophy. 29/3:31. (B.N.)

Epiphany Outlines: Kingdom of God. 25/2:34-40. (P.F.N.)

Epiphany, Once & Again. (E.R.) 5/5:1.

Episcopalians & ELCA Compromise. 39/2:50-53. (J.L.)

Equality of Men & Women in Christ. 32/3:9-10. (P.F.N.)

Erasmus & his Estimate of Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:6.

Erasmus of Rotterdam. (C.M.G.) 7/3:11.

Erasmus on Free Will. 37/1:11-14; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Errata in Vol. 35, No. 4. 36/1:31.

Error, Dangers in Exposing. (E.R.) 5/4:21f. “Erring Persons” by Baier. (E.S.) 10/4:8.

Error. Danger of first “little.” 12/2:35-39. (C.K.)

Eschatological Preaching, Importance of. 22/4:19-25. (J.V.K.)

Essays read at CLC Convention for sale. 2/2:15.

Esthetic Relation in Ch. Music, The. (A.F.) 4/4:10.

Ethical Judgments, Basis for. 24/3:15f. (D.L.)

Ethical Systems. Two. 24/3:16-19. (D.L.)

Ethics, Situation & Dr. Pike. (C.M.G.) 8/1:30.

Euthenasia. Active & Passive. 24/3:24.; 25/2:9-22. (D.L.)

Euthenasia. Stage Play reo Review. 24/1:33f. (J.L.)

Ev. Luth. Synod & Unionistic Relations with Mo. S. (C.M.G.) 1/4:35.

Evaluating Our Age. (E.S.) 10/1:1f.

Evangelical Admonition. 43/4:38-50. (P.F.N.)

Evangelical Admonition: Law & Gospel. 41/1:17-27. (P.W.S.)

Evangelicalism & Liberalism. 36/4:49-50. (D.L.)

Evangelicalism: Coming Generation: Book Review. 27/3:31- 34. (D.L.)

Evangelicals & Ecumenical Crisis. (E.S.) 7/3:30.

Evangelism & the Pastor. 27/4:17-19. (K.E.L.)

Evangelism Defined. 27/4:6-8. (K.E.L.)

Evangelism in the Eighties. 27/4:5-19. (K.E.L.)

Evangelism Needed. 29/1:42-43. (D.L.)

Evangelism Outreach. Informational Meetings in. 25/4:15-19. (S.K.)

Evangelism Styles, Different. 27/4:10-12. (K.E.L.)

Evangelism, Law & Gospel in. 35/4:45-49. (S.C.F.K.)

Evil in the World & God’s Wisdom. 14/3:42-44. (J.L.)

Evironmental Movement, Pantheism in. 35/1:33-41. (S.C.F.K.)

Evolution & Appraisal. (Sears & Roehl) 9/5:35.

Evolution & Death. 12/2:16f. (A.S.)

Evolution & Genesis I. (B. E. Keiser) 2/4:12.

Evolution & Genesis. (E.R.) 3/5:42.

Evolution & God’s Word. Book Review. 30/1:43-44. (J.L.)

Evolution & Revolution. (E.S.) 8/3:10.

Evolution & The Image of God. 25/3:7f. (D.L.)

Evolution in lC-MS. 16/4:43. (C.M.G.)

Evolution Refuted. Review. 17/1:43f. (J.K.P.)

Evolution vs 2nd law of Thermodynamics. 25/3:25f. (C.K.)

Evolution vs Creation. 12/1:42. (J.K.P.)

Evolution vs Creationism. Book Review. 30/1:36-39. (C.K.)

Evolution: Problems with the Cell. 37/2:51-56. (C.M.K.)

Evolutionary Development, No Such Thing as. 25/3:22f. (C.K.)

Evolutionistic Ideas on language. 20/1:29-31. (C.K.)

Exceptional Child, The. (M.G.) 1/2:22.

Excommunication & Matt. 18:17. (E.S.) 1/3:17.

Excommunication of Henry IV by Pope Gregory VII. 28/4:16-19. (P.D.N.)

Exegesis of 2 Thess. 3: 6-18. 2:40-49; 3:18. 42/(P.F.L.)

Exegesis of Prov. 42/2:1-8. 4:19-32. (P.N.)

Exegesis of Psalm 98: 1-9. 2:19-33. 42/(P.N.)

Exegesis, Do-it-yourself, for the Parsonage Study. (G.P.R.) 7/3:20.

Exegetical Basis of Brief Statement. (C.M.G.) 2/3:24.

Exegetical Opinions, Using Care in. 36/1:38-40. (C.M.K.)

Exegetical Problems, Cause of. 36/1:38. (C.M.K.)

Exegetical Study of 1 Tim. 4:15-16. 12/3:24-32. (D.L.)

Exegetical Study of 2 John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:1.

Exegetical Study of Titus 3:10. 39/4:50-55. (J.L.)

Existentialism & Theology. (M.G.) 3/3:15.

Exit Interviews: Why People Leave Churches. 34/3:51-52. (D.L.)

Exploratio in Applying God’s Word. 29/3:25-27. (M.T.)

Fables and Genealogies. 29/2:7-9. (C.M.G.)

Fables, Reject Profane. 30/1:9-10. (C.M.G.)

Faith & the Monastic Vow: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:15.

Faith & the Power of God: Eph. 1:19b. (E.R.) 1/4:2.

Faith Alone, Adventism &. 20/4:33f. (P.G.F.)

Faith Alone: Luther vs Roman Catholic Church. 36/4:41-42. (D.L.)

Faith in Justification, Importance of. 27/2:25-30. (H.G. – H.W.)

Faith in Works, Christ Looks for. 30/4:23-24. (J.K.P.)

Faith makes one a member of the Church. (E.S.) 1/1:11.

Faith makes One a Servant to All. 25/4:8. (E.A.)

Faith Not Sight, Walk by. 37/1:2-3. (C.M.K.)

Faith of Enoch, The. (A.S.) 11/2:1f.

Faith that Assures a Blessed Death, The. 16/2:4-9. (L.W.S.)

Faith the common bond of all true Christians. (E.S.) 1/1:12.

Faith, Blessedness in Suffering for Christian: G. Schaller. 31/4:4-16. (R. & P. Schaller)

Faith, Certainty of. 26/4:36ff. (P.F.)

Faith, Danger of Emphasizing, at Expense of the Object of Faith. (R.W.M.) 4/1:1.

Faith, Does 1st Commandment Demand Justifying? 21/1:10-20. (Kowalke -R.D.)

Faith, is it a Cause of our Justification? (E.R.) 8/4:17 and 5:12.

Faith, Justification by: Central Teaching. 24/1:2-14. (C.M.G.)

Faith, Weak & Strong. (A.S.) 11/2:6.

Faith. A Way of Reason or the Life of. (B.J.N.) 6/5:28.

Faithfulness to Death. 27/1:15f. (J.K.P.)

Faith-Life periodical would detract from CLC Ministry. (E.S.) 9/1:17.

FAL – New Church Body. 12/1:30-33. (C.M.G.)

Fall into Sin & language. 20/1:25f. (C.K.)

False Brethren Characterized: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:26-28. (C.M.G.)

False Brethren. (J.P.K.) 7/5:42.

False Doctrine, Characterization of. 30/3:4-9. (C.M.G.)

False Doctrine, Essence of. 29/1:8-11. (C.M.G.)

False Prophets, Christ Warns Against. 34/4:23-25. (J.L.)

False Teachers & Weak Brethren, Distinguishing. 12/1:37f. (J.L.)

Family Life & Ministry. 27/1:37-44. (T.C.T.)

Family Life under Christ. 38/2:5-24. (S.C.F.K.)

Fatalism vs Resignation to God’s Will. 41/3:19-32. (W.F.)

Fatalism, No. 18/1:30. (P.F.N.)

Fear: Use in Scripture & Confessions. 40/2:15-40. (P.F.)

Federation for Authentic Lutheranism & Realignment. (C.M.G.) 11/4:31.

Fellowship & Mo. Syn. View in 1961. (C.M.G.) 1/4:32.

Fellowship & WELS over against Mo. S. (E.R.) 1/4:39f.

Fellowship in Early Church, Exercise of. 38/3:4-27. (M.J.R.)

Fellowship in relation to “light.” (E.S.) 10/2:14f.

Fellowship in Waning Days of Church Militant. 38/3:28-43. (M.G.)

Fellowship of Kindred Minds, The. 38/3:2-3. (D.F.)

Fellowship Principles discussed with WELS (E.S.) ; 4/2:29 & 31f.

Fellowship Principles, Learning to Apply. 21/4:45f. (P.F.N.)

Fellowship Problem with WELS (E.R.) 5/4:43f.

Fellowship Relations, Terminating. 35/4:51. (J.L.)

Fellowship Status inter CLC & WELS (E.R.) 1/5:36.

Fellowship Then & Now. (E.R.) 1/1:48.

Fellowship Then & Now: In N. W. Luth. (E.R.) 1/3:44.

Fellowship with God in 1 John. 16/3:28ff. (P.F.N.)

Fellowship with WELS, What still remains & Why. (E.R.) 4/2:31.

Fellowship, A Partitioned: Mo. & ALC (C.M.G.) 8/1:33.

Fellowship, Christian: Vertical and Horizontal. 29/1:31-32. (G.P.R)

Fellowship, Church, & Walther’s Theses on Open Questions. (E.S.) 10/4:6.

Fellowship, Church, in CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:38.

Fellowship, Church. 28/2:8f. (A.S.)

Fellowship, CLC & Principles of Church. 22/2:28-38. (J.L.)

Fellowship, Encouraging Positive Aspects of Church. 33/4:2-13. (J.A.)

Fellowship, Essays on Church. 37/4:50. (D.L.)

Fellowship, Principle of Religious. 12/1:3-6. (C.K.)

Fellowship, WELS and ELS on Termination of. 29/4:36-37. (J.L.)

Fellowship: FAL Position. 12/1:33. (C.M.G.)

Fellowships, When to Terminate Existing. 34/4:31-34. (J.L.)

Feminism & the Bible. 33/1:39-44. (S.K.)

Feminist Influence on God’s Word. 30/2:21-26; 30/3:18- 21. (J.K.P.)

Feminists & Rights. 15/2:7-13. (P.F.N.)

Ferloren Gospel. (E.S.) 1/2:9.

Feudalism Helped & Hindered Institutional Church. 28/4:3-8. (P.D.N.)

Fidelity Reevaluated, Marital. 16/2:25ff. (L.D.R.)

Fig Tree, Lesson of the. 27/2:32f, 38f. (P.F.N.)

Figure Me Out. (M.G.) 6/5, P.17.

Findings, More. (M.G.) 7/2:23.

Finnish Confessional Ch. breaks with Mo. S. 10/3:17.

Flacian Controversy. 42/3:23-24. (M.S.)

Flattery in the Ministry. 32/4:17-18. (C.M.G.)

Flesh, Sins of the: J. Ylvisaker. 34/3:34-36. (C.M.G.)

Flesh’s Influence on Church Fellowship, Sinful. 38/3:39-43. (M.G.)

Flood on Earth, Effects of. 25/3:26f. (C.K.)

Focus on Gospel in Ministry. 37/4:6-11. (W.E.)

Food for Thought: WELS “Meditations”: Col. 3:15-17. 6/1:38.

Foods, False Distinction Between. 30/1:5-7. (C.M.G.)

Foolishness of Christianity, Seeming. 37/1:2-3. (C.M.K.)

Footnote to Creativity. (M.G.) 6/1:8.

Foot-Washing, Service in. 12/4:4. (P.F.N.)

Foreword to “Journal of Theology.” (E.R.) 1/1:1.

Foreword to 10th Volume. (E.S.) 10/1:1.

Forgiveness of sins & God’s Righteousness. (C.K.) 11/3:21.

Forgiveness only by Grace: Josh. 24:16ff. 27/2:41-44. (D.L.)

Forgiveness, Prayer for. 35/3:45-50. (P.F.)

Forgiveness, The Miracle of. 24/4:12-14. (P.F.N.)

Forgiveness: Central Doctrine of Scripture. 24/1:2-14. (C.M.G.)

Form of God: Phil. 2:6-7. (E.S.) 9/1:15

Form of Sound Words, The. (E.S.) 1/1:24.

Formalism: Threat to Orthodoxy? 42/1:13-28. (D.J.R.)

Form-Criticism in Bible Interpretation. 12/3:13-16. (J.L.)

Formula of Concord & Controversy. (E.S.) 7/3:33.

Formula of Concord Background applied today. 14/4:29-35. (H.C.D.)

Formula of Concord Takes Shape. 41/3:13-19. (R.E.S.)

Formula of Concord. Review of Study Guide. 20/4:41ff. (C.K.)

Formula of Concord: Ecumenical Intent. 19/4:9f. (P.F.N.)

Formula of Concord: On Justification. 19/4:24ff. (P.F.N.)

Formula of Concord: On Sin. 19/4:14-17. (P.F.N.)

Franzmann, Dr. M., 8 the Gospel. (E.R.) 2/1:43.

Franzmann, Dr. M., on Union of Lutherans. (C.M.G..) 2/2:24.

Fraternal Insurance Activities & WELS. 31/4:38-41. (J.L.)

Fraternal Insurance Matters. 33/1:34-37. (J.L.)

Fraternal Insurance, Unionism in. 28/3:3 (J.L.)

Free Conferences #2. (E.R.) 4/1:38.

Free Conferences & the Problem. (E.R.) 4/1:33.

Free Conferences, 3rd Luth., & CLC Misgivings. (E.R.) 6/1:36f.

Free Conferences, Luth.: the second. (E.R.) 5/3:39.

Free Will, NIV on Man’s. 35/4:34-36. (V.A.F.)

Freedom from God’s Word. 14/2:9f. (J.L.)

Freedom in Christ: J. Ylvisaker. 34/3:19-39. (C.M.G.)

Freedom of the Will, Boundaries of Man’s. 18/1:30-33. (P.F.N.)

Freedom or Liberty in the Law. 43/4:26-38. (P.F.N.)

From Ichabod to Ebenezer: Studies in 1 Samuel. (E.S. ) 5/4:30 and 6/1:30.

Fruit of Gospel, Bringing Forth. 21/4:42-47. (P.F.N.)

Fruits of Faith, How to Show: U. V. Koren. 31/1:2-7. (C.M.G.)

Fruits of our Salvation Joy. 30/4:9. (G.A.B.)

Fundamental Doctrines and Church Fellowship. 26/4:5-8. (E.H.)

Fundamentalism, Reject Attitude of: Review. 18/1:40f. (C.K.) .

Fundamentalism. (E.S.) 1/2:13.

Fundamentals, Refinding. (M.G.) 7/1:20.

Funeral Address: Rev. 7:9-17, for Rev. G. Tiefel, Sr. {C.M.G.) 11/2:19.

Funeral Sermon for Prof. E.Schaller (L.W.S.) 11/4:5.

Future, Graduates Entering Unknown. 43/2:2-6. (J.K.P.)

Gambling, Growth of Legalized. 38/2:31-40. (Br.N.)

Gap Theory on Genesis 1:2. 25/3:14-17. (C.K.)

Garments for the Soul. 32/4:28-31. (J.K.P.)

GENEA: Meaning of Greek word. 27/4:29-33. (P.F.N.)

Genesis in the N.T. 43/4:2-15. (D.L.)

Gentiles, How Paul dealt with. 25/4:10. (E.A.)

Gentiles: Salvation Not by Law: J. Ylvisaker. 33/4:32-38. (C.M.G.)

Gerizim & Ebal: Tour Observation. 13/4:31-38. (P.F.N.)

Germany, Culture of, & Impact by the Reformation. (Koehler – Reim) 5/1:1.

Germany, Homosexuality in. (Trans.). 37/2:47-51 (R.D.)

Germany, Moral Collapse in. 36/3:55. (R.D.)

GEVER: Hebrew Word of “Man.” (A.S.) 11/3:30.

Gideon: Overwhelmed at Task. 34/4:40. (Br.J.N.)

Gifts in the Ministry. (Koren) 1/5:6.

Gifts of the Spirit. Review. 20/1:43f. (D.S.)

Giving, Luther on. 23/1:16f. (A.S.)

Glorify God: Purpose of Life. 37/2:2-7. (J.L.)

Glory of god, Do All to. 39/3:10-16. (M.J.R.)

Glory of the Lord, The. (Pieper – Reim) 3/2:16.

Glory of the Lord: A. Pieper. 37/3:13-15. (C.M.K.)

Gnostic View of Good & Evil. 30/4:16-17. (J.K.P.)

God is Carpenter, We are Wood: Luther. 31/4:14. (R. & P. Schaller)

God Not the Cause of Evil. 18/1:34. (P.F.N.)

God, Names for. 31/2:23-41. (D.K.)

God, Small & Great: Luther. 35/3:14-17. (A.S.)

God, The Image of. 21/2:2-13. (C.M.G.)

God’s Holy Covenants. 19/1:8-22. (J.K.P.)

God’s Image in Sunday School, Teaching. 25/3:9-11. (D.L.)

God’s Name in Vain, Principle of Not Taking. 12/1:7-9 (C.K.)

God’s Name Remembered at ILC. 37/3:2-4. (J.K.P.)

God’s Name, Importance of. 40/2:53-54. (J.L.)

God’s Will & Command. 19/3:16-40. (J. Schaller-W.S.-H.C.D.)

God’s Will in Life vs Fatalism. 41/3:19-32. (W.F.)

God’s Will in Lives, Determining. 39/1:24-29. (R.G.)

God’s Word: Meaning of Expression. 32/4:5-9. (C.M.G.)

Goltermann’s Essay on Theol. Educ. (G.P.R.) 9/4:25ff.

Good Friday Sermon Study: Heb. 12:24. 13/1:26-32. (A.S.)

Good Works & Salvation. 12/3:33f. (C.K.)

Good Works, Luther’s Treatise on. (J.L.) 7/5:1 & 5.

Gospel & Great Commission. 33/4:14-21. (W.S.)

Gospel & Its Power, The: Matt. 17:1-20. (E.S.) 3/1:1.

Gospel & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 1/5:13.

Gospel & Law: Covenants: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Gospel & Scripture, Relationship between. 14/2:2. (J.L.)

Gospel Alone Saves Souls. 33/3:45-48. (D.L.)

Gospel Exposition in Jer. 31:31-34. 22/1:2-18. (R.D.)

Gospel in Ministry, Centrality of. 38/1:2-12. (S.C.F.K.)

Gospel into Law, The Reformed Turn the. 28/3:38-41. (V.A.F.)

Gospel Invitation, Jesus”. 21/4:38-42. (P.F.N.)

Gospel is Free of Law. 33/4:14-21. (W.S.)

Gospel is Life, Focus, Opportunity: Conference Devotions. 37/4:2-15. (W.E.)

Gospel or Law in Exodus 20:6. (E.S.) 5/3:1.

Gospel Reductionism, Book of Concord &. 19/3:2-16. (J.L.)

Gospel Reductionism, Danger of. 17/1:2-31. (M.S.)

Gospel Reductionism. 14/2:1-10. (J.L.)

Gospel Security in Dying World. 43/2:29-41. (G.R.)

Gospel to be Preached. (C.M.G.) 10/1:12.

Gospel, Defending & Confirming the. 41/4:29-40. (V.A.F.)

Gospel, Foolishness of the. 25/4:2. (E.A.)

Gospel, Glory of the. 29/2:15-24. (C.M.G.)

Gospel, Only Christ’s Message is: J. Ylvisaker. 33/1:12-16. (C.M.G.)

Gospel, Preaching the Unconditioned. 33/3:2-18. (W.S.)

Gospel, Preaching the. 33/4:14-21. (W.S.)

Gospel, The Preaching of the. 34/2:13-29. (W.S.)

Gospel, We need Encouragement of the. 18/3:30-33. (C.M.G.)

Gospel: The Only Divine Saving Truth: J. Ylvisaker. 33/2:6- 9. (C.M.G.)

Gospel: Uses of Term by Reformers. 19/3:5ff. (J.L.)

Government, Civil: God’s Other Kingdom. 38/3:50-53. (D.L.)

Government, Our Role in respect to: Luther. (J.L.) 7/ 5:l5f.

Government, Secular, & Religious Conflict. (E.S.) 3/3:l0.

Government. (E.S.) 4/4:35f.

Grace & Works System in Church of Rome. 28/3:31f. (V.A.F.)

Grace in Christian Preaching: A. Pieper. 31/3:2-22. (N.G.)

Grace of God: Isa. 40:5. (Pieper – Reim) 3/2:17.

Grace, Life is Our Time of. 31/1:15-16. (V.A.F.)

Grace, Life our Time of. 24/3:21f. (D.L.)

Graduation Address: P.G. Albrecht. 16/2:15-20. (P.G.A.)

Graduation at I. L. C.: Sermon on 2 Cor. 10:5. (G.S.) 5/3:23.

Graduation from a Christian School, Upon. (E.S.) 8/2:26.

Graduation Wish, A. 18/2:40-44. (J.K.P.)

Graebner’s, Theo., Charge against Norw. Synod. (C.M.G.) 11/1:26.

Graham, Biography of Billy. Review. 25/4:33. (D.L.)

Great Schism of 1054. (E.R.) 5/5:13.

Greatness of God: Devotion. 15/1:32f. (C.M.G.)

Greek Article & Christ’s Deity. 13/3:12-28; 4:14-30; 14/1:11-20; 2:16-25; 3:21-33; 4:8-19; 15/1:8-22. (C.K.)

Greek N.T. & Majority Text. Review. 22/4:33-38. (D.L.)

Greek Philosophy & Hebraism. (M.G.) 3/3:29.

Greek Tenses: Prohibitions. 21/1:2-9. (C.K.)

Greek Testament, New Aids for Students of. 17/4:42ff. (C.K.)

Gregorian Chant in Catholic Ch. (A.F.) 4/4:1f.

Greve, Vernon E.: In Memoriam. 31/4:2-3

Guard against, Things to. (E.R.) 2/1:1.

Gullerud, C. M.: In Memoriam I. 35/1:7-8. (D.F.)

Gullerud, C. M.: In Memoriam II. 35/1:9-11. (J.L.)

Gullerud, Funeral Sermon of C. M. 35/1:3-7. (P.T.)

Gullerud, Obituary of C. M. 35/1:2-3. (P.T.)

Habakkuk: Church & State. 24/3:11ff. (P.G.F.)

Hades & Its Use. (A.S.) 10/5:33f.

Hades in the N.T. 12/2:12ff. (A.S.)

Hagar & Sarah, Allegory of: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Hapax Legomena in Pastoral Epistles. 29/1:4-5. (C.M.G.)

Happiness & Depression. 39/1:54-56. (J.J.N.)

Hardening & Pharaoh. 18/1:2-7-30. (P.F.N.)

Hardening: Temporal Decree. 27/2:14f. (P.R.K.)

Harmony, Pastor-Teacher. 39/1:39-47. (T.Q.)

Harms, Dr. Oliver, & LCUSA. (E.R.) 5/3:37.

Hatred toward Believers, The World’s. 27/1:25-27. (P.F.)

Hatred, Righteous. 27/3:2-18. (J.K.P.)

Head in the Clouds, Is Your. 38/2:2-5. (J.K.P.)

Headship Principle in Home & Church. 32/3:10-13. (P.F.N.)

Hearts of Others, Unable to Read the. 30/4:5. (G.A.B.)

Heaven, Citizens of. 15/4:.l4f. (P.F.N.)

Heaven: 3-Fold Meaning in Scripture. 25/3:14. (C.K.)

Heaven: Perfect Body, Environment & Companions. 32/3:31-33. (R.A.G.)

Heavenly Treasures in Earthen Vessels. 33/2:2-5. (J.L.)

Hebraism & Greek Philosophy. (M.G.) 3/3:29.

Hebrew Class, Allusions to Science in. 25/3:12-29. (C.K.)

Hebrew Verb, Notes on the. 15/3:2-19; 16/3:11-19; 4:2-12; 17/2:2-8; 3:24-36. (R.E.W.)

Hegel, German Philosopher. (M.G.) 3/3:18.

Hell & Soul & Punishment. (A.S.) 10/ 5:30.

Henry IV vs. Pope Gregory VII. 28/4:8-23. (P.D.N.)

Heretic, What constitutes a? (E.S.) 10/4:16.

Heritage from Faithful Teachers, Our. (A.S.) 11/4:23.

Heritage: Ps. 119:111f.: Sermon by Kuegele. 1/5:27.

Hermeneutical Principles, C.M. Zorn’s. 38/4:36-48. (M.H.B.)

Hermeneutical Principles, Note re Zorn’s. 39/ 1:29. (J.L.)

Hermeneutics & Gospel Reductionism. 17/1:22ff. (M.S.)

Hermeneutics of Prophecy. 35/2:37-51. (C.M.K.)

Hermeneutics, Presuppositions in. 12/3:3-8. (J.L.)

Herod allied with Sadducees. (E.S.) 3/3:7.

Heterodoxy of Ch. Body not removed by Administrative Orders. (C.M.G.) 9/5:30.

Hidden Things of Shame in the Ministry. (E.S.) 9/1:9.

Higher Criticism, Wisdom of. 32/4:11-13. (C.M.G.)

Higher Criticism. (E.S.) 6/4:4f.

Higher Critics & Pentateuch. (E.S.) 7/1:12.

High-Priestly Prayer: Sermon Study. 27/1:23-28. (P.F.)

Hinduism, Pantheism in, 35/1:34. (S.C.F.K.)

HIPOTASSOO: Word Study, Eph. 5:22-24. 40/4:44-53. (Br.J.N.)

Historical Events of 1955-1961 should be basic for discussion. (E.S.) 10/1:27.

Historical-Critical Method & Gospel Reductionism. 17/1:25-28. (M.S.)

Historical-Critical Method & Luther. 24/1:29-33. (J.L.)

Historical-Critical Method. 24/1:23. (C.M.G.)

Historical-Critical Method: Bible Interpretation. 12/3:8-16. (J.L.)

Historical-Critical Method: ELCA. 35/2:26-27. (T.S.)

History of CLC, Early. (E.R.) 1/1:1.

History of ELS: Theo. Aaberg. Review. (C.M.G.) 8/5:29.

History of the Critical Period 1955-1961. (E.R.) 5/5:33.

History, Christian: Review. 25/4:28-30. (D.L.)

History, Christians learning from. 17/4:29-31. (C.K.)

History, Learning from. 28/2:7. (A.S.)

Holiness of God. (Pieper – Reim) 3/2:18.

Holiness Shows Itself in Pureness of Life. 41/4:41-50. (D.S.)

Holy Communion Sermon: Luke 22:7-20. (E.S.) 8/1:19.

Holy Conmunion: Luther vs Zwingli. 41/1:3-6. (J.V.K.)

Holy Ghost, Sin against the. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:23.

Holy Land, Interesting Information on. Book Review. 30/3:29-31. (C.K.)

Holy One, The: Isa. 40:25. (Pieper – Reim) 3/2:18.

Holy Spirit & the Incarnate Lord, The. 23/4:14-30. (J.K.P.)

Holy Spirit Baptism. Review. 20/1:41-44. (D.S.)

Holy Spirit in Inspiration, Role of. 19/2:5-8. (C.K.)

Holy Spirit, Filled with. 35/1:22-24. (P.F.N)

Holy Spirit, Ministers Agents of. 12/4:6ff. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit, Pray for the. 35/1:11-32. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit, Unction of, & Effect on Jesus. (E.S.) 8/2:3.

Holy Spirit: Best Marriage Counselor. 20/2:17. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: Foretold by John the Baptizer. 35/1:14-16. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: Foretold by Prophets. 35/1:13-14. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: Gift of Tongues. 35/1:24-30. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: Neglected Person in Trinity. 20/2:2-12. (C.M.G.)

Holy Spirit: New Life of Faith. 43/4:38-50. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: No Contradictions in Word. 32/3:8-13. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: Poured out on Pentecost. 35/1:19-22. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: Presented by Jesus. 35/1:16-19. (P.F.N.)

Holy Spirit: The Promised Paraclete. 20/3:10-16. (C.M.G.)

Home & its relation to God. (E.S.) 5/4:31.

Home Training. (E.S.) 5/5:26.

Homes, Strengthening Our Christian. 33/2:30-37. (R.R.)

Homiletical Hints from 1 and 2 Corinthians. 15/2:13-19; 3:19-27; 4:18-29. (A.S.)

Homiletical Studies in Habakkuk. (B.J.N.) 6/4:14.

Homiletical Study for O.T. Lenten Texts. (E.S.) 3/5:1.

Homiletical View of Song of Solomon. 32/3:14-21. (J.K.P.)

Homiletics: Refresher Course. 38/4:48-52. (J.A.)

Homosexuality in Germany. (Trans.). 37/2:47-51. (R.D.)

Honesty Needed in Ministry. 32/4:14-16. (C.M.G.)

Hope & Purpose in Darkening Days. 41/1:10-16. (M.G.)

Hope of Our Age, The. (E.S.) 10/1:10.

Hope, Christ is Our. 29/2:4. (C.M.G.)

Hope, Our Blessed: Luther. 35/3:2-20. (A.S.)

Hope: New Ch. Periodical. (E.R.) 4/4:43.

Hophni & Phineas. (E.S.) 5/5:23.

Horeb, The astonishing Fire on Mt. (E.S.) 8/5:24.

Human Person, Who is a? 24/3:19-21. (D.L.)

Humanism in Public Schools, Secular. Review. 24/4:37-39.(D.L.)

Humanism, Definition of Renaissance. 26/1:3. (K.O.)

Humanism, Lutheran Response to. 26/1:2-12. (K.O.)

Humanism, New Age Thinking is Mystical. 27/3:35-38. (C.K.)

Humanism, Religion of. 29/3:33. (B.N.)

Humanism, Religious & Secular. 17/2:40ff. (C.K.)

Humanism, Thoughts on Secular. 29/2:37. (P.F.)

Humility & Obedienc e in Re-alignment of CLC (E.R.) 8/2:16.

Humility in Controversy. (E.R.) 2/1:5f.

Humility in Ministry Necessary. 41/2:38-48. (T.K.)

Humility vs Pride: J. Ylvisaker. 34/3:42. (C.M.G.)

HUPOMONE, Word Study of Steadfastness. 22/4:2-19. (P.G.F.)

Hus, John, & the Reformation. (C.M.G.) 7/3:10.

Husband of One Wife: Meaning. 29/4:4-6. (C.M.G.)

Husband-Wife Decisions in Child Training. 28/3:16-18. (G.A.S.)

Hymn Book, New: “Lutheran Worship.” 22/2:38-43. (C.M.G.)

Hymn, What makes a good? 20/4:2-16. (R.D.)

Hymns & Hymn-writers of the Reformation. 20/2:18-25. (A.S.)

Hymns & Songs in Public Schools, Using. 12/1:7-9. (C.K.)

Hymns of Martin Franzmann. 36/1:17-31. (J.C.R.)

Hymns of WELS Hymnal. 34/2:2-12. (J.R.)

Hymn-Writer, Luther the. 23/4:2-11. (L.D.R.)

Ichabod to Ebenezer: Studies in 1 Samuel. (E.S.) 5/5:22.

Idols, Eating Things Sacrificed to. 30/4:17-18. (J.K.P.)

If, Who put word, into the Gospel? (E.S.) 8/3:20.

ILC and the CLC. 43/1:50-52. (D.L.)

ILC Chapel Address: May 1995. 35/2:7-8. (P.K.)

ILC Commencement Address, 1995. 35/2:2-6. (J.L.)

ILC Commencement Address, May 2001. 41/3:2-5. (J.K.P.)

ILC Graduates, Address to. 28/2:2-6. (G.P.R.)

ILC Graduation Address. 33/2:2-5. (J.L.)

ILC Graduation Address. 38/2:2-5. (J.K.P.)

ILC Men’s Dorm Groundbreaking Sermon. 20/2:26-30. (P.F.L.)

ILC Students: Living Epistles. 13/3:29-31. (C.M.G.)

ILC: 20th Anniversary Address. 19/3:40-43. (R.A.G.)

ILC: The Quiet College. 13/3:29-31. (C.M.G.)

Image of God & Children of God: Comparison. (J.L.) 11/3:31.

Image of God Concept Misused. 30/4:41-42. (J.C.R.)

Image of God, Man in the. 25/3:4-7. (D.L.)

Image of God, The. 21/2:2-13. (C.M.G.)

Immanuel, Meaning of the Name. 17/3:46-48. (C.M.G.)

Immortality of the Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:29.

Immortality of the Soul. 12/2:1-19. (A.S.)

Impenitence & Romans .16:17. (E.S.) 1/3:18.

Impenitence in Thessalonica. 24/4:33-36. (D.L.)

Imperatives of Scripture, The. 1961. 41/1:27-32). (E.R.)

Imperatives of Scripture. (E.R.) 1/2:1.

Imprecatory Psalms. 36/1:13-14. (M.T.)

Incarnate Lord & the Holy Spirit. 23/4:14-30. (J.K.P.)

India, Protestant Origins in. 40/3:54-56. (D.L.)

India: History of CLC Work. 36/1:54-56. (D.K.)

Individual, Emerging of the. (M.G.) 1/4:27f.

Indulgences & Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:2ff.

Indulgences. 39/4:9-11. (M.S.)

Inerrancy for Itself, Does Scripture claim? 13/1:1-14.(C.K.)

Inerrancy of BibJe, Total. Review. 22/3:38f. (D.L.)

Inerrancy of Bible & Science. 13/2:4f. (C.K.)

Inerrancy of Bible. 42/1:50-52. (D.L.)

Inerrancy of Bible: Biggest Issue Today. 16/4:35-38. (R.E.S.)

Inerrancy of Scripture & Position of Mo. (C.M.G.) 4/3:41.

Inerrancy of Scripture Matter of Faith. 12/4:23f. (C.K.)

Inerrancy of Scripture. 19/2:9-22. (C.K.)

Inerrancy redefined by Gospel Reductionism. 17/1:19f. (M.S.)

Inerrancy, What is Biblical? 17/2:32ff. (D.L.)

Inerrant Word of God, Basing Values on. 26/1:2. (K.O.)

Inerrant, Is the Bible? Review. 17/2:29-38. (D.L.)

Informational Meetings in Evangelism Outreach. 25/4:15-19.(S.K.)

Insincerity in Battle for Doctrine. (J.P.K.) 7/5:42.

Insolence vs Kingdom of God. 42/3:7-13. (P.F.N.)

Inspiration & Inerrancy of Scripture. 12/4:22-35. (C.K.)

Inspiration & Inerrancy of Scripture: ELCA. 35/2:27-28. (T.S.)

Inspiration & Mo. Synod Position. (C.M.G.) 4/3:38.

Inspiration & the Bible. (Sears – Roehl) 9/5:35.

Inspiration, Book of Concord & Verbal. 19/2:2-22. (C.K.)

Inspiration, Doctr. of, & Mo. Synod. (E.R.) 4/2:26.

Inspiration, Doctr. of, & Use of Language. (E.S.) 3/2:1ff.

Inspiration, The Confessions &. 13/2:16f. (C.K.)

Inspiration, The Dogmaticians &. 13/2:17-21. (C.K.)

Inspiration: Danger of Denials. 13/2:21-24. (C.K.)

Inspiration: Monergism & Dictation. 13/2:19f. (C.K.)

Instruments of the Word, The Lord Equips. 36/3:40-44. (J.U.)

Integration or Separation in Education. (M.G.) 4/2:10.

Intellectualization. (M.G.) 3/3:16.

Intentions, Good: Heresies. 32/4:16-17. (C.M.G.)

Intolerance by the “Tolerant.” (C.M.G.) 1/2:39.

Investiture Controversy, The. 28/4:2-23. (P.D.N.)

Iowa Synod & Open Questions: Walther. (E.S.) 10/4:7.

Isagogics, Modern Criticism, & Malachi. 13/1:16-26. (J.L.)

Isaiah 3-4: Exegetical Notes. 35/3:30-44. (M.T.)

Isaiah II: Pieper-Kowalki. Review. 2O/1:37ff. (C.M.G.)

Isaiah, Authorship of. 12/3:12f. (J.L.)

Isaiah, Notes on. 30/1:29-31; 30/2:34-37; 30/3:22-26. (R.A.G.)

Isaiah, Young’s Commentary on. Review. 13/1:37-42. (P.F.N.)

Isaiah’s Message: Perfect Peace. 31/1:37-40; 2:42-44; 3:44-46; 4:41-44. (R.A.G.)

Isaiah’s Prophecies of Messiah. 23/3:17ff. (J.K.P.)

ISH: Hebrew Word for “Man.” (A.S.) 11/3:27.

Islam: Books in Review. 43/3:2-11. (D.L.)

Isolated Believer, Problem of the. (P.F.N.) 5/1:4.

Israel & Fundamentalism. 24/2:41-44. (P.F.N.)

Israel & Judah: Dispensationalist Concept. 21/4:20ff. (C.K.)

Israel & the Departure of its Glory. (E.S.) 6/1:20.

Israel, Gathering of Jews in. 16/4:38.

Israel, Who is the True? 27/2:7-9. (P.R.K.)

Israel: Fleshly vs Spiritual: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:48-50. (C.M.G.)

Israel: Reason for Existence. 15/4:30f. (L.D.R.)

Israel’s Glory & Departure. (E.S.) 5/5:23.

Jehovah/Jesus: Meaning & Usage of Names. 37/3:4-34. (C.M.K.)

Jehovah’s Servant, Bearer of our Sins: Isa. 53:4-6. (Pieper – Reim) 5/2:22.

Jehovah’s Witnesses on John 1:1. 15/1:8-19. (C.K.)

Jeremiah 31:31-34, Study of. 22/1:2-18. (R.D.)

Jeremiah: Fear of Opposition. 34/4:41. (Br.J.N.)

Jerusalem: Dispensationalist Concept. 21/4:22-24. (C.K.)

Jesuits & Betrayal of R.C.C.: Book Review. 27/3:38-40. (C.K.)

Jesus’ Appointment with Death. (E.S.) 11/1:21.

Jesus’ Concern for Souls. 32/3:4-7. (V.G.)

Jesus Seminar: Critical Examination. 40/3:6-29. (D.P.)

Jesus the Babe of Bethlehem. (Geo. Tiefel, Sr.) 10/5:1.

Jesus, The Anointing of. (E.S.) 8/2:1.

Jesus, True God & Man, Denying: Christian Century. 12/2:35ff. (C.K.) .

Jew, Who is a? (A.S.) 10/4:34.

Jewish Christians & the Law: J. Ylvisaker. 33/4:23-32. (C.M.G.)

Jewish People & Intolerance. (C.M.G.) 1/2:39.

Jewish Religion, How Paul Dealt with. 25/4:9. (E.A.)

Jews & Vatican II, The. (E.R.) 6/4:27.

Jews, Luther’s Writings on the. 43/3:32-51. (P.D.N.)

Jews, Luther’s Writings re. 39/1:2-19; 4:27-49. (P.D.N.)

Jews, Who are True? 32/1:11-13. (J.K.P.)

Jezebel Woman at Thyatira. 30/4:14-19. (J.K.P.)

Job, Devotions from Book of. 15/1:29-33. (C.M.G.)

Job, Patience of. 22/4:2-7. (P.G.F.)

Job: People’s Bible. 38/2:44-47. (D.L.)

Joel, Study of Book of. 29/2:31-34; 29/3:37-40; 29/4:46-48. (R.A.G.)

John 17: Sermon Study. 26/3:2-17; 26/4:30-44. (P.F.)

John the Baptist. 38/1:38-39. (D.L.)

Jonah: Selfless Love. 34/4:41. (Br.J.N.)

Josephus substantiated re Jesus. 12/2:41f. (C.M.G.)

Joshua, Long Day of. Review. 14/2:39f. (J.K.P.)

Joshua, Study of. 13/4:1-13; 14/1:21-35; 14/2:26-39. (A.S.)

Journal of Theology – Editor’s Reflections. (E.R.) 5/5:3.

Journal of Theology: 25 Years. 25/1:2-4. (C.M.G.)

Journal of Theology: Aim & Purpose. 25/1:3. (E.R.)

Journal of Theology: Message to Readers. (E.S.) 6/4:1.

Journal of Theology: Panorama. 25/1:14-16. (C.M.G.)

Journal of Theology: Purpose, Aims & Goals. 25/1:5-19. (J.L.)

Joy of Thy Salvation, Restore Unto Us the. 30/4:4-9. (G.A.B.)

Judah, The Blessings of: Sermon Study, Gen. 49:10. (J.L.) 11/5:36.

Judaism, The Latitude in. (E.S.) 3/3:5.

Judaizers, No Compromise with. 25/4:9. (E.A.)

Judge Doctrine, All Christians to: 34/4:27-28. (J.L.)

Judge, Exposition of Hebrew Words. Review. 22/1:40ff. (G.P.R.)

Judging Doctrines, Not Hearts. 32/3:29-30. (D.L.)

Judgment & MISHPAT. (C.K.) 11/5:12.

Judgment of God in Unworthy Use of Lord’s Supper. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:1.

Judgment on Kingdoms of World. 42/3:7-13 (P.F.N.)

Judgment Threatened on Rejecters of God’s Word. 42/1:2-7. (D.L.)

Judgment, God’s Patience in Delay of. 30/4:19-20. (J.K.P.)

Judgment, The Final: In CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:43.

Justification & Blessed Results in Life. 24/1:25-28. (C.K.)

Justification & Rome. 39/1:52-53. (D.L.)

Justification & Sanctification: Relationship. 37/1:4-9. (P.F.)

Justification Central Doctrine of Scripture. 24/1:2-14.(C.M.G.)

Justification Central to our Teachings. 20/4:28ff. (P.G.F.)

Justification, Discussion of, by Luth. Free Conference. 5/3:41.

Justification, Doctr. of, & Bible Translations. (E.R.) 8/4:15.

Justification, Objective. 37/4:46-48. (J.L.)

Justification, Objective: Rom. 4:25. 21/3:18-37. (R.E.W.)

Justification, Quotable Quotes on. 24/1:15-18.

Justification, Relationship of Objective to Subjective. 27/2:21-30. (H.G. – H.W.)

Justification: Fundamental Doctrine. 26/4:7f. (E.H.)

Justification: Lutheran-RCC Dialogue. 24/1:19-24. (C.M.G.)

Justification: No Agreement with Rome. 36/4:41-42. (D.L.)

Justification: Only Solution to Sin. 19/4:18-28. (P.F.N.)

Justifying Faith, Does 1st Commandment demand? 21/1:10-20. (Kowalke-R.D.)

Kairopractice & Rev. Andrew Morton. (C.M.G.) 3/2:26.

KAKOS ECHON: Meaning. (E.S.) 9/1:8.

KATA (E.R. )1/5:1f.

K’BHODH Y’HOVAH: Isa. 40:5. (Pieper – Reim) 3/2:16.

Kenotic Argument Wrong. 13/1:12f. (C.K.)

KEPHALI-Structure & the E.R.A. 15/2:7-13. (P.F.N.)

Keys, God’s = Gospel. 32/1:4-6. (J.K.P.)

Keys, Ministry of the. 21/2:33f. (BoD)

Kierkegaard, Sören, & Existentialism. (M.G.) 3/3:16.

Kinds of Genesis 1. 25/3:20-23. (C.K.)

King James’ Successor. (E.R.) 1/1:46.

King James Version of Bible. (G.S.) 9/2:11 & 13f.

King James Version. (E.R.) 8/1:2.

Kingdom Come, Thy. (J.S.) 1/5:15.

Kingdom of Christ, The 3-Fold. (J.S.) 1/4:23.

Kingdom of God & Church Fathers. (N.H.R) 3/4:22.

Kingdom of God & Editorial Statement. (E.R.) 5/5:15.

Kingdom of God Endures. 42/4:2-7. (P.F.N.)

Kingdom of God, Study Needed. Pericopes. 25/1:39-44. (P.F.N.)

Kingdom of God, The. (J.S.) 1/4:13; 5:11; 2/1:13; 2:1.

Kingdom of God. (N.H.R) 3/4:1.

Kingdom, Dispensationalist Concept of. 21/4:16-19. (C.K.)

Kingdom, Greatness in Christ’s. 12/4:1f. (P.F.N.)

Kingdom, Nature of Christ’s: Who is right? 21/4:46. (P.F.N.)

Kingdom: 3 Series of Parables. 26/1:29-33. (P.F.N.)

Knowledge & Faith. (E.S.) 1/1:14.

Knowledge & Wisdom. (M.G.) 4/2:1.

Knowledge from Afar. Devotion. 15/1:30ff. (C.M.G.)

Knox, Translation of Bible. (E.R.) 6/5:45.

Kokomo Controversy on Justification. 37/1:30; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Koren’s Pastoral Letter. (N.A. Madson) 1/2:15.

Körner, Christof: Early Lutheran. 41/3: 12-13. (R.E.S.)

KRIMA & Use in 1 Cor. 11:29. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:16f.

Kuegele, Pastor, on “Our Heritage”: Ps. l19:1lf. 1/5:27.

KYRIA in 2 John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:3.

Laity, Role of, in Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 7/2:34.

Lamentations 3:24a. Word StUdy. 14/3:11-20. (G.B.F.)

Language Problems & the Gospel. 34/2:22-29. (W.S.)

Language Universals. 20/1:27-29. (C.K.)

Language, Luther’s, against his adversaries. (O.J.E.) 11/3:12.

Language, Some Observations- on. 20/1:22-37. (C.K.)

Language, The Marvel & Blessing of. 20/1:33-36. (C.K.)

Language, The Nature of. (E.S.) 3/2:4.

Languages, Original, of the Bible. (G.P.R.) 7/3:20.

Languages, Purposeless Study of: Milton. 19/2:39f. (J.L.)

Laodicea, John’s Letter to. 32/4:19-38. (J.K.P.)

Lapsed, The, & Churchman Cyprian. (P.G.F.) 4/3:9.

Last Days: Prophetic Time-Term. 24/3:25-38. (P.F.N.)

Law & Gospel & Apologetics. 20/4:22-28. (R.E.W.)

Law & Gospel Covenants: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Law & Gospel, Mixing of: 1st Commandment. 21/1:14f. (Kowalki-R.D.)

Law & Gospel, Proper Distinction. 21/2:23-27. (R.E.W.)

Law & Gospel, Proper Separation of. 18/4:2-22. (A.P.-W.S.)

Law & Gospel, Rightly Dividing. 34/3:2-6. (R.M.)

Law & Gospel, Separation of. 19/3:28ff. (J. Schaller-W.S.-H.C.D.)

Law & Gospel: Evangelical Admonition. 41/1:17-27. (P.W.S.)

Law & Gospel: Monastic Vows – Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:10f.

Law & Gospel: Sermon on the Mount. 19/1:22-37. (A.P.-W.S.)

Law & the Christian, The. 21/1:16-20. (Kowalki-R.D.)

Law Ideology, The. 29/2:11-15. (C.M.G.)

Law in NT, Fundamentalist Use of. 28/4:26f. (P.F.N.)

Law or Gospel in Exodus 20:6. (E.S.) 5/3:1.

Law to Oneself, Applying the. 29/2:39. (P.F.)

Law, Private Education & the. 22/3:15-35. (J.S.)

Law, Purpose of: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:29-41. (C.M.G.)

Law, Reformed Emphasis on Divine. 28/3:37-41. (V.A.F.)

Law, Shortcoming in Definition. Review. 22/1:39f. (G.P.R.)

Law, The 3rd Use of the. 43/3:12-31; 4:26-50. (P.F.N.)

Law, Third Use of the. 19/1:34f. (A.P.-W.S.)

Law, This, and Meaning. (E.S.) 6/5:6f.

Law: God’s Thunderbolts. 37/1:10-31; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Law’s Relation to Promise: Abraham: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:18-29. (C.M.G.)

LCA, Roots of. 22/4:31-33. (C.M.G.)

LCMS & Feminism. 40/3:46-47. (D.L.)

LC-MS & Gospel Reductionism. 17/1:2-31. (M.S.)

LCMS Congregation, Story of Liberal. 43/4:51-52. (D.L.)

LC-MS ends Fellowship with ALC. 21/3:38-40. (J.L.)

LC-MS Lack of Discipline. 16/4:42f. (C.M.G.)

LC-MS Still Divided. 15/3:37-39. (C.M.G.)

LC-MS Truly Orthodox under Walther. 17/2:21-24. (J.L.)

LC-MS, Analysis of Controversy in. Review. 18/1:23-26. (C.M.G.)

LC-MS, Conservative Victory in. 13/3:35f, (J.L.)

LC-MS, Should Conservatives return to? 16/4:41-44. (C.M.G.)

LCMS: Church & Ministry Debates. 35/4:2-26. (D.L.)

LC-MS: Handbook on Vital Issues. Review. 13/3:32-36. (J.L.)

LCMS: Joint Prayer & Prayer Fellowship. 33/4:50. (J.L.)

LC-MS: Leaven still Working. 13/3:37-41. (C.M.G.)

LC-MS: Leaving Synod Difficult. 14/4:40. (C.M.G.)

LC-MS: St. Louis Faculty Investigation. 19/3:2-5. (J.L.)

LC-MS: Turmoil at St. Louis Seminary. 14/1:40-42. (C.M.G.)

LCMS: Unionism in Chaplaincy. 40/2:50-53. (J.L.)

LCMS: Unscriptural Position of Fellowship & Unionism. 33/4:49-52. (J.L.)

LCUSA Stand on Religion & Politics. 24/2:48-50. (P.F.N.)

Leadership & Loyalty: LC-MS. 14/4:39f. (C.M.G.)

Learning as Entertainment. (M.G.) 5/1:15.

Learning from the Past. (E.S.) 11/3:35.

Learning, Field of, & the Reformation. (C.M.G.) 7/2:10.

Left to the Living. (M.G.) 3/5:34.

Legalism in Gospel, No. 18/4:16ff. (A.P.-W.S.)

Legalism: Temptation. 39/4:22-23. (S.C.F.K.)

Leipzig Interim of 1548. 41/2:22-25. (R.E.S.)

Lenski & Doctr. of Justification. (R.W.M.) 4/1:8.

Lenski & the Power of God in Faith. (E.R.) 1/4:3; 5:1f.

Lenski & Thematic Preaching. (C.M.G.) 10/1:16.

Lenten Devotional Studies on Lamentations. (E.S.) 3/1:28.

Lenten Series on Hymn 142. 32/1:21-30; 2:33-41. (D.L.)

Lenten Series on John 17. 26/3:2-17; 26/4:30-44. (P.F.)

Lenten Sermons from Hebrews. (E.S.) 11/1:15.

Lenten Study of O.T. Texts. (E.S.) 3/5:l.

Letter from Conf. Luth. Ch. of Finland to Mo. S. 10/3:23.

Level, On What, have Prayer Fellowship? (C.M.G.) 1/1:44.

Lewis, Biography of C.S. 38/3:48-50. (D.L.)

Liberalism & Blasphemy. 38/2:40-42. (S.C.F.K.)

Liberals & Conservatives, Speaking of. (E.R.) 6/4:38.

Liberty in Galatians, Christian. 43/4:26-30. (P.F.N.)

Liberty, Religious. (P.F.N.) 5/3:15.

Life & Death, Christians deciding Issues of. 24/3:15-24; 25/2:2-22. (D.L.)

Life Support & 5th Commandment. 25/2:2-22. (D.L.)

Life Support: Terminology Used. 25/2:6-10. (D.L.)

Life, Purpose of: Glorify God. 37/2:2-7. (J.L.)

Life, Right to, & God’s Will. 31/1:13-24. (V.A.F.)

Life, The Gift of. Chapel Address. 21/4:47f. (J.L.)

Life: Our Message & Motivation. 37/4:2-6. (W.E.)

Light as set forth in 1 John 1. (E.S.) 10/2:12.

Light of the World, The. (M.G.) 4/1:17.

Lions, Invisible: Book of Daniel. (E.S.) 4/5:7.

Literature, Modern, & Pen-Picture of our Times. (M.G.) 3/3:31.

Liturgy of WELS Hymnal. 34/3:6-18. (P.S.)

Liturgy, Means of Grace in Our. 36/3:19-30. (L.P.D.)

Liturgy, The Sacred, & Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 6/2:3.

Liturgy: A Church Body’s Shoes. 34/1:2-18. (J.R.)

Live, Learning to. (M.G.) 4/3:27.

Living Will, Theological Implications of. 31/1:7-27. (V.A.F.)

Lloyd-Jones, Biography of Dr. Martyn. 25/4:31f. (D.L.)

Lodge Members & the Lord’s Supper. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:25.

Lodges & Christianity. 37/2:12-13; 37/3:40. (Harders – R.D.)

Lodges & the Church: Zorn. 9/3:14.

Logia: New Theological Journal. 33/2:37-39. (J.L.)

LOGOS and John 6:63. (E.S.) 3/2:9.

Loneliness of Christ’s Death. 21/2:27-29. (G.P.R.)

Lord Laughs, The: Astronomers. (E.R.) 7/3:34.

Lord of History, Rejoicing in the. (B.J.N.) 7/1:31.

Lord, The, Promises More to His Servants. (R.A.G.) 8/3:16.

Lord’s Supper & 1 Cor. 10:14-22. 36/4:24-31. (J.S.)

Lord’s Supper & Justifying Faith. (R.W.M.) 4/1, P.12.

Lord’s Supper & Luther vs. Papacy. (E.S.) 7/4:12f.

Lord’s Supper & Unworthy Use. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:1.

Lord’s Supper is Means of Grace. 36/3:28-30. (L.P.D.)

Lord’s Supper Statement by ELS: Review. 39/1:30-38. (J.K.)

Lord’s Supper, NIV on. 35/4:36-40. (V.A.F.)

Lot’s Night Journey to Zoar. (E.S.) 7/5:29.

Love & Brotherly Admonition: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:35-38. (C.M.G.)

Love & Christian Liberty: J. Ylvisaker. 34/3:30-39. (C.M.G.)

Love & Hate. 27/3:2-18. (J.K.P.)

Love &. part in Re-alignment of CLC (E.R.) 8/2:18.

Love in Christian Preaching: A. Pieper. 31/3:2-22. (N.G.)

Love in Controversy. (E.R.) 2/1:8.

Love in Exegetical Opinions, Violating. 36/1:41-42. (C.M.K.)

Love in Marriage, Real. 16/2:28f. (L.D.R.)

Love in Romans 16:17-18. 14/2:11-15. (C.K.)

Love of Christ & Our Ministry. 31/3:34-43. (P.F.)

Love of God, Teaching the. 26/2:2-8. (C.M.G.)

Love owed to Erring Brethren. (E.R.) 2/5:l.

Love Solution to Sin? 15/1:37f. (P.F.N.)

Love, Honor & Obey in Marriage. 20/2:13-17. (P.F.N.)

Love, Luther on. 37/1:12-13; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Lovelessness: Temptation. 39/4:24-25. (S.C.F.K.)

Lukewarmness, Spiritual. 32/4:22-24. (J.K.P.)

Luther – The Educator. 23/3:11-27. (P.D.N.)

Luther – The Hymn-Writer. 23/4:2-11. (L.D.R.)

Luther – The Man, His Home & Family. 23/2:17-40. (P.G.F.)

Luther – The Preacher. 23/3:28-42. (J.L.)

Luther – The Reformer. 23/2:2-17. (J.K.P.) Luther’s Call. 23/2:7f. (J.K.P.)

Luther – The Seelsorger. 23/1:4-21. (A.S.)

Luther – The Translator. 23/1:22-31; 23/3:2-10. (C.K.)

Luther & Children’s Hymns. 20/4:11f. (R.D.)

Luther & Inerrancy. 13/2:13-15. (C.K.)

Luther & Means of Grace. 36/3:12-14. (D.R.N.)

Luther & Verbal Inspiration. 13/2:8-13. (C.K.)

Luther &. Biblical Criticism. (E.S.) 6/4:4.

Luther &. Eck. (J.L.) 11/1:3.

Luther &. Existentialism. (M.G.) 3/3:22.

Luther &. His Earthly Possessions. (O.J.E.) 11/3:7.

Luther &. his Polemics. (J.L.) 11/1:6.

Luther &. John Huss. (E.S.) 7/4:8f.

Luther &. Liberty of the Christian Man. (E.S.) 7/4, P.10.

Luther &. the 46th Psalm. (E.R.) 7/3:1.

Luther &. the Anointing of Jesus. (E.S.) 8/2:3.

Luther a Male Chauvinist? 22/1:36. (D.L.)

Luther and Righteousness. 26/1:26f. (J.U.)

Luther Celebration in Retrospect. 23/4:11-13. (C.M.G.)

Luther College, Speech at: U. V. Koren, May 1, 1904. 31/1:2-7. (C.M.G.)

Luther Discovers the Gospel. Review. 24/1:29-33. (J.L.) .

Luther Evaluated by “Time” Magazine. (E.R.) 7/2:39.

Luther on Church Music. (A.F.) 4/5:19f.

Luther on Educational Curriculum. 19/2:42. (J.L.)

Luther on First Love of Gospel. 34/4:39-40. (Br.J.N.)

Luther on Good Intentions. 32/4:17. (C.M.G.)

Luther on Humility. 41/2:46-48. (T.K.)

Luther on Liturgy. 34/1:9-16. (J.R.)

Luther on Moses & the Ministry. 35/2:9. (V.A.F.)

Luther on Unity. Quotation. 3/4:32.

Luther the Reformer: Book Review. 27/3:25-31. (R.S.)

Luther vs Zwingli: Word & Spirit. 32/4:10-11. (C.M.G.)

Luther vs. Erasmus in Bondange of the Will. 28/3:33f. (V.A.F.)

Luther vs. Radical Abuses. 28/3:34-36. (V.A.F.)

Luther, Digest of Articles re. 37/3:47-49. (D.L.)

Luther, From the Life &. Time of. (O.J.E.) 11/3:1.

Luther, Fruits from Reading in. 22/2:8-11. (R.E.W.)

Luther, Martin – A Man of the Word. 23/1:2f. (C.M.G.)

Luther, Martin: 1483-1983. 22/2:2-14. (R.E.W.)

Luther, Martin: Theologian & Educator. 39/4:2-19. (M.S.)

Luther, The Person of. (Koehler – Reim) 5/2:2.

Luther: “The Babylonian Captivity of the Ch.” (E.S.) 7/4:1 &. 11.

Luther: 1st Commandment. 21/1:13. (Kowalki-R.D.)

Luther: Between God & Devil: Oberman. 31/3:47-48. (P.D.N.)

Luther: Christian doesn’t need Government. 16/4:32f. (A.S.)

Luther: Christmas Thoughts. 25/4:38-40. (C.K.)

Luther: Climate for Theol. Education. 14/2:2-10. (J.L.)

Luther: Deceitfulness of Devil. 12/2:39. (C.K.)

Luther: Family Devotions. 38/1:41-42. (D.L.)

Luther: Filial & Slavish Fear. 40/2:27-36. (P.F.)

Luther: Foresaw Coming Storms. 14/4:29f. (H.C.D.)

Luther: Goal of Education. 19/2:42. (J.L.)

Luther: God’s Omnipotence & Omniscience. 18/1:35ff. (P.F.N.)

Luther: House Sermons. 38/1:42. (D.L.)

Luther: Liberty of Christian Man. 25/4:8. (E.A.)

Luther: Marriage & Celibacy. 23/2:24-28. (P.G.F.)

Luther: Marriages of Patriarchs. 21/1:21-35. (P.F.N.)

Luther: Matthew’s Genealogy. 17/2:36ff. (D.L.)

Luther: No Force in Church. 12/1:43.

Luther: On Mary. 17/3:45f. (A.S.)

Luther: On Separation Principle. 14/2:13f. (C.K.)

Luther: On the Mass. 17/2:16f. (A.S.)

Luther: Peasants’ War of 1525. 24/3:4f. (P.G.F.)

Luther: Penetrating Scripture. 16/2:35f. (A.S.)

Luther: Pray for Spouses. 16/3:43f. (A.S.)

Luther: Prayer for Clean Heart & Firm Faith. 37/1:9. (P.F.)

Luther: Prayer for Firmness to Believe & Live the Word. 37/2:19-20. (P.F.)

Luther: Prayer for Forgiveness. 35/1:47. (P.F.)

Luther: Prayer for Greater Spirituality. 37/2:26. (P.F.)

Luther: Preachers & Preaching: Plass. 23/3:43f.

Luther: Re Use of Various Bible Versions. 31/4:29. (S.C.F.K.)

Luther: Studies re Jews. 39/1:2-19; 4:27-49. (P.D.N.)

Luther: Words to Preachers of the Word. (E.R.) 7/3:35.

Lutheran & Reformed Theology, Emphasis in. 28/3:24-47. (V.A.F.)

Lutheran Brethren Theology. 41/3:50-52. (D.L.)

Lutheran Churches of Reformation organized. (C.M.G.) 4/3:33f.

Lutheran Confessions of Book of Concord. (E.R.) 5/4:17.

Lutheran Council in U. S. A. & Mo. S. (E.R.) 5/3:37.

Lutheran Doctrine & Esthetic in Music. (A.F.) 4/5:19.

Lutheran English Synod. (Kuegele) 1/2:30.

Lutheran Identity in America, Quest for. Review. 17/2:18-29. (J.L.)

Lutheran Merger, New: Union or Unity? 22/4:26ff. (C.M.G.)

Lutheran Quarterly & Editorial Posture. (J.L.) 11/2:25.

Lutheran RCC Dialogue on Justification. 24/1:19-24. (C.M.G.)

Lutheran Response to Humanism. 26/1:2-12. (K.O.)

Lutheran Standard report on Luther League Conv. (J.L.) 10/4:29.

Lutheran Symbols & Open Questions. (Walther) 10/4:5.

Lutheranism in Australia. 28/2:7-18. (A.S.)

Lutheranism, Future of. (E.R.) 3/4:33f.

Lutherans, What’s Going on Among the: Review. 32/3:40-42. (D.L.)

Lutherans: Survey of Beliefs. 13/2:38-48. (J.L.)

Luther’s Address to Christian Nobility. (E.S.) 7/4:10.

Luther’s Approach in Catechism. 26/3:23ff. (R.D.)

Luther’s Bondage of the Will: Study. 37/1:10-31; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Luther’s Brief Directive on Reading the Psalms. (E.R.) 7/1:1.

Luther’s Catechisms, Historical Intr. 17/3:2-23. (R.D.)

Luther’s Death. 23/2:37ff. (P.G.F.)

Luther’s Eating &. Drinking Habits. (O.J.E.) 11/3,

Luther’s German Bible. (G.S.) 9/2:7.

Luther’s Hymns. 20/4:2f. (R.D.)

Luther’s Liturgical Efforts. 36/2:9-10. (R.D.)

Luther’s Opinion on Enoch. (A.S.) 11/2:8.

Luther’s Prayer for Triumph Over Sin. 33/2:28-29. (P.F.)

Luther’s Reform &. the Catholic Ch. (E.R.) 5/5:12.

Luther’s Sacristy Prayer. 36/3:47-48. (J.U.)

Luther’s Stand at Worms: Commemoration. (J.L.) 11/4:10.

Luther’s Stand at Worms; Commemoration. (J.L.) 11/1:1.

Luther’s status as to his Studies. (J.L.) 11/1:2.

Luther’s Treatise on Good Works. (J.L.) 7/5:1.

Madson, Norman A., Sr., In Memoriam. (E.R.) 2/5:28.

Majoristic Controversy. 42/3:22-23. (M.S.)

Malachi: Authorship, Date & Prophecy. 13/1:18-26. (J.L.)

Malachi: Strength for Pastors. 15/2:3-6; 15/4:29-35. (L.D.R.)

Man & Beast, Similarities between. 25/3:2-4. (D.L.)

Man Made by Special Creative Act. (A.S.) 10/5:21f.

Man, Anthropocentric Nature of. 28/3:25f. (V.A.F.)

Man, The Study of. (A.S.) 11/3:25.

Man: Feminist Use in Bible. 30/2:21-26; 30/3:18-21. (J.K.P.)

Manna, Three Kinds of. 28/1:46f. (J.K.P.)

Marburg Articles, The, of 1529. 41/1:3-6. (J.V.K.)

Marcion the Gnostic. (A.S.) 11/5:2.

Marital Concepts, Old & New. 16/2:24. (L.D.R.)

Marking in Romans 16:17: Judicial Concept. 12/1:35ff. (J.L.)

Marquardt, Kurt: Church & Ministry. 35/4:17-26. (D.L.)

Marriage 1n N. T., Form of. 21/1:35. (P.F.N.)

Marriage as a Sacrament, RCC. 16/3:36ff. (A.S.)

Marriage in Unholy World. 16/2:21-29. (L.D.R.)

Marriage Laws of RCC. 16/3:33-44. (A.S.)

Marriage of the Divorced, Passages re. 23/4:30-43. (C.K.)

Marriage Promise: Obey=Self-imposed. 20/2:13-17. (P.F.N.)

Marriage Vow: “submit.” 40/4:44-53. (Br.J.N.)

Marriage, Christian. 38/2:5-10. (S.C.F.K.)

Marriage, Foundation for. 16/2:27ff. (L.D.R.)

Marriage, Rule of Husbands in. 40/1:2-9. (T.S.)

Marriages of Patriarchs, Luther on. 21/1:21-35. (P.F.N.)

Mars Hill, Paul’s Approach on. 25/4:10. (E.A.)

Marty, Dr. Martin, & Ecumenical Movement. (C.M.G.) 1/2:36 & 38.

Marxism and Humanism. 26/1:5. (K.O.)

Mary Worship, Origin of. 17/3:41-43. (A.S.)

Mary, RCC Legends re. 17/3:36-41. (A.S.)

Mary’s Assumption to Heaven. 17/3:44f. (A.S.)

Mary’s Immaculate Conception. 17/3:43f. (A.S.)

Masonry & Christianity compatible? 13/2:28-34. (P.F.N.)

Masonry is Paganism. 13/2:32. (P.F.N.)

Masonry: Christ Optional. 13/2:30f. (P.F.N.)

Masonry: Religious Organization. 13/2:28f. (P.F.N.)

Masonry’s Lambskin Significance. 13/2:33f. (P.F.N.)

Mass, Celebration of. 17/2:13f. (A.S.)

Mass, History of RCC. 17/2:9-12. (A.S.)

Mass, The, & Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:14.

Mass: Council of Trent. 17/2:12f. (A.S.)

Masses, The, & their Relation to Education. (M.G.) 1/1:32.

Materialism. (M.G.) 4/2:4.

Materialism: No Soul. 12/2:17. (A.S.)

Maundy Thursday Sermon: Communion. (E.S.) 8/1:19.

Means of Grace & Mission Work. 36/3:35-48. (J.U.)

Means of Grace in Confessions. 19/4:26f. (P.F.N.)

Means of Grace in Our Worship Life. 36/3:16-35. (L.P.D.)

Means of Grace, We Appreciate the: Introduction. 36/3:2-3. (D.F.)

Means of Grace: Formal Principal of Reformation. 36/3:4-15. (D.R.N.)

Mediator, Christ Our. 29/3:6-8. (C.M.G.)

Mediator, Identity of: J. Ylvisaker. 34/1:32-34. (C.M.G.)

Medical Science: Keeping People Alive. 25/2:3-5. (D.L.)

Medical Technology & Living Wills. 31/1:7-27. (V.A.F.)

Meditation & Professional Improvement. 14/3:4f. (C.K.)

Meditation, A Pre-Reformation. 34/3:2-6. (R.M.)

Meditation, Transcendental. 16/1:12-37. (R.E.W.)

Medium, The, or the Message. (J.L.) 10/4:29.

Melanchthon, Man of Compromise. 14/4:31f. (H.C.D.)

Memorial: “A Call for Decision.” (E.S.) 1/3:42.

Memoriam, In: Prof. E.S., 1904-1971. (C.M.G.) 11/4:2.

Men & Machines. (M.G.) 2/3:15.

MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN: Book of Daniel. (E.S.) 4/5:1.

Mennonite History: Introduction. 38/3:53-56. (D.L.)

Mercy, Our Plea for God’s. 33/1:31-34. (P.F.)

Messianic Import of Certain Psalms: Review. (E.S.) 10/3:25.

Messianic Ps. 69, Study of. 36/1:2-16. (M.T.)

Method in our Preaching. (C.M.G.) 10/1:13.

Metonymy & the Scriptures. (J.S.) 2/1:14.

Meyer, J.P.: 1949 Interpretation of 2 Thess. 3:14-15. 28/2:20f. (D.L.)

Meyer, J.P.: 1957 Interpretation of 2 Thess. 3:14-15. 28/2:23f. (D.L.)

Meyer, Prof. John: In Memoriam. (E.R.) 4/5:42.

Midian, The Day of: Sermon. (E.S.) 7/5:24.

Millennial Rule & Rapture. 14/3:35f. (P.F.N.)

Millennialism, Hal Lindsey on. 13/1:43-47. (M.S.)

Millennialism. (J.S.) 1/4:14.

Millennialism: Latter Days. 24/3:34f. (P.F.N.)

Millennialism: No Earthly Kingdom. 22/3:40. (D.L.)

Millennialism: Principles of Interpretation re Prophecy. 21/4:2-28. (C.K.)

Millennialistic Errors, NIV on. 35/4:40-45. (V.A.F.)

Millennium & God’s Kingdom. 25/1:39ff. (P.F.N.)

Millennium, Study of the. Review. 18/1:38-41. (C.K.)

Millennium, The, – How? (E.S.) 8/2:32.

Millennium: Going on Now. 13/1:46f. (M.S.)

Millitary, Temptations in. 38/2:42-44. (D.L.)

Milton’s Tract, Examination of: Of Education. 19/2:36-42. (J.L.)

Milwaukee Journal on Prayer in Public Schools. 4/2:35.

Minister & His Gifts. (Koren) 1/5:6.

Ministering to Victims of Alzheimer’s. 41/4:22-29. (T.W.B.)

Ministers of Christ: Commentary in 2 Cor. by Prof. J. Meyer: Review. (E.R.) 5/2:38.

Ministers of the Word: Final Apostolic Word. (Zorn) 9/3:7.

Ministry & Its Value. (D.R.S.) 10/1:19f.

Ministry of Comfort to Bereaved. 20/4:17-21. (L.W.S.)

Ministry of Gospel in CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:40.

Ministry of Keys not just to Peter. 17/1:35f. (A.S.)

Ministry to Individuals. 30/2:2-21. (C.M.G.)

Ministry Today, Creature-Comforts in. 12/4:5f. (P.F.N.)

Ministry, All Things to All Men in. 25/4:2-14. (E.A.)

Ministry, Centrality of Gospel in. 38/1:2-12. (S.C.F.K.)

Ministry, Christ’s Love & Our. 31/3:34-43. (P.F.)

Ministry, Failure in the? (E.S.) 9/1:11 and 16.

Ministry, Glory of the Gospel. (E.S.) 9/1:1ff.

Ministry, Holy Spirit Active in. 20/2:9f. (C.M.G.)

Ministry, How Beautiful this: Isa. 52:7-10. (C.M.G.) 9/3:19.

Ministry, Life in the. 34/3:50-51. (D.L.)

Ministry, Motivation in. 12/4:9f. (P.F.N.)

Ministry, Personal Contact Necessary in. 25/4:12-14. (E.A.)

Ministry, Personal Touch in our. 23/1:43f. (P.F.N.)

Ministry, Personal Weaknesses in. 12/4:8f. (P.F.N.)

Ministry, Public: Current Debates. 35/4:2-26. (D.L.)

Ministry, Self-Evaluation in. 12/4:1-10. (P.F.N.)

Ministry, Standards in the. (A.S.) 11/4:23.

Ministry, The Public. 37/4:31-42. (T.R.S.)

Ministry, The. See also “Pastoral Letter.”

Ministry: Book of Concord. 20/1:12-19. (R.E.W.)

Ministry: Earthen Vessels. 35/2:9-23. (V.A.F.)

Ministry: Glorious or Inglorious? (C.M.G.) 11/2:29.

Ministry: Harmony thru Communication. 39/1:39-47. (T.Q.)

Ministry: Joyful Self-Sacrifice. 27/1:29-44. (T.C.T.)

Ministry: Not for Repose but for Work. 32/4:2-5. (C.M.G.)

Ministry: Serious Business. 15/2:2f. (L.D.R.)

Minority Groups & Cause of the Gospel. (E.S.) 7/3:32.

Minority, The, & Its Responsibility in Education. (M.G.) 1/1:31.

Miracles of Christ Attest to His Deity. 15/1:24-26. (P.G.F.)

MISHPAT, A Study of. (C.K.) 11/5:12.

Misplaced Pages. 9/1:16 & 22. (See 9/2:44a.)

Missiological Principles, Modern. 35/4:47-49. (S.C.F.K.)

Missiology & Heathen Religions. 37/3:54-56. (D.L.)

Mission Festival Sermon. 32/3:4-7. (V.G.)

Mission of the Church, Recommit Ourselves to. 34/4:36-45. (Br.J.N.)

Mission Prospects Today. 29/3:33-34. (B.N.)

Mission Work & Means of Grace. 36/3:35-48. (J.U.)

Mission Work, Apostolic. 42/4:51-52. (D.L.)

Mission Work, Insights on. 37/1:56. (D.K.)

Mission Work: Aucas of Ecuador. 36/4:45-46. (D.K.)

Missionary Efforts in Roman Empire. 42/1:36-49. (P.D.M.)

Missionary in Africa: Diary. 37/3:53-54. (D.L.)

Missionary Journey, Paul’s First. 25/4:8f. (E.A.)

Missionary Preaching in Post-Christian Culture. 25/3:29. (C.K.)

Missions, Global. Review. 12/1:12-26. (A.S.)

Missouri Synod & Fellowship Resolutions. (E.R.) 1/3:46.

Mo. S. & 1955 Saginaw Convention. (E.R.) 5/5:35.

Mo. S. & Compromise. (P.F.N.) 3/1:16.

Mo. S. & Denver Convention. (E.S.) 9/4:34.

Mo. S. & Ecumenical Movement. (C.M.G.) 11/4:30.

Mo. S. & NLC (C.M.G.) 2/2:23.

Mo. S. & NLC (E.R.) 1/5:39; 2/1:41.

Mo. S. 1962 Convention on Inspiration. (E.R.) 4/ 2:26.

Mo. S. affiliates with N. C. C. (E.R.) 2/4:43.

Mo. S. at Milwaukee: Ambiguous Resolutions. (C.M.G.) 11/4:33.

Mo. S. Cleveland Convention. (E.R.) 2/3:30.

Mo. S. Convention: Setting aside the Word. (C.M.G.) 9/5:28.

Mo. S. joins LCUSA. (E.R.) 5/3:37.

Mo. S. not as Polemical as formerly. (E.S.) 5/1:32.

Mo. S. relation to ELS: Book Review. (C.M.G.) 8/5:29ff.

Mo. S., Finnish Confessional Ch. leaves. 10/3:17.

Mo. S.: A Case History – Joining LCUSA. (E.R.) 5/3:37.

Mo. S.: A Partitioned Fellowship. (C.M.G.) 8/1:33.

Mo. S’s Commission on Theol. & Ch. Relations: Review. (C.M.G..) 4/3:36.

Mo. S’s New Image. (E.R.) 2/5:34.

Mo. S’s Voice to ALC (E.R.) 2/5:34.

Modern Bible Translations, What’s Wrong? (E.R.) 1/3, P. 33.

Modern Critics & the Pentateuch. (E.S.) 6/5:6.

Monastic Vows, Luther’s Judgment on. (J.L.) 11/4:10.

Monogamy Redefined. 16/2:24f. (L.D.R.)

Moral Collapse in Germany. 36/3:55. (R.D.)

Moral Issues: Church & State Separation. 24/2:20-36; 3:2-14. (P.G.F.)

Moral Majority Solutions. 24/4:6f. (L.D.R.) Morality, Legislating. 24/2:22-25. (P.G.F.)

Moral Majority, Influence of. 28/4:35-38. (P.F.N.)

Moral Majority, Political Maneuverings of. 28/3:37. (V.A.F.)

Moral Majority’s Stand on Issues. 24/2:45-48. (P.F.N.)

Morality, Luther on. (J.L.) 7/5:17.

Morality, The New. (G.S.) 5/3:29.

Morals of our Age. (E.S.) 10/1:1f.

Mormonism: History and Teachings. 29/2:41-43. (D.L.)

Morning Star, Jesus is the. 30/4:29-30. (J.K.P.)

Moses Called & Prepared for Ministry. 35/2:12-23. (V.A.F.)

Moses in N. T., References to. (E.S.) 7/3:14.

Moses, How Christians Should Regard. 28/2:17. (A.S.)

Moses, What is the Veil of? 18/2:2-18. (R.E.W.)

Moses: Misplaced Modesty. 34/4:40. (Br.J.N.)

Musculus, Andreas: Early Lutheran. 41/3:12-13. (R.E.S.)

Music & Its Place in the Ch. (J.L.) 10/4:32.

Music in the Ch., Its Doctrinal Basis. (A.F.) 4/4:1; 5:19.

Music of WELS Hymnal. 34/2:10-11. (J.R.)

Music, Lutheran View. (A.F.) 4/5:19.

Music, Lutheran Worship. 39/2:25-37. (J.R.)

Musicians: Education & Discipline. 36/2:30-32. (R.D.)

Mythology: Bultmann’s Definition. 12/2:21ff. (C.K.)

Name of God: Importance. 40/2:53-54. (J.L.)

Nat. Luth. Council & Mo. S. (E.R.) 1/5:39.

Nation’s Distress & Solution. (E.S.) 8/3:10f.

Natural Religion, Emphasis in. 28/3:26-28. (V.A.F.)

Nature, God and. 35/1:38-40. (S.C.F.K.)

Naumann, Pres. Oscar: Remembrances. 19/3:43f. (C.M.G.)

Naumann, Pres., & responsibility for N. W. L. Article. (E.R.) 4/5:40, 47.

Naumann, Pres., & Review of 1955-61 Events. (E.R.) 5/4:46.

NCLC, Brief History of the. 29/2:28-30. (D.K.)

Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. (E.S.) 4/3:19; 4:24f.; 5:1.

Nehemiah: Faithfulness in Ministry. 36/4:48-49. (D.L.)

NEPHESH, Meaning of: Breath, soul. (A.S.) 10/5:11f.

NESCHAMAH: Soul of man. (A.S.) 10/5:l3f.

Nestorius & His Teaching. (A.S.) 11/5:10.

New Age Movement, Pantheism in. 35/1:35. (S.C.F.K.)

New Age Movement. Book Review. 30/1:32-33. (C.K.)

New Age, Unmasking the: Book Review. 27/3:34-38. (C.K.)

New Delhi, An Appraisal. (C.M.G.) 2/1:34.

New English Bible, The. (E.R.) 1/1:46.

New Testament & Immortality of Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:30.

New Testament & References to Pentateuch. (E.S.) 7/3:14.

New Testament & use of word “believe.” (R.W.M.) 4/1:3.

New Testament in Language of Today. (E.R.) 5/1:34.

New Testament Textual Criticism. 38/1:42-43. (D.K.)

New Testament word for Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:14.

New Testament, Variant Readings in. Book Review. 30/1:39-42. (C.K.)

New Ulm 1957 Conv., & Termin. of Fellowship with Mo. 5/5:38.

New Year’s Eve Sermon: Gen. 19:21-25. (E.S.) 7/5:28.

New Year’s Eve Sermon: Matt. 21:28ff. 17/4:21-28. (R.E.W.)

New Year’s Sermon: 2 Cor. 13:14. (E.S.) 8/5:18.

Nicene Creed. (A.S.) 11/5:5.

Nicene Creed: “became fully human”: WELS. 34/3:14. (P.S.)

Nicene Creed: Contemporary Translation. 30/3:19. (J.K.P.)

Nickel, Dr. Theo., & his words to ALC (E.R.) 2/5:34.

Nicolaitans, The Teaching of the. 28/1:41f. (J.K.P.)

NIV Bible Translation. Review. 20/2:31-43. (J.H. Skilton)

NIV Version, Notes on. 35/4:26-45. (V.A.F.)

Non-Christian Religions & Catholic Ch. (E.R.) 6/4:30.

Non-Fundamental Doctrines & Church Fellowship. 26/4:8ff. (E.H.)

Northwestern Luth. & Fellowship Then & Now. (E.R.) 1/1:48.

Northwestern Luth. claims CLC has caused outsiders to blaspheme the Gospel. 4/4:40; 5:37 and 47.

Northwestern Luth. on Church Fellowship. (E.R.) 1/3:44ff.

Norw. Synod as “God’s Minutemen” & 1938 Resolutions. (C.M.G.) 11/1:26.

Norwegian Synod & Impasse in Union Discussions. (C.M.G.) 1/3:41.

Norwegian Synod Beginnings in America: U.V. Koren. 32/2:2-23. (C.M.G.)

O. T. Proof the Soul is Immortal. (A.S.) 10/5:35.

O. T. Prophecy. The Perspective of. (Pieper – Reim) 4/2:16.

Obadiah: Few words but many thoughts. 29/1:44-47. (R.A.G.)

Objective in Preaching Christ: Luther. 11/4:36.

Oesch, Wilhelm: Church & Ministry. 35/4:15. (D.L.)

Offense, Principle of Not Giving. 12/1:9-11. (C.K.)

Ohio Synod & Doctr. of Justification. (R.W.M.) 4/1:8.

Olivet Discourse: Immediate Perspective. 27/4:20-28. (P.F.N.)

Olivet Discourse: Prophetic Perspective. 27/2:31-40. (P.F.N.)

Olivet Discourse: The Time Text. 27/4:29-33. (P.F.N.)

Olivet Discourse: When and What? 28/2:31-35. (P.F.N.)

Omnipotence & the Creation of Faith. (E.R.) 1/4:2f.

One Thing is Needed: Chapel Address. 37/2:7-9. (P.S.)

One, That All may be: Realized. 26/4:35. (P.F.)

Open House: The Ecumenical Movement. (E.S.) 5/5:40.

Open Question in Orthodox Theology: Dr. Ramm. (E.S.) 5/4:8.

Open Questions and Church Fellowship. 26/4:5-16. (E.H.)

Open Questions. 28/2:9 (A.S.)

Open Questions. Modern Theory of: Walther. (E.S.) 10/4:1.

Opportunism. (E.S.) 9/1:10.

Opportunity for Gospel in Ministry. 37/4:11-15. (W.E.)

Optimists View of World. 14/3:43. (J.L.)

Orderliness in Ministry Situations. 39/3:17-26. (M.S.)

Ordination no Adiaphoron: D. Scaer. 35/4:15-17. (D.L.)

Organizations, Religious Activity in Secular. 37/3:38-39. (J.L.)

Original Sin: Ps. 51 Sermon. 35/2:52-56. (P.F.)

Orthodox & Heterodox Chs.. The Difference. (F. Pieper) 3/1:13.

Orthodox Ch. influenced by spirit of times. (C. M. Zorn) 9/3:12.

Orthodox Lutheran Conference. (E.R.) 5/4:21.

Orthodox. Temptations that Confront the. (M.G.) 1/3:l.

Orthodoxy: Quote. (K. S. Kantzer) 8/4:18.

Osiandrian & Stancarian Controversies. 42/3:24. (M.S.)

Otten. Pastor Herman. & Romans 16:17. (E.S.) 9/1:29.

OUDE in 1 Tim. 2:12. 35/3:21-29. (Combined)

Packer, Biography of James L. 25/4:34f. (D.L.)

PAIDEIA. (M.G.) 1/1:30.

Panorama Article Recalled, First. 26/4:2-4. (J.L.)

Panorama. (C.M.G.) 1/1:41.

Panorama: Robert David Preus. 35/4:50-52. (J.L.)

Pantheism in Environmental Movememt. 35/1:33-41. (S.C.F.K.)

Papacy Declines in Power & Morals. 28/4:5-8. (P.D.N.)

Papal Bull: Exsurge Domine. (J.L.) 11/1:5.

Parables, Three Series of. 26/1:31ff. (P.F.N.)

Paradoxical Nature of Christian Theology. 28/3:24f. (V.A.F.)

Parental Involvement in Education. 19/2:36f. (J.L.)

Parental Responsibility lacking in our age. (E.S.) 10/1:9.

Parents & Children: Relationships. 38/2:15-19. (S.C.F.K.)

Parents & Spiritual Education of Children. 33/2:30-37. (R.R.)

Parents & Spiritual Readiness. (R.A.G.) 8/1:12.

Parents who Lend Their Children to Lord. (E.S.) 5/4:37.

Parochial School. Reflection on a. (E.S.) 10/2:23.

Parousia in NT. 28/2:33-35. (P.F.N.)

Passion History correlated to O. T. Texts. (E.S.) 3/5:lff.

Pastor & Evangelism, The. 27/4:17-19. (K.E.L.)

Pastor as a Counselor. Book Review. 30/3:31-35. (M.S.)

Pastor as Spiritual Physician. 36/4:15-23. (S.C.F.K.)

Pastor, Special Dangers Facing a. 18/1:10-23. (A.S.)

Pastor. A Faithful: Quote. 8/3:32.

Pastor.s Comfort in Doctr. of Election. (G.S.) 8/5:7f.

Pastoral Conf. Communion Sermon: Exod. 3:1-10. (E.S.) 8/5:23.

Pastoral Epistles, Aim and Goal of. 29/1:2-3. (C.M.G.)

Pastoral Epistles, Distinctive Character of. 29/1:3-5. (C.M.G.)

Pastoral Epistles, False Doctrine dealt with in. 29/1:6-11. (C.M.G.)

Pastoral Epistles: Authenticity. 29/1:21-25. (C.M.G.)

Pastoral Epistles: Date of Composition. 29/1:12-21. (C.M.G.)

Pastoral House Calls. 15/1:5-8. (A.S.)

Pastoral Letter. A. (Koren – Madson) 1/2:15; 3:26; 4:8; 5:6.

Pastoral Office, Special Blessings of. 18/2:27-39. (A.S.)

Pastoral Pitfalls. 39/3:51-54. (D.L.)

Pastoral Sick Calls. 15/2:1-5. (A.S.)

Pastors are like Salesmen. 25/4:14. (E.A.)

Pastors at Communion Registration. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:23f.

Pastor’s Faithfulness in Calling. (Koren) 1/2:15.

Pastor’s Lifestyle & 8th Commandment. 37/4:16-23. (B.N.)

Pastors Pray as We Ought, Do We? 13/3:1-9. (A.S.)

Pastors: Weariness of Flesh. 15/4:33-35. (L.D.R.)

Patience of Jesus: Be Encouraged. (C.K.) 9/2:24.

Patriarchs, Luther on Marriages of. 21/1:21-35. (P.F.N.)

Paul and Jesus. Review. 15/2:38-40. (C.K.)

Paul Prominent Man in N.T. 25/4:2. (E.A.)

Paul, Apostle, & His Relation to Christ’s Resurrection. (E.S.) 3/3:8.

Paul: The Reluctant Fool. 40/1:10-22. (M.S.)

Paul’s Apostleship Acknowledged: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:19-38. (C.M.G.)

Paul’s Authority as Apostle: J. Ylvisaker. 33/2:19-22. (C.M.G.)

Paul’s Call to Apostolate: J. Ylvisaker. 33/1:2-6. (C.M.G.)

Paul’s Conversion: J. Ylvisaker. 33/2:9-14. (C.M.G.)

Paul’s Tailored Witnessing. 29/3:28-36. (B.N.)

Pavlov & Conditioned Reflex. 28/3:15. (G.A.S.)

Peace in Imperfect World, Perfect. 31/1:37-40; 2:42-44; 3:44-46; 4:41-44. (R.A.G.)

Peace in Imperfect World, Perfect. 32/1:46-48; 2:42-44; 3:31-33. (R.A.G.)

Peace in Isa. 53:5: Refreshing Comments. 13/1:39f. (P.F.N.)

Peace, Universal: Dispensationalist Concept. 21/4:19f. (C.K.)

Peasants’ War of 1525, Luther &. 24/3:4f. (P.G.F.)

Peer Pressure, Helping Children Deal with. 31/1:28-37. (K.O.)

Pelagius: Man’s Weakened Will. 28/3:32f. (V.A.F.)

Pelikan, Jaroslav: His View of Reformation. (E.R.) 7/2:40.

Penance, Sacrament of: Luther. (E.S.) 7/4:16.

Pentateuch & Its Critics. (E.S.) 6/4:2; 5:6; 7/1:12; 2:14; 3:13.

Pentecost, Sundays after. Church Year. 20/2:6f. (C.M.G.)

Pentecost, Thoughts for: 2 Cor. 4:5a. (E.S.) 8/2:22.

Pentecostal Teachings Refuted. Review. 20/1:41-44. (D.S.)

Pentecostalism Today. Review. 15/1:40. (J.L.)

Pergamos, Letter to: Rev. 2:12-17. 28/1:29-48. (J.K.P.)

Pericope Systems. (Fritz) 2/2:18.

Pericopic System, A New. 26/1:29-39; 26/2:26-38; 26/3:18-20. (P.F.N.)

Pericopic System, New. 25/1:39-44; 25/2:34-40; 25/4:20-27. (P.F.N.)

Persecution & Catholic Ch. (E.R.) 6/4:34.

Persecution in Smyrna. 27/1:20-22. (J.K.P.)

Persecution of God’s People. 42/4:7-13. (P.F.N.)

Persecution vs Kingdom of God. 42/3:13-18. (P.F.N.)

Persecutions of Christians Today. 38/2:49-52. (D.L.)

Pessimists View of World. 14/3:42f. (J.L.)

Peter, Primacy of. 17/1:34f. (A.S.)

Peter: Cultural Preferences. 34/4:41-42. (Br.J.N.)

Peter’s Hypocrisy Publicly Reproved: J. Ylvisaker. 33/3:35-38. (C.M.G.)

Philadelphia, John’s Letter to. 32/1:2-20. (J.K.P.)

Philipp of Hesse, His Message. (O.J.E.) 11/3:4.

Philosophical Bias & Inerrancy. 13/2:6f. (C.K.)

Pieper, Theology of Dr. Franz. 34/3:53-54. (D.L.)

Pietism & Lutheranism. 40/3:47-49. (D.L.)

Piety, American. Review. 12/3:33-38. (C.K.)

Pike, Dr. James, & Ecumenical Movement. (C.M.G.) 1/2:35.

Pike, Dr. James, A Case History. (E.R.) 7/4:33.

Pilate Program, The. 28/4:29 (P.F.N.)

Pillars in God’s Temple. 32/1:19-20. (J.K.P.)

Pioneer Days in America: U.V. Koren. 32/2:2-23. (C.M.G.)

PISTEUEIN. (E.R.) 1/5:1f.

Pity, Who Really Needs? 32/4:26-27. (J.K.P.)

Planning & Professional Growth, Careful. 14/3:6. (C.K.)

Plato: Immortality of Soul. 12/2:5-7. (A.S.)

Pliancy in Mo. S. Teaching. (E.R.) 7/1:38.

Plowshares into Swords, Beating: Joel. 29/4:48. (R.A.G.)

PNEUMA (Soul) in N. T. (A.S.) 10/ 5:15.

Poem: Destruction of Sennacherib: Lord Byron. 30/3:26. (R.A.G.)

Poem: Oh, Christians, Haste. 34/4:45. 34/(M.A.Thomson)

Poem: Zeal. 38/1:44. (J. Newton]

Point & Process in Education. (M.G.) 2/1:27.

Polemics & Apologetics in Preaching. 42/4: 32-41. (M.S.)

Polemics in a Church Paper. (E.R.) 5/5:7.

Polemics, The Art of Evangelical. 41/2:30-35. (R.A.R.)

Political Arena, Churches Active in. 28/4:24-38. (P.F.N.)

Political Sphere as pertains to Reformation. (C.M.G.) 7/2:6.

Politics or Christianity? 12/1:27-29. (P.R.K.)

Politics, Power & the Pulpit. 28/4:30-34. (P.F.N.)

Politics: Church & State. 24/2:37-52. (P.F.N.)

Polygamy, The Morality of O.T. 21/1:31-33. (P.F.N.)

Poor, When are People Really? 32/4:27-28. (J.K.P.)

Pope & His Power. (C.M.G.) 4/5:44.

Pope, Rome & Its New. 18/3:33-35. (C.M.G.)

Pope, Supremacy & Infallibility remains. (C.M.G.) 7/2:33.

Poverty in Smyrna. 27/1:6f. (J.K.P.)

Power of God: Eph. 1:19. (E.R.) 1/4:1.

Power, The Path to: ILC Commencement, 1995. 35/2:2-6. (J.L.)

Practice, Agreement in, & Fellowship. 36/1:44-53. (D.S.)

Prasso and Poieo: Study. 38/2:25-30. (V.A.F.)

Pray as We Ought, Do We Pastors? 13/3:1-9. (A.S.)

Pray for the Holy Spirit! 35/1:11-32. (P.F.N.)

Pray, How to. (B.J.N.) 7/1:27.

Pray, Learn of Jesus Christ to. 27/1:23-28. (P.F.)

Prayer & Its Imperatives. (E.R.) 1/2:3.

Prayer & Professional Improvement. 14/3:3f. (C.K.)

Prayer Amendment to Constitution. 12/1:2ff. (C.K.)

Prayer Fellowship on forbidden level. (C.M.G.) 1/1:44.

Prayer for Renewal: Ps. 51:10-12. 37/1:4-9. (P.F.)

Prayer in Public Classrooms: Court Decision. (E.S.) 2/4:1.

Prayer in Public Schools & Supreme Court. (E.R.) 2/3:28.

Prayer in Public Schools. (E.R.) 4/2:34.

Prayer in Public Schools. 24/2:29-34. (P.G.F.)

Prayer in Public Schools. Review. 24/4:37. (D.L.)

Prayer is Christian’s Vital Breath. 37/1:31-49. (D.R.)

Prayer Necessary in Ministry. 36/2:48. (D.L.)

Prayer, Admonition to. 29/3:9-11. (C.M.G.)

Prayer, Congregational. 29/3:2-9. (C.M.G.)

Prayer, Emphasis on. 40/4:4-26. (V.A.F.)

Prayer, Luther &. 23/1:15. (A.S.)

Prayer, Mutual: Shepherd & Sheep. 23/1:33f. (P.F.N.)

Prayers, Idolatrous RCC. 17/3:3f. (R.D.).

Prayers, Public, & “Luth. Standard.” (C.M.G.) 1/2:41.

Preacher & The Stonebreaker: Poem. 13/3:9-11. (A.S.)

Preacher, Luther The. 23/3:28-42. (J.L.)

Preachers & Preaching, Luther on. 23/3:43f. (E. Plass)

Preachers of the Word, To: Luther. (E.R.) 7/3:35.

Preachers, Two Expository. 42/4:41-49. (D.L.)

Preaching in Christmas Season. (E.S.) 7/5:23.

Preaching of the Gospel. 34/2:13-29. (W.S.)

Preaching the Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 1/5:12.

Preaching the Unconditioned Gospel. 33/3:2-18. (W.S.)

Preaching the Word. (Kuegele) 1/2:30.

Preaching the Word. (M.G.) 4/1:17.

Preaching, Apologetics & Polemics in Our. 42/4:32-41. (M.S.)

Preaching, Importance of Eschatological. 22/4:19-25. (J.V.K.)

Preaching, Means of Grace in Our. 36/3:30-33. (L.P.D.)

Preaching, Our, & Christ’s Resurrection. (E.S.) 3/3:13.

Preaching, Seeking the Larger Joys of. (E.S.) 2/3:1.

Preaching, The 3 Great Elements of Christian: A. Pieper. 31/3:2-22. (N.G.)

Preaching, The Principle of Paul’s. 13/4:39-43. (R.D.)

Preaching, Value of Thematic. (C.M.G..) 10/1:11.

Preachings from Daniel. 42/2:2-18; 3:2-18; 4:2-18. (P.F.N.)

Preachings from Daniel. 43/1:5-22; 2:6-22. (P.F.N.)

Predestination Controversy. 42/3:25-26. (M.S.)

Predestination, Calvinist’s Double. 27/2:11-13. (P.R.K.)

Predestination, Double, NIV on. 35/4:42-45. (V.A.F.)

Preface to 1967 Journal of Theology. (E.S.) 7/2:1.

Presbyter & St. John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:2.

Preus, Dr. Robert, & Dr. Walther. (C.M.G.) 1/5:31f.

Preus, J. A. O., & lack of testimony at Denver. (C.M.G.) 9/5:28.

Preus, J.A.O.: Leadership & loyalty. 14/4:39f. (C.M.G.)

Preus, Robert David, Remembering. 35/4:50-52. (J.L.)

Preus, Theology of Prof. Robert. 34/3:55-56. (D.L.)

Preuss, Dr. Ed.: Justification. 24/1:7-12. (C.M.G.)

Pride vs Kingdom of God. 42/3:2-5. (P.F.N.)

Priesthood of Believers & RCC. 20/1:2-6. (R.E.W.)

Priesthood of Believers, Universal. 37/4:24-31. (T.R.S.)

Priesthood of Believers. 35/4:2-26. (D.L.)

Priesthood of Believers: Emphasis Needed. 32/2:23-30. (J.B.)

Priesthood, Catholic, & Training. (C.M.G.) 8/3:33.

Priesthood, New Testament. 17/4:14f. (A.S.)

Priesthood, Old Testament. 17/4:10-14. (A.S.)

Priesthood, Roman Catholic; 17/4:15-20. (A.S.)

Priorities. (E.S.) 10/2:17.

Problems of the Isolated Believer. (P.F.N.) 5/1:4.

Problems, A Christian Faces Life’s. (B.J.N.) 6/4:20.

Professionalism in Education. (M.G.) 3/3:28.

Programmed Learning. (M.G.) 2/3:15.

Prohibitions: Greek Tenses. 21/1:2-9. (C.K.)

Prophecies of the Near & Distant Future: Joel. 41/4:8-22. (P.N.)

Prophecies, Historic Review of O.T. 27/2:31-40. (P.F.N.)

Prophecy (OT) and Fulfillment (NT). 37/3:20-29. (C.M.K.)

Prophecy of Darkening Days. 41/1:11-13. (M.G.)

Prophecy, Differences Between Typical & Direct. 31/3:23- 33. (D.L.)

Prophecy, Hermeneutics of. 35/2:37-51. (C.M.K.)

Prophecy, Importance of Historical Setting in. 25/3:30f. (P.F.N.)

Prophecy, O. T., The Perspective of. (Pieper – Reim) 4/2:16.

Prophecy, The Gift of. 36/4:7-15. (J.K.P]

Prophecy, Under the Light of God’s. (B.J.N.) 6/5:23.

Prophecy: Num. 23:25-24:9. 28/2:41-44. (R.A.G.)

Prophecy: Num. 24:15-24. 28/3:19-23. (R.A.G.)

Prophetic & Poetic Testimony to Pentateuch. (E.S.) 7/2:14.

Prophetic Time-Term: Last Days. 24/3:25-38. (P.F.N.)

Prospectus for Free Conferences. (E.R.) 4/1:36.

Protestantism, Trends in Modern. 33/3:45-48. (D.L.)

Providence of God, Free Will, & Fate. 41/3:19-24. (W.F.)

Providence, God’s. 38/1:36-38. 38/(D.L.)

Psalm 19, Meditation on. 20/3:17-35. (P.F.N.)

Psalms, Using the. 40/2:2-14. (J.R.)

Psalms: Christian’s Prayer Book. 33/1:28-29. (P.F.)

Psychologists & Education. (M.G.) 2/3:17f.

Psychology vs the Gospel. 29/3:24-25. (M.T.)

Public Doctrine vs Private Opinion. 37/3:37-38. (J.L.)

Public Schools & Reason for Existence. (M.G.) 7/2:27.

Public Schools, Religion in. 12/1:2-11. (C.K.)

Punishment in Hell. (A.S.) 10/ 5:31.

Punishment of Unworthy Communicants. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:18.

Punitive Judgment & MISHPAT. (C.K.) 11/5:17.

Purpose of CLC as an Organization. 9/2:32.

QADOSH: The Holy One, Isa. 40:25. (Pieper – Reim) 3/2:18.

Qualifications for the Ministry. (D.R.S.) 10/1:21.

Quartalschrift & Polemics. (E.S.) 1/2:11.

Quartalschrift Articles, Bibliography of Translated. 22/2:22-27; 3:12-15. (R.E.W.)

Quartalschrift, Paging through the. 22/2:19-21. (R.E.W.)

Quenstedt & Doctr. of Revelation. (C.M.G.) 4/3, P.37.

Ramm, Dr., & the Scriptures. (E.S.) 5/4:7.

Rapture & First Resurrection. 14/3:35. (P.F.N.)

Rapture, Amusing Description of. 13/1:45f. (M.S.)

RCC – Lutheran Dialogue on Justification. 24/1:19-24. (C.M.G.)

RCC & Euthanasia. 25/2:13. (D.L.)

RCC and ELCA Compromise. 39/2:50-53. (J.L.)

RCC: Priesthood of Believers. 20/1:2-6. (R.E.W.)

Re-alignment & Things to Guard against. (E.R.) 2/1:1; 8/2:12.

Re-alignment of Lutheran Ch. Bodies. (C.M.G.) 11/4:30.

Reason & God’s Word. 32/3:8-13. (P.F.N.)

Reason & the Soul of Man. (A.S.) 10/5:22 and 28.

Rebellion against God’s Word & Will. 14/4:35-37. (C.M.G.)

Recommitment, A Call to. 34/4:2-5. (D.F.)

Reconciliation in 2 Cor. 5:19. 22/1:19-31. (R.E.W.)

Redemption, Christ Our. 15/2:25f. (C.K.)

Redemptive Work of Christ: Ps. 22. (E.R.) 6/1:1.

Reductionism, Book of Concord & Gospel. 19/3:2-16. (J.L.)

Reductionism, Gospel. 14/2:1-10. (J.L.)

Reductionism, The Danger of Gospel. 17/1:2-31. (M.S.)

Refinding Fundamentals. (M.G.) 7/1:20.

Reflections of an Editor. (E.R.) 5/5:3.

Reflections on Our Age, Some. 14/4:35-38. (C.M.G.)

Reform in the Catholic Ch.? (E.R.) 5/5:10f.

Reform or Revolt: Luther. 23/2:10ff. (J.K.P.)

Reform that is not Reform. (C.M.G.) 1/2:37.

Reformation & Babylonian Captivity of Ch. (E.S.) 7/4:1.

Reformation & Christmas. 42/3:35-39. (P.W.S.)

Reformation & Means of Grace. 36/3:4-15. (D.R.N.)

Reformation Background. 39/4:6-8. (M.S.)

Reformation Series: 4 Sundays. 26/3:18-20. (P.F.N.)

Reformation Sermon. (E.S.) 3/3:35.

Reformation Sermon: John 8:39-40. (E.S.) 10/4:22.

Reformation, 450th Anniversary of. (E.R.) 7/4:32.

Reformation, How God Prepared World for. (C.M.G.) 7/2:2; 3:8.

Reformation, Hymns & Hymn-writers of the. 20/2:18-25. (A.S.)

Reformation, Impact of, on Germany’s Culture. (Koehler- Reim) 5/2:1.

Reformation, Luther’s, & Ps. 46. (E.R.) 7/3:1.

Reformation, Preaching for: Jude 3-11. (E.S.) 7/4:19.

Reformation, Thoughts on, in 1967. (E.S.) 7/2:1.

Reformation: On Church & State. 24/2:13-19. (J.K.P.)

Reformed & Lutheran Theology, Emphasis in. 28/3:24-47. (V.A.F.)

Reformed Chs. & Kingdom of God. (J.S.) 1/4:15; 2/2:10.

Reformed Churches, Crisis in. Review. 18/3:38-48. (R.E.W.)

Reformed Influence: Reason over Faith. 42/3:30-31. (M.S.)

Reformed Philosophy, Toward a. Review. 19/4:32-42. (R.E.W.)

Reformer, Two Qualifications for a. 28/4:20f. (P.D.N.)

Reformers’ Negative Attitude to Missions? 12/1:16f. (A.S.)

Regeneration & God’s Kingdom. (J.S.) 2/1:20.

Reim, Prof. Edmund. In Memoriam. (C.M.G.) 9/4:1.

Reim, Robert A.: In Memoriam. 31/2:2-3. (P.F.)

Reincarnation of Soul. 12/2:18. (A.S.)

Relevance of Rom. 16 in Termination of Fellowship. (E.S.) 10/4:l5ff.

Religion & Science. (B. E. Keiser) 2/4:12.

Religion Discredited in our Age. (E.S.) 10/.1:7.

Religion of the World. (E.S.) 4/3:22.

Religion, Establishment of, & Free Exercise thereof. (P.F.N.) 5/3:15.

Religion, Humanist Definition of. 26/1:4f. (K.O.)

Religious Commitment in U.S.A. 12/3:33-38. (C.K.)

Religious Doublespeak. 36/1:51-52. (D.S.)

Religious habits of Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 9/1:26.

Religious liberty in Amer. Colonies. 16/4:25ff. (A.S.)

Religious Right & left, The. 24/4:6-8. (L.D.R.)

Remembering the Blessed Dead. Sermon at Funeral of Prof. E.Schaller.. (L.W.S.) 11/4:5.

Renaissance, The. 39/4:5-6. (M.S.)

Repentance & the Gospel. 34/2:19-22. (W.S.)

Repentance Changed & lost, Meaning of. 22/1:31-34. (C.K.)

Repentance Involves Inner Determination. 30/4:21-22. (J.K.P.)

Repentance is Cure for Spiritual Depression. 30/4:8-9. (G.A.B.)

Repentance is Inward. 32/4:33. (J.K.P.)

Repentance of God, The. 14/4:19-29. (M.G.)

Repentance, Example of Sincere. 42/1:8-12. (D.L.)

Repentance, Fruits of. 26/2:20. (J.K.P.)

Repentance, Joel’s Call to. 29/3:37-40. (R.A.G.)

Repentance. (E.S.) 5/5:31.

Repentance: Teaching of Jesus. 21/4:34-38. (P.F.N.)

Reply to a Proposal. (E.S.) 7/3:30.

Resistance, Natural & Willful. 15/2:5. (L.D.R.)

Responsibility of Universal Priesthood. 37/4:26-31. (T.R.S.)

Resurrection an Offense: Christian Century. 12/2:38f. (C.K.)

Resurrection in Nature: Luther. 35/3:8-14. (A.S.)

Resurrection living. 15/4:8f. (P.F.N.)

Resurrection of Body & Reunion with Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:24f.

Resurrection, Christ’s, & Its Historic Thrust. (E.S.) 3/3:1.

Resurrection, Demythologizing the: Bultmann. 12/2:20-34. (C.K.)

Resurrection, Doctrine of: ELCA. 35/2:36. (T.S.)

Resurrection, Meaning of the First. 14/3:35f. (P.F.N.)

Resurrection, Scriptural Meaning of. 12/2:30ff. (C.K.)

Resurrection, The Father & Christ’s: J. Ylvisaker. 33/1:5-6. (C.M.G.)

Resurrections, Two, NIV on. 35/4:41-42. (V.A.F.)

Reunion of Christendom the Catholic Way. (C.M.G.) 1/1:44.

Revelation & Position of Mo. S. (C.M.G.) 4/3:37.

Revelation 1-3, Overview of. 26/1:13-18. (E.H.)

Revelation 2:1-7, Exegesis of. 26/1:19-22; 26/2:9-25. (J.K.P.)

Revelation, Dispensational Key to Understanding Book of. 14/1:7. (P.F.N.)

Revelation, Outlines for Book of. 39/1:19-24. (J.K.P.)

Revelation, The Verbal Concept of. (E.S.) 3/2:2.

Revelation, Two Sources of, & Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 3/2:28.

Revelation: Dispensationalist Interpretation. 21/4:24f. (C.K.)

Review of Years 1955-1961. (E.R.) 5/5:33.

Revivification & the Resurrection. (E.S.) 3/3:4.

Revolution & Evolution. (E.S.) 8/3:10.

Rewards in the Ministry. (D.R.S.) 10/1:24.

Riches, True. 27/1:7f. (J.K.P.)

Riches, What are True? 32/4:27-28. (J.K.P.)

Right Hand of God. 26/2:11. (J.K.P.)

Righteousness & MISHPAT. (C.K.) 11/5:13.

Righteousness of God. 30/2:31-32. (P.F.)

Righteousness of God. (C.K.) 11/3:17.

Righteousness of the Lord. (Pieper – Reim) 5/4:1.

Righteousness, Having True. 15/4:16-18. (P.F.N.)

Rogness, Dr. Alvin, on Union of Lutherans. (C.M.G.) 2/2:23.

Rom. 16:17-18, Study of. 28/1:11-28. (C.M.K.)

Roman Catholic Church & Bible Reading. 12/1:22. (A.S.)

Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits Betray. 27/3:38-40. (C.K.)

Roman Catholicism, Updating. 16/1:2-12; 2:30-39; 3:33-44; 4:22-34; 17/1:32-42; 2:9-17; 3:36-46; 4:10-20. (A.S.)

Roman Church: Only Saving Church? 28/4:39-43. (R.M.)

Romans: An Unreliable Exegesis. 36/4:46-48. (D.L.)

Rome, Wrong Emphasis in Church of. 28/3:28-33. (V.A.F.)

Roof, Under the same. (C.M.G.) 1/1:45.

Russian Orthodox Ch. & W. C. C. (C.M.G.) 2/1:36.

Sacraments Legalized by Reformed. 28/3:40f. (V.A.F.)

Sacred Studies over against Social Studies. (M.G.) 4/1:27.

Sadducees & Opposition to Christ. (E.S.) 3/3:6.

Sainthood, Achieving: Conversion. 20/3:40-44. (J.L.)

Salvation & MISHPAT. (C.K.) 11/5:14.

Salvation Cometh, Thy: Sermon Study, Isa. 62:10-12. (J.L.) 11/5:22.

Salvation in the Forefront, Keeping. 21/2:21-27. (R.E.W.)

Salvation through Christ Alone: ELCA. 35/2:33-34. (T.S.)

Salvation, O. T. Word for. (C.K.) 11/3:19; 5:16.

Salvation: Gift of God’s Grace: J. Ylvisaker. 33/1:8-11. (C.M.G.)

Sanctification & Justification: Relationship. 37/1:4-9. (P.F.)

Sanctification Concept in Scripture. 29/4:38-42. (P.F.)

Sanctification in Romans. 43/4:30-32. (P.F.N.)

Sanctification, Basis for. 19/3:26ff. (J.Schaller-W.S.-H.C.D.)

Sanctification, Christ Our. 15/2:23-26. (C.K.)

Sanctification: Sermon on the Mount. 19/1:27f. (A.P.-W.S.)

Sandusky Resolution of ALC, 1938. (E.S.) 10/4:7.

Sardis, John’s Letter to. 31/2:7-23. (J.K.P.)

Satan the Accuser. 27/1:19f. (J.K.P.)

Savonarola & the Reformation. (C.M.G.) 7/3:11.

Scaer, David: Ordination no Adiaphoron. 35/4:15-17. (D.L.)

Schaeffer, Biography of Dr. Francis. 25/5:32f. (D.L.)

Schaller, Prof. E., asks to be relieved of duty as Editor. (C.M.G.) 11/4:l.

Schaller, Prof. Egbert. In Memoriam, 1904-1971. (C.M.G.) 11/4:2.

Scharlemann Case. (C.M.G..) 1/3:38.

Scharlemann, Dr. Robert, & Gen. 1. (E.R.) 3/5:43.

Scharlemann, Martin. & his Errors. (E.R.) 2/3:32.

Scharlemann, Prof., & Doctr. of Inspiration. (E.R.) 4/2:26.

Scharlemann, Prof., & his Essays. (C.M.G.) 4/3:36.

Scharlemann, Prof., & Prof. Grau Compared. (E.S.) 3/4:40.

SCHEOL (Hades) & Use in O. T. (A.S.) 10/5:34f.

Schismatic, What is a? (E.S.) 10/4:16.

School Sermon, For the. (M.G.) 5/3:31.

Schools, Prayer in Public. 24/2:29-34. (P.G.F.)

Schools, Programs of Study in Secular. 14/3:6-10. (C.K.)

Schuetze, Pastor W.: Funeral Sermon. 19/2:31-35. (L.D.R.)

Schuetze, Pastor Waldemar: Death Announcement. 19/1:7. (J.L.)

Schwabach Articles of 1529. 41/1:6. (J.V.K.)

Schwan Foundation Gifts. 39/3:49-50. (J.L.)

Science & Scripture of 70 Years ago. (E.S.) 3/4:39.

Science in Hebrew Class, Allusions to. 25/3:12-29. (C.K.)

Scientific Age, Our. (C.M.G.) 3/2:23.

Scientist & Theologian Discuss Gen. 1. (E.R.) 3/5:42.

Scientist of Today believe Gen. I, Can? (B. E. Keiser) 2/4:12.

Scofield Bible on Dispensationalism. 14/1:4f. (P.F.N.)

Scouting: LCMS Past & Present Position. 33/4:50-51. (J.L.)

Scripture & Brief Statement under attack. (C.M.G.) 2/3:21f.

Scripture & Doctr. of Inspiration: Quote. 7/2:43.

Scripture & Tradition. (C.M.G.) 3/2:28.

Scripture & Written Symbols as Speech. (E.S.) 3/2:6.

Scripture Alone Held by Reformers. 19/3:13-15. (J.L.)

Scripture Alone, Lutheran Attacks on. 14/2:1-10. (J.L.)

Scripture Alone: Sermon by N.A. Madson. 2/4:27.

Scripture Gives Balanced Self-Worth 30/4:32-48. (J.C.R.)

Scripture God’s Word. 12/4:24-27. (C.K.)

Scripture Imperatives are Bearers of Blessings. (E.R.) 1/2:lff.

Scripture Inerrancy & Dr. Scharlemann. (C.M.G.) 1/3:39.

Scripture Interprets Scripture. 21/4:11-13. (C.K.)

Scripture, Authority & Clarity of. 37/1:13-18; 37/4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

Scripture, Bultmann’s Attitude toward. 12/2:27f. (C.K.)

Scripture, Christocentricity of. 21/4:15f. (C.K.)

Scripture, Holy Spirit & Doctrines of. 20/2:7f. (C.M.G.)

Scripture, literal Sense of: Dispensationalists. 21/4:5-11. (C.K.)

Scripture, Unity of. 21/4:13-15. (C.K.)

Scriptures, The, & Dr. Ramm. (E.S.) 5/4:7.

Second Thess. 3:6,14,15, Study of. 28/1:3-11. (P.W.S.)

Second Thess. 3:6-15, Interpretation of: Historal Study. 28/2:19-30. (D.L.)

Secular Humanism: Ersatz Religion. 28/4:37f. (P.F.N.)

Sedes Doctrinae in Biblical Interpretation. 36/1:35-43. (C.M.K.)

Seelsorge: Caring for Souls. 36/4:15-23. (S.C.F.K.)

Seelsorger Calling & 8th Commandment. 37/4:18-20. (B.N.)

Self-Dedication. (L.W.S.) 1/1:34.

Self-Discipline & Professional Growth. 14/3:5f. (C.K.)

Self-Examination for Luther’s Children: Sermon. (E.S.) 10/4:23.

Self-Sacrifice made easy. 27/1:30f. (T.C.T.)

Self-Sufficiency, Warning against. 36/2:4-5. (J.L.)

Self-Worth, Study of. 30/4:32-48. (J.C.R.)

Selnecker, Nikolaus: Early Lutheran. 41/3:10-12. (R.E.S.)

Seminar for Pastors & Teachers: 1971 Program. 11/2:24.

Seminar for Pastors: 1967 Program. 7/2:44.

Seminar Useful as Mission Tool. Public. 25/4:16-18. (S.K.)

Seminaries of Mo. S. (G.P.R.) 9/4:27.

Seminars, Announcement of. 13/1:48.

Separated Brethren & Catholic Ch. (E.R.) 5/5:10.

Separation from a false church body. (Oesch – Sydow) 9/5:33.

Separation From and Unto. 38/3:20-21. (M.J.R.)

Separation or Integration in Education. (M.G.) 4/ 2:10.

Separation Principle Difficult to Apply. 14/2:11f. (C.K.)

Separation Principle in Scripture. 33/4:8-11. (J.A.)

Separation Principle, Applying the. 28/1:21-26. (C.M.K.)

Separation Principles. 29/1:35-37. (G.P.R.)

Separation, Scriptural Basis for. 22/2:28-38. (J.L.)

Septuagint, The. (G.S.) 9/2:4.

Sermon for N.Y. Day: il Cor. 13:14. (E.S.) 8/5, P.18.

Sermon for Pastoral Conf.: Heb. 12:1-3. (C.K.) 9/2:20.

Sermon for Second Christmas Day: Acts 6:8 & 7:54-59: G. Schaller. 31/4:4-16. (R. & P. Schaller)

Sermon for the School. (M.G.) 5/3:31.

Sermon on Mark 8:1-9. (E.S.) 10/2:17.

Sermon on the Mount. Proper Understanding of. 19/1:22-37. (A.P. – W.S.)

Sermon Preparation & Exegetical Study. (G.P.R.) 7/3:20.

Sermon Series: Ps. 51. 35/1:42-47; 35/2:52-56; 35/3:45-50. (P.F.)

Sermon Studies on I Sam. 4:2-18. (E.S.) 6/1:19.

Sermon Study on John 17:17-19. 29/4:38-45. (P.F.)

Sermon Study: Ruth 1:16. 31/2:3-6. (R.A.R.)

Sermon, Anniversary: Isa. 52:7-10. (C.M.G..) 9/3:19.

Sermon, Pentecost: II Cor. 4:5a. (E.S.) 8/2:22.

Sermon, The. (E.S.) 2/3:8.

Sermon: Chapel Memorial Service for Prof. Reim. (C.M.G.) 9/4:4.

Sermon: Classroom Dedication. (L.W.S.) 1/1:34.

Sermon: Funeral of Prof. E.S.. (L.W.S.) 11/4:5.

Sermon: Graduation from Chr. School, 2 Tim. 3:15-17. (E.S.) 8/2:26.

Sermon: I. L. C. Graduation. (G.S.) 5/3:23.

Sermon: In Memory of Pastor Chr. Albrecht. (E.S.) 10/4:18.

Sermon: Pastoral Conf. Communion. (E.S.) 8/5:23.

Sermon: Pastoral Conference. (D.R.S.) 10/1:18.

Sermon: Reformation. John 8:39-40. (E.S.) 10/4:22.

Sermon: Reim Hall Dedication: Col. 3:17. (C.M.G.) 10/3:28.

Sermons & Texts for End of Ch. Year. (E.S.) 8/4:19.

Sermons are still in place. (C.M.G.) 10/1:14.

Sermons for Lent from Hebrews. (E.S.) 11/1:15.

Sermons for Trinity Season. (E.S.) 8/3:20.

Sermons from Nehemiah: Building Project. 40/4:26-43. (D.L.)

Sermon’s Homiletical Construction. 39/1:47-51. (M.R.)

Sermons of Reformation Period. 42/4:49-51. (D.L.)

Seventy-Sevens Prophecy: Daniel 9. 25/3:36f. (P.F.N.)

Shaping the Attention. (M.G.) 5/2:29.

Sharing the Gospel. 33/1:21-22. (V.A.F.)

Sharp, Granville: Greek New Testament Rules. 37/3:4-34. (C.M.K.(

Sharp. The Life of Granville. 13/3:15-18. (C.K.)

Sharp. The Rules of Granville. 13/3:13-27. (C.K.)

SHAWMA & Meaning. (E.S.) 3/2:7.

Sheep Among Wolves, Christians like: G. Schaller. 31/4:4- 16. (R. & P. Schaller)

SHEOL in the Old Testament. 12/2:10ff. (A.S.)

Shepherd’s Concern for Sheep: 1 & 2 Thess. 23/1:31-44. (P.F.N.)

Shimei, The Cursing of. 31/4:10-11. (R. & P. Schaller)

Shoes, Liturgical Forms are Like. 34/1:2-18. 34/(.J.R.)

Shrove Tuesday: Chapel Address. 22/1:31-34. (C.K.)

Simple-minded Christian & Question of Error. (Walther- Schaller) 10/4:4.

Sin against Holy Ghost: Editorial Explanation. 5/5:15.

Sin in Christian Preaching: A. Pieper. 31/3:2-22. (N.G.)

Sin on Creation. Effect of. 25/3:25f. (C.K.)

Sin Underestimated, Enormity of. 28/4:27f. (P.F.N.)

Sin, Doctrine of: ELCA. 35/2:31-32. (T.S.)

Sin, Pollution & Washing of. 33/2:24-29. (P.F.)

Sin, The Fall into:Gen. and N.T. 43/4:10-15. (D.L.)

Sin, The Terrible Power of. 33/1:30-31. (P.F.)

Sin, Whatever Became of. Review. 15/1:34-39. (P.F.N.)

Sin: Ecumenical Fact. 19/4:10. (P.F.N.)

Sin: Root of Emotional Problems. 29/3:21-23. (M.T.)

Sinai & Jerusalem, Allegory of: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:40-50. (C.M.G.)

Sinfulness No Condition of Gospel, Man’s. 33/3:15-18. (W.S.)

Sing, 150 Reasons to. 40/2:2-14. (J.R.)

Sinner’s Savior: Isa. 53, Translation. (Kuehne – Reim) 5/1:1.

Sinning: Study of Greek Words. 38/2:25-30. (V.A.F.)

Sins of Weakness. (Pieper – Grams) 9/5:27.

Slow-Minded Child, The. (M.G.) 1/2:22f.

Smalcald Articles: On Sin. 19/4:13. (P.F.N.)

Smyrna, Letter to. 27/1:2-22. (J.K.P.)

Sobriety, Virtue of Christian (1968). 38/3:33-36. (E.S. – M.G.)

Social Communication: Vatican II. (C.M.G.) 6/5:34.

Social Gospel & God’s Word. 36/3:47. (J.U.)

Social Injustice & the Church. 25/1:19-21. (C.M.G.)

Social or Sacred. (M.G.) 4/1:27.

Social, Less, More Individual. (M.G.) 1/4:27.

Society, Foundation for a Christian’s Concern for. (J.L.) 7/5:1ff.

Society-derived Guidance for a Nation. (M.G.) 4/1:27.

Sola Scriptura & Biblical Studies Today. 12/3:1-18. (J.L.)

Sola Scriptura. (E.S.) 3/3:38.

Sola Scriptura: Sermon. (N.A. Madson) 2/4:27.

Solomon’s Wish: 1 Kings 3:5-15. 18/2:40-44. (J.K.P.)

Song of Solomon: Homiletical View. 32/3:14-21. (J.K.P.)

Songs in the Night: Devotion. 15/1:29f. (C.M.G.)

Songs of Ascents: Ps. 120-134. 38/4:2-26. (T.S.)

Sonship vs Slavery, Spiritual: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:30-33. (C.M.G.)

Soul in Man & Beast. Meaning of. 25/3:3f. (D.L.)

Soul not Dependent on Body for Existence. (A.S.) 10/5:20.

Soul, What Does Scripture Teach Concerning. (A.S.) 10/5:11.

Soul. Immortality of the. 12/2:1-19. (A.S..)

Soul: Lutheran Confessions re. 40/1:51-56. (J.K.P.)

Soul: Word Study of NEPHESH. 40/1:22-56. (J.K.P.)

Souls, The Private Care of. 14/4:1-7; 15/1:1-8. (A.S.)

Sovereignty of God & Rom. 9. 27/2:2-20. (P.R.K.)

Speech & Language in Inspired Record. (E.S.) 3/2:5.

Spirit, Fruits of the: J. Ylvisaker. 34/3:36-39. (C.M.G.)

Spirit, Soul & Heart: Relationship. (A.S.) 10/5:16.

Spiritism. 12/2:18f. (A.S.)

Spiritual Condition of the World. 34/4:37-38. (Br.J.N.)

Spiritual Readiness. (R.A.G.) 8/1:12.

Spiritual. Discerning the. 24/4:12-26. (P.F.N.)

St. Louis 1938 Articles of Union. 13/3:37; 18/1:25. (C.M.G.)

Stance in Learning. (M.G.) 1/5:22.

Standards to judge Bible Versions. (E.R.) 8/3:4.

State & Church in O.T. 24/2:37-40. (P.F.N.)

State & Church. No Collision between. 25/1:19-21. (C.M.G.)

State & Church: RCC Abuse. 16/4:22-34. (A.S.)

State of the Church, People & Objectives. (C.M.G..) 4/3:34.

State-Church Social Issues. 24/4:2.11. (L.D.R.)

Statement concerning Ch. Fellowship & Rom. 16. (E.R.) 2/5:9.

Steadfastness. Christian: Study of HUPOMONE. 22/4:2-19. (P.G.F.)

Stephen: Our Example in Christian Suffering: G. Schaller. 31/4:4-16. (R. & P. Schaller)

Stoeckhardt & Doctr. of Justification. (R.W.M.) 4/1:8.

Stoeckhardt & God’s Power in Faith. (E.R.) 1/4:2.

Stoic Philosophy. 29/3:31. (B.N.)

Stone Rejected is Christ. 42/2:7-13. (P.F.N.)

Stott. Biography of John. 25/4:33. (D.L.)

Strife in Church Work. (Koren) 1/5:8.

Study Exegesis for Sermon & Conf. Work. (G.P.R.) 7/ 3:20.

Study of Jeremiah 6:10-20. 41/3:32-49. (D.L.)

Subsidies, Public, & Catholic Schools. (C.M.G.) 9/1:28.

Sunday School. Teaching God’s Image in. 25/3:9-11. (D.L.)

Sunday, True Teaching re: J. Ylvisaker. 34/2:33. (C.M.G.)

Superorthodoxy. (E.R.) 2/1:3.

Sweden. Obstacles to Biblical Confession in. 21/1:42f. (J.L.)

Sword, Two-edged: the Word. 28/1:30-32,44f. (J.K.P.)

Sydow, Gilbert A.: In Memoriam. 28/3:2-3. (J.L.)

Synergism & Melanchthon. (R.W.M.) 4/1:2.

Synergistic Controversy. 42/3:23. (M.S.)

Synod a Church, Is? Oesch. (G.S.) 9/5:32.

Synod of Dort. Essays Commemorating. 18/3:38-48. (R.E.W.)

Synod of Dort: Calvinism Affirmed. 16/1:39f. (J.L.S.)

Synod, Why Organize a new? (Kuegele) 1/2:30.

Synodical Conf. & Views on Fellowship. (C.M.G.) 1/4:31ff.

Synodical Conf., A New? (E.S.) 11/1:39.

Synodical Conference History. 42/3:42-52. (D.L. & J.L.)

Synodical Dealings & 8th Commandment. 37/4:20-23. (B.N.)

Synoptic Problem. (E.S.) 10/2:2.

Taxes to support Catholic Schools. (C.M.G.) 9/1:28.

Taxonomic Categories in Biology. 25/3:21f. (C.K.)

Teacher as Artist, The. (M.G.) 4/2:21.

Teachers’ Conference Opening Devotion: Rom. 2:17-21a. 29/2:35-40. (P.F.)

Teachers on Strike. (R.A.G.) 8/3:16.

Teaching & Prophecy: Gifts Distinguished. 36/4:12-14. (J.K.P]

Teaching & Telling. (M.G.) 2/4:22.

Teaching Left to the Living. (M.G.) 3/5:34.

Teaching Machine. (M.G.) 2/3:15.

Teaching that Takes. (M.G.) 3/1:23.

Teaching the Love of God. 26/2:2-8. (C.M.G.)

Teaching the Teachers. (M.G.) 4/5:29.

Teachings Threatened by Formalism. 42/1:18-27. (D.J.R.)

Telling & Teaching. (M.G.) 2/4:22.

Telos in the Olivet Discourse. 28/2:35-37. (P.F.N.)

Temple, Glory of the Second. (J.L.) 11/5:27.

Temporal Things vs Eternal Treasures. 32/2:31-32. (P.R.K.)

Temptation, Means to Escape. 36/2:5-6. (J.L.)

Temptations Confronting the Orthodox. 39/4:19-27. (S.C.F.K.)

Temptations that esp. confront Orthodox. (M.G.) 1/3:1.

Tenses. Difference in Greek & English. 16/3:3f. (C.K.)

Termination of Ch. Fellowship & Walther Theses. (E.S.) 10/4:16.

Terminology in Scr. Presentation. (E.S.) 1/1:25.

Terrorism, God’s Rule Amid. 41/4:3-7. (S.C.F.K.)

Testing by Satan. 27/1:12-15. (J.K.P.)

Testing the Spirits Important. 30/4:15-19. (J.K.P.)

Testing the Spirits. 16/3:26ff. (P.F.N.)

Tetragrammaton: LORD. 31/2:25. (D.K.)

Tetzel’s Indulgences. 23/2:5f. (J.K.P.)

Texts, Being Lutheran re. 39/2:7-25. (J.R.)

Textus Receptus, The Authority of the. 31/4:17-37. (S.C.F.K.)

Thanksgiving Day Sermon. (E.S.) 8/4:24.

Thanksgiving, Cause for. (P.G.A.) 2/5:24.

Theme in our Preaching, The. (C.M.G.) 10/1:15.

Theologians, Sketches of 33. 34/3:52-56. (D.L.)

Theological Education, Concern for Future: Review. (G.P.R.) 9/4:25.

Theological Problems. 26/4:11ff. (E.H.)

Theology & Existentialism. (M.G.) 3/3:23.

Theology, Emphasis in Lutheran & Reformed. 28/3:24-47. (V.A.F.)

Theology, What is? (J.L.) 11/2:26.

Theology: Future Trends. 36/4:50-53. (D.L.)

Thermodynamics. First Law of: Conservation. 25/3:25. (C.K.)

Thermodynamics. Second Law of: Deterioration. 25/3:25f. (C.K.)

Theses, Walther’s, on Open Questions. (E.S.) 10/4:1.

Thessalonica, Idleness in. 24/4:29f. (D.L.)

Thessalonica: Background. 32/4:39-41. (V.A.F.)

Thomas Aquinas & Christian Doctrine. (M.G.) 3/3:23.

Thyatira, John’s Letter to. 30/4:10-31. (J.K.P.)

Tiefel, Pastor Geo., Sr. Funeral Address for. (C.M.G.) 11/2:19.

Times have Changed, How. (E.S.) 9/3:36.

Timing, A Matter of. Discussion of issues. (E.R.) 4/5:39.

Tischendorf: 6 Rules re Original Text. 31/4:22-23. (S.C.F.K.)

Toleration for sake of Peace. Quote. 7/2:38.

Tongues, Gift of: Holy Spirit. 35/1:24-30. (P.F.N.)

Tongues. Speaking in. Review. 20/1:42f. (D.S.)

Torah. Use in Old Testament. 20/3:21-35. (P.F.N.)

Torgau Articles & Abuses in Church, 1529. 41/1:7. (J.V.K.)

Tradition & Revelation in Catholic Ch. (C.M.G.) 3/2:28f.

Tradition vs Scripture, Human. 42/1:22-24. (D.J.R.)

Tradition: Meaning. (E.S.) 9/1:6f.

Training & Education of Children. (M.G.) 1/5:22.

Transcendental Meditation. 16/1:12.37. (R.E.W.)

Translating the Bible, Philosophy of. 33/2:40-44. (C.K.)

Translations of Bible, English. (G.S.) 9/2:9.

Translations of the Bible. (E.R.) 1/1:46.

Translations, Bible, & Effect on our People. (G.S.) 9/2:1.

Translations, History of Some Representative. (G.S.) 9/2:4.

Translations, Rising Tide of. (E.R.) 8/1:1.

Translations. Need for Bible. 24/3:39-44. (D.L.)

Translations: Problem of Choice. (E.R.) 8/3:1; 4:11; 5:12; 9/1:19.

Transmission of the Soul. (A.S.) 10/5:18.

Tree-Trimming. Spiritual: Chapel Address. 14/1:36-39. (P.R.K.)

Trent on Mass. Council of. 17/2:12f. (A.S.)

Trent. Council of: Pronouncements. 16/1:2f. (A.S.)

Trials, Endurance under. 32/1:13-16. (J.K.P.)

Tribulation in the Church. 27/1:6. (J.K.P.)

Trinity Doctrine: ELCA. 35/2:28-29. (T.S.)

Trinity Season Texts & Sermons. (E.S.) 8/3:20.

Trinity, Mystery of the. 38/1:27-28. (J.K.P.)

Trinity: Holy Spirit Neglected Person? 20/2:2-12. (C.M.G.)

Triune God, in CLC Confession of Faith. 9/2:35.

Trusting in God’s Mysterious Ways. (B.J.N.) 6/4:15.

Truth = The Word of God. 29/4:42-44. (P.F.)

Truth in 2 John. (C.M.G.) 10/3:6.

Truth, The Source of. 9/2:33.

Truth. God’s Word is. 12/4:28-33. (C.K.)

TSEDEQ: righteousness of God. (C.K.) 11/3:l7ff.

Turning Point of Mo. S. at Cleveland. (E.R.) 2/4:44.

Tyndale’s Translation of Bible. (G.S.) 9/2:10 and 13.

Una Sancta. (E.S.) 1/1:10f. and 19.

Unbelief, The Failure of: Matt. 17:1-20. (E.S.) 3/1:1.

Unconditioned Gospel, Preaching the. 34/2:13-29. (W.S.)

Union Issue & years 1955-1961. (E.R.) 5/5:33.

Union of Chs. & Confessional Subscription. (E.R.) 2/1:45.

Union Road, Way Stations on. (C.M.G.) 1/2:37.

Unionism in Conservative Protestantism. 35/1:47-48. (D.L.)

Unionism in New Lutheran Merger. 22/4:26-28. (C.M.G.)

Unionism in the Church. (Zorn) 9/3:13.

Unionism Recommended Tool. 39/2:53-55. (J.L.)

Unionism, Seeds of, in Lutheranism. 36/1:50-53. (D.S.)

Unitarians and Humanism. 26/1:4 (K.O.)

United Front in Missions. 12/1:17. (A.S.)

Unity & the WCC. (C.M.G.) 2/1:39.

Unity before Union. 12/1:3-6. (C.K.) :

Unity needed in Ch. Work. (E.S.) 9/1:33.

Unity, Confessional, Is it Possible? (E.S.) 5/4:12.

Unity, Exhortations to. (P.F.N.) 3/1:9.

Unity, Luth., in America: Review. (E.R.) 6/3:19.

Unity, Not General Agreement. 18/1:41. (C.K.)

Unity, True Spiritual. 30/1:21-24. (P.F.)

Universalism, False Philosophy of. 26/2:3. (C.M.G.)

Unknown God Made Known, The. 29/3:31-36. (B.N.)

Up-dating of the Catholic Ch. (E.R.) 5/5:10f.

Valedictory of an Editor. (E.R.) 6/3:20.

Valparaiso U. & relation to Mo. S. (E.R.) 2/3:34.

Vapor Canopy Prior to Flood. 25/3:19f. (C.K.)

Vatican Council I: Infallibility of Pope. 16/1:3f. (A.S.)

Vatican Council I: Papal Authority. 17/1:33f. (A.S.)

Vatican Council II & Present Catholic Beliefs. 28/4:39-43. (R.M.)

Vatican Council II: Decree on Revelation. 16/2:32f. (A.S.)

Vatican Council II: On Mass. 17/2:14-16. (A.S.)

Vatican Council II: On Priesthood. 17/4:18. (A.S.) .

Vatican Council II: Papal Authority. 17/1:38f. (A.S.)

Vatican Council II: Religious Freedom. 16/4:28-33. (A.S.)

Vatican II & the Jews. (E.R.) 6/4:27.

Vatican II. (C.M.G.) 2/4:36; 3/2:27; 4/5:43.

Vatican II: A Reform Council? (E.R.) 5/5:10.

Vatican II: Examination of Documents. (C.M.G.) 6/2:1; 6/5:34; 7/2:29; 5:33; 8/3:33; 9/1:25.

Vatican, U.S. Government’s Relation to. 24/2:44. (P.F.N.)

Veil of Moses, What is the? 18/2:2-18. (R.E.W.)

Verbal Inspiration & Dr. Scharlemann. (C.M.G.) 1/3:39.

Verbal Inspiration & Gospel Reductionism. 17/1:14-16. (M.S.)

Verbal Inspiration & Manuscripts. 31/4:31-34. (S.C.F.K.)

Verbal Inspiration, Book of Concord &. 19/2:2-22. (C.K.)

Verbal Inspiration, Rom. 3:2, & A.B. S. (C.M.G.) 2/3:22f.

Verbal Inspiration. 34/2:22-23. (W.S.)

Verbal Inspiration: Universal Term. 13/1:13f. (C.K.)

Version, N.T., Language of Today. (E.R.) 5/1:34.

Versions of Bible, Rising Tide of. (E.R.) 8/1:1.

Vicarious Atonement: ELCA. 35/2:34-36. (T.S.)

Vietnam, Cease-Fire in: Chapel Address. 13/1:33-37. (R.A.G.)

Vineyard: Meaning of Parable. 27/2:39. (P.F.N.)

Virgin Birth & Isa. 7:10-14. 36/4:2-6. (P.G.F.)

Virgin Birth, Doctrine of: ELCA. 35/2:32-33. (T.S.)

Virginity & Monastic Vow: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:18.

Visible & Invisible Ch. (E.S.) 9/4:8.

Vision of Ram & Goat: Daniel 8. 25/3:34f. (P.F.N.)

Vision, Daniel’s Fourth & Final. 25/3:38-40. (P.F.N.)

Visions & Reality: Book of Daniel. (E.S.) 4/5:12.

Visitor, Functions of Conference. (C.M.G.) 2/5:12.

Vows by Monastic Order: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:10.

Vows of Chastity, Poverty, Obedience. (C.M.G..) 9/1:26.

Vulgate, The. (G.S.) 9/2:5.

Walther on Election. (E.R.) 9/3:1.

Walther, A Tribute to. (C.M.G.) 1/5:30.

Walther, Dr., on Faith. (R.W.M.) 4/1:12.

Walther: Open Question Theses & WELS Theses. (E.S.) 10/4:2.

Walther: Open Questions & Present Fellowship Issue. (E.S.) 10/4:8.

Walther: Theses on Open Questions. (E.S.) 10/4:1.

Walther: Translations Available. 36/4:53-56. (D.L.)

Walther: View of Iowa’s Open Questions. (E.S.) 10/4:7.

War & Peace: Bible Interpretation. 24/3:2-9. (P.G.F.)

War between Faith & the World. (E.S.) 4/3:20.

War, Is There a Just? 24/3:7-9. (P.G.F.) .

Warfare, Christian. 12/3:39-41. (C.M.G.) .

Warfare, Spiritual. 28/1:43-45. (J.K.P.)

Warfare, Spiritual. 29/2:24-27. (C.M.G.)

Warming at Strange Fires. (E.S.) 1/2:8.

WCC Solutions for Society. 24/4:7f. (L.D.R.)

Weak Brethren & False Teachers, Distinguishing. 12/1:37f. (J.L.)

Weak Christians & Erroneous Views: Walther. (E.S.) 10/4:10 and 13.

Weak, Who are the? 25/4:10f. (E.A.)

Weakness among Ch. Members. (Zorn) 9/3:15.

Wedding Address, Gospel Needed in. 31/2:3-6. (R.A.R.)

Wegenke, Matthew: Memorial Address. 24/1:25-28. (C.K.)

WELS – CLC Meeting, Report on Jan. 11-12, 1988. 28/1:2f. (J.L.)

WELS & Church Growth Movement. 32/3:30. (D.L.)

WELS & CLC in Michigan. 33/3:44. (D.L.)

WELS & CLC: Difference in Timing? 33/3:40-41. (D.L.)

WELS & Justification. 37/4:46-48. (J.L.)

WELS 1955 Judgment of LC-MS. 13/3:34ff. (J.L.)

WELS 1999 Convention. 39/3:46-50. (J.L.)

WELS and AAL. 39/3:40-46. (M.J.R.)

WELS and CLC Disagreed in Doctrine. 14/1:42-44. (C.M.G.)

WELS and CLC Fellowship Principles. 17/4:32-41. (J.L.)

WELS and CLC re “State of Confession.” 15/2:26-38. (J.L.)

WELS and CLC Separation. 22/2:28-38. (J.L.)

WELS and CLC: Doctrinal Differences. 29/1:38-40. (J.L.)

WELS and CLC: Separation Principles. 12/4:36-39. (C.M.G.)

WELS and ELS Only True Lutherans Today? 17/2:20f. (J.L.)

WELS and LC-MS: Review of Resolutions. 15/2:26-38. (J.L.)

WELS and Rom. 16:17-18. 36/4:32-38. (J.L.)

WELS and SELK in Fellowship Practices. 14/1:39f. (C.M.G.)

WELS Critique of 2002 CLC Convention. 43/2:42-48. (J.L.)

WELS Deviation on Church Fellowship. 16/2:11f. (P.G.A.-J.L.)

WELS Involved in Inter-Lutheran Activities. 31/4:38-41. (J.L.)

WELS Mixed Law & Gospel in 1955. 34/3:5. (R.M.)

WELS on church Fellowship: Review. 40/2:55-56. (M.J.R.)

WELS on Fellowship. 35/4:51. (J.L.)

WELS on Life Support Systems. 25/2:17-21. (D.L.)

WELS on the CLC. 32/1:38-42. (J.L.)

WELS Report on CLC. 39/2:55-56. (J.L.)

WELS State of Confession, 1953-1961. 28/2:21-27. (D.L.)

WELS Termination of Fellowship. 17/2:28f. (J.L.)

WELS Violations of Sanctity of Call. 16/2:13. (P.G.A.-J.L.)

WELS, ELS & CLC: Differences in 1961. 40/2:41-45. (M.J.R.)

WELS, ELS & CLC: Doctrinal Differences Today. 40/2:45-50. (M.J.R.)

WELS, LCMS & ELCA: Cooperation in Externals? 33/1:36-37. (J.L.)

WELS, LCMS, ELCA Cooperation. 37/1:28; 4:43-48. (G.L.J.)

WELS/ELS & CLC Discussions, 1987-1990. 36/3:49-54. (J.L.)

WELS/ELS and CLC Meeting: Interim Report. 29/4:33-37. (J.L.)

WELS/ELS and Fraternal Insurance. 32/3:30. (D.L.)

WELS/ELS/CLC Meeting, Feb. 1-2, 1989. 29/1:28. (J.L.)

WELS/ELS/CLC Meeting, Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 1990. 30/1:26- 28. (D.F.)

WELS/ELS: Doctrinal Difference with CLC. 32/3:22-30. (D.L.)

WELS: Christian Worship Hymnal. 34/2:2-12. (J.R.)

WELS: Christian Worship Hymnal. 34/3:6-18. (P.S.)

WELS: Clarity & Authority of Scripture. 16/2:12f. (P.G.A.-J.L.)

WELS: Cooperation in Externals. 32/1:32,45. (J.L.)

WELS: Fraternal Insurance Activities. 32/1:43-45. (J.L.)

WELS: Inaccurate History. 35/3:51-52. (J.L.)

WELS: Lawrenz & Naumann Interviews. 32/1:31-42. (J.L.)

WELS: Lawrenz Interpretation. 32/1:34-38. (J.L.)

WELS: Liberal Thesis on Termination of Fellowship. 14/4:33f. (H.C.D.)

WELS: Prayer Fellowship & Joint Prayer. 32/1:32-33. (J.L.)

WELS: Theology of Fellowship. 32/1:33-34. (J.L.)

WELS: Weak Brethren & Admonition. 21/1:39f. (J.L.)

WELS: Weak Brother vs Errorist. 33/3:41. (D.L.)

Wesley’s Conversion & Luther. 12/1:17f. (A.S.)

Westcott & Hort: Manuscript Families. 31/4:23-28. (S.C.F.K.)

Western Thought & Culture, Rise & Decline of. Review. 17/2:39-44. (C.K.)

Westminster Confession, Disposing of. (E.S.) 9/3:25.

Whitman, Walt: “Beat! Beat! Drums!” 29/3:37-38. (R.A.G.)

Wicked Being Caught: Devotion. 43/1:2-4. (J.K.P.)

Wife, Scriptural Use of Term. 21/1:25-28. (P.F.N

Will of God in Lives, Determining. 39/1:24-29. (R.G.)

Winter, Come Before: Poem. 13/2:35-37. (M.G.)

Wisc. – Alone? (E.R.) 3/4:33f.

Wisc. – How Big? (E.R.) 3/4:36.

Wisc. S. & Charge by Theo. Graebner. (C.M.G.) 11/1:29.

Wisc. S. & CLC – Do We Agree? (E.R.) 5/4:43.

Wisc. S. & CLC Report. (E.S.) 10/1:26.

Wisc. S. & Compromise. (P.F.N.) 3/1:17.

Wisc. S. & History of 1955-1961. (E.R.) 5/5:33.

Wisc. S. & Impasse in Union Discussions. (C.M.G.) 1/3:41.

Wisc. S. & Memorial: “Call for Decision.” (E.S.) 1/3:42.

W’isc. S. & Overtures from Mo. S., ALC. & L. C.A. (E.R.) 3/2:21.

Wisc. S. Board of Doctr. meets CLC Board. (E.S.) 4/2:29.

Wisc. S. Committee re Mo. S. (E.R.) 1/5:35.

Wisc. S. doesn’t break with Syn. Conf. (E.R.) 2/5:30.

Wisc. S. replies to CLC on Ch. Fellowship. (E.R.) 5/4:42.

Wisc. S. suspends Fellowship with Mo. S. (E.R.) 1/4:39.

Wisc. S. to put its House in order. (E.R.) 2/3:36.

Wisc. S. Views on Free Conferences. (E.R.) 4/1:34.

Wisc. S., Mo. S., & Luth. Radio Conf. of Milw. (E.R.) 3/2:22.

Wisconsin Synod & Rom. 16:17. (E.S.) 1/3:7.

Wisdom in Proverbs. 43/4:15-26. (P.N.)

Wisdom of God & Evil in the World. 14/3:42-44. (J.L.)

Wisdom, Which? (M.G.) 4/2:1.

Witness for Christ: Tremendous Concept. 33/3:2-18. (W.S.)

Witnesses, Equipping Flock to be. 25/4:15. (S.K.)

Witnessing Appropriately. 29/3:28-36. (B.N.)

Witt, Maynard J.: In Memoriam. 32/3:2-3. (J.L.)

Woman in World, Role of Man &: Review. 32/3:34-40. (D.L.)

Woman Pastors, Ordained? 36/4:39. (R.D.)

Woman’s Position: 1 Tim. 2:12. 35/3:21-29. (Combined)

Women & God’s Word. Review. 22/1:34-37. (D.L.)

Women & Headship Principle. 32/3:10-13. (P.F.N.)

Women Forbidden in Pastorate. 36/2:49-51. (D.L.)

Women in Ministry: Reformation or Apostasy? 33/1:39-44. (S.K.)

Women Serve in the Church, To What Extent Can? 18/4:23-36. (J.E.S.) .

Women, Ordination of: Marquardt. 35/4:22-24. (D.L.)

Women’s Activity in Public Service. 29/3:11-20. (C.M.G.)

Word of God, The: Definition. (G.S.) 9/2:2.

Word of Lord is Not Bound. 36/3:35-38. (J.U.)

Word, Feminist Influence on God’s. 30/2:21-26; 3:18-21. (J.K.P.)

Word, God’s: Meaning of Expression. 32/4:5-9. (C.M.G.)

Word, No Contradictions in. 32/3:8-13. (P.F.N.)

Word, The Eternal: Sermon Study. 15/4:35-39. (M.S.)

Words & the Word. (E.S.) 3/2:1.

Words, The Form of Sound. 25/1:11f. (E.S.)

Wordsworth, Greek Grammatical Findings of Christopher. 14/1:12-20. (C.K.)

Workers in Lord’s Vineyard. (A.S.) 11/4:23.

Working up Trifles. (M.G.) 2/5:20.

Works & Monastic Vow: Luther. (J.L.) 11/4:17.

Works: No Part in Salvation. (R.W.M.) 4/1:1.

World Council of Churches. (C.M.G..) 1/5:33; 2/1:34.

World, Christianity a Religion for the. 30/1:18-20. (P.F.)

World, Christians Living in. 38/2:19-24. (S.C.F.K.)

World, The, Wants Youth in Its Service. (E.S.) 4/3:22.

Worldly Affluence, How to Deal With. 31/1:28-37. (K.O.)

World’s Influence on Church Fellowship. 38/3:36-39. (M.G.)

Worship Forms of Early Christians. 34/1:3-4. (J.R.)

Worship Music, Lutheran. 39/2:25-37. (J.R.)

Worship Threatened by Formalism. 42/1:16-18, 26-27. (D.J.R.)

Worship, Art, & the Reformation. (Koehler – Reim) 5/2:l0.

Worship, Biblical. 39/2:2-4. (J.R.)

Worship, Lutheran. 39/2:4-6. (J.R.)

Worship: Implementing Changes. 39/2:25-37. (J.R.)

Wycliffe, John, & Part in Reformation. (C.M.G.) 7/3:9.

Year of Blessing at ILC. 37/3:2-4. (J.K.P.)

Ylvisaker, J.: No Contradictions in Bible. 12/2:28. (C.K.)

YMCA Facing Dilemma. 13/4:43f. (C.M.G.)

Young People & the Educational Method. (E.S.) 11/3:35.

Young People Need Help Against Evolution. 25/3:28f. (C.K.)

Young Women’s Christian Association. (E.R.) 5/2:37.

Youth & Our Age. (E.S.) 10/1:5.

Youth :Purity vs Passion. 43/2:51-52. (D.L.)

Youth Program: Sermon on II Tim. 3:15-17. (E.S.) 8/2:26.

Youth to Serve in our Schools, Encouraging. (R.A.G.) 8/3:16.

Youth, Religion of World would steal our. (E.S.) 4/3:22.

Zechariah 12:8-10: Sermon Study. 26/1:23-28. (J.U.)

Zechariah and the Kingdom of God. 26/2:26-38. (P.F.N.)

Zechariah, The Eight Night Visions of. 26/4:17-29. (P.F.N.)