Church of the Lutheran Confession

Devotional Articles

The Lord’s Prayer – A concise devotional using the Lord’s Prayer.

The Seven Words from the Cross (and an eighth Word from the empty tomb).

Means of Grace – A tract which shows from Scripture the importance of the Means of Grace.

Praise God the Holy Ghost – A tract that shows how the Holy Ghost is one of the three Persons of God. It also clarifies what great blessings the Holy Ghost bestows upon believers.

The Problem of the Isolated Believer – A booklet which is aided to instruct and comfort those who are isolated in the sense that they are a great distance away from a confessional church.

The Shepherd Kindly Calls – A tract that brings the Gospel message in very brief and simple sentences.

Daily Devotions by CLC Pastors
CLC-Daily-Devotions Dec. 4 – Mar. 3 : Sequential format / Booklet format for printing
CLC Daily Devotions Mar. 5 – Jun. 2 : Sequential format / Booklet format for printing