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Each reference in this index includes volume number, issue number, and page(s). For example, the reference 22/3:2-12 is to be interpreted as volume 22, issue 3, pages 2 to 12. To convert volume numbers to years, add 1960 to the volume number.

The key to the initials of authors and contributors is as follows:

E.A. = Egbert Albrecht

J.A. = James Albrecht

P.G.A. = Paul G. Albrecht

BoD = Board of Doctrine

R.D. = Robert Dommer

L.P.D. = Leroy P. Dux

H.C.D. = H. C. Duehlmeier

O.J.E. = O. J. Eckert

W.F. = Warren Fanning

D.F. = Daniel Fleischer

P.G.F. = Paul G. Fleischer

V.A.F. = Vance A. Fossum

A.F. = A. Fremder

G.B.F. = Garrett B. Frank

M.G. = Martin Galstad

N.G. = Norman Greve

C.M.G. = C. M. Gullerud

R.A.G. = Roland A. Gurgel

E.A.H. = Elton A. Hallauer

G.L.J. = Gregory L. Jackson

J.V.K. = John V. Klatt

P.R.K. = Paul R. Koch

D.P.K. = David P. Koenig

C.K. = Clifford Kuehne

S.K. = Stephen Kurtzahn

P.F.L. = Paul F. Larsen

D.L. = David Lau

J.L. = John Lau

R.W.M. = Robert W. Mackensen

N.A.M. = Norman A. Madson

B.J.N. = Bertram J. Nauman

Br.N. = Bruce Naumann

D.R.N. = David R. Naumann

P.N. = Paul Naumann

J.J.N. = James J. Naumann

P.D.N. = Paul D. Nolting

P.F.N. = Paul F. Nolting

K.O. = Keith Olmanson

J.K.P. = John K. Pfeiffer

A.P. = August Pieper

G.P.R. = Gordon P. Radtke

L.D.R. = L. Dale Redlin

R.R. = Robert Rehm

E.R. = Edmund Reim

J.R. = John Reim

R.A.R. = Rollin A. Reim

N.H.R. = Norbert H. Reim

M.J.R. = Michael J. Roehl

R.L.R. = Ronald Roehl

J.E.S. = James E. Sandeen

D.S. = David Schaller

J.S. = John Schaller

P.W.S. = Paul W. Schaller

R.S. = Ralph Schaller

D.R.S. = David R. Schierenbeck

J.L.S. = John L. Schierenbeck

L.W.S. = Lester W. Schierenbeck

M.S. = Michael Schierenbeck

T.R.S. = Thomas R. Schuetze

W.S. = Waldemar Schuetze

A.S. = Arthur Schulz

G.S. = Gilbert Sydow

J.A.S. = James A. Sydow

M.S. = Michael Sydow

P.T. = Paul Tiefel

J.U. = John Ude

R.E.W. = Robert E. Wehrwein

Aaberg, Theo. A City Set on a Hill. (C.M.G..) 8/5:29.

Aderman, James. Face the Facts. 32/3:43. (D.L.)

Alexander, J.A. The Psalms. 15/3:40. (J.L.)

Anderson, A.L. The Way. 19/2:44. (C.M.G.)

Anderson, J. Luther’s Small Catechism & Workbooks. 25/4:35f. (D.L.)

Archer, Frederick M. Working for the Lord . . . Like the Devil. 30/3:35-40. (A.S.)

Archer, G.L. Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties. 22/3:43f.(J.L.)

Awwad, Sami. The Holy Land in Colour. 30/3:29-31. (C.K.)

Back Issues of Journal of Theology. 26/2:39f.

Backus, William. Hidden Rift With God. 37/3:43-47 [V.A.F.]

Bainton, R.H. Martin Luther Christmas Book. 25/4:38ff. (C.K.)

Barclay, Wm. Educational Ideals in the Ancient World. 15/1:39f. (R.A.G.)

Barnhart, David H. Contending for the Faith. 37/3:49-50. [D.L.]

Barrett, Wm. Irrational Man. (M.G.) 3/3:29.

Beck, W. F. The N. T. in Language of Today. (E.R.) 5/1:34.

Becker, S.W. The Foolishness of God. 23/4:44. (C.M.G.)

Becker, S.W. Wizards that Peep. 18/3:37f. (C.M.G.)

Behe, Michael J. Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. 37/2:51-56. [C.M.K.]

Bell, John M. Saints of Another God. 29/2:41-43. (D.L.)

Bennett, I. Nahum & Zephaniah, A Study Manual. (G.P.R.) 9/3:30.

Berkouwer, G.C. A Half Century of Theology. 18/1:43f. (C.M.G.)

Birner, H.A. Marriage should be Honored by All. 22/1:44. (C.M.G.)

Boomstra, Harry. Our School: Calvin College and the Christian Reformed Church. 43/1:50-52. (D .L.)

Bratten, Carl, and Jenson, Robert. Christian Dogmatics. 35/2:24-37. (T.S.)

Braun, J.A. Dying to Live. 25/4:30. (D.L.)

Briggs, C. A. General Introduction to Study of Holy Scripture. (E.S.) 10/4:40.

Brink, Kurt. Overcoming Pastoral Pitfalls. 39/3:51-54. [D.L.]

Bruce, F.F. Paul and Jesus. 15/2:38ff. (C.K.)

Brug, J.F. Justified by Faith. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Brug, J.F. The Revelation of Jesus Christ. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Brug, John F. A Bible Study on Man and Woman in God’s World. 32/3:34-40. (D.L.)

Carson, D.A. The King James Version Debate – A Plea for Realism. 38/1:43-44. [D.K.]

Catherwood, C. Five Evangelical Leaders. 25/4:30-35. (D.L.)

Chapman, B. Card-Guide to N.T. Exegesis. 17/4:44. (C.K.)

Chapman, B. N.T. Greek Notebook. 17/4:44. (C.K.)

Chats from a Minister’s Library: W. M. Smith. (E.S.) 9/3:34.

Chemnitz, Martin. Various Writings. 36/4:53-54. [D.L.]

Chemnitz-Kramer, Examination of Council of Trent. 12/2:42ff. (J.L.)

Cho, Dr. David Yonggi. The Fourth Dimension. 39/3:54-55. [D.K.]

Clement, A.J. Pentecost or Pretence? 22/1:43. (C.M.G.)

Clement, A.J. Prayers for Worship Service. 22/1:43. (C.M.G.)

Colson, Charles. Kingdoms in Conflict. 28/4:30-34. (P.F.N.)

Comfort, Philip W. Early Manuscripts & Modern Translations of the New Testament. 30/1:39-42. (C.K.)

Coren, Michael. The Man Who Created Narnia. 38/3:48-50. [D.L.]

Culp, C.R. Remember Thy Creator. 17/1:43f. (J.K.P.)

Das, A. Andrew. Baptized into God’s Family. 32/3:43. (D.L.)

DeJong, P.Y. Crisis in Reformed Churches. 18/3:38-48. (R.E.W.)

Deutschlander, Daniel. Civil Government – God’s Other Kingdom. 38/3:50-53. [D.L.]

Dowley, T. Eerdman’s Handbook to History of Christianity. 18/1:43f. (C.M.G.)

Dudley-Smith, Timothy. John Stott – A Global Ministry – A Biography – The Later Years. 42/4:41-49. (D.L.)

Dudley-Smith, Timothy. John Stott – The Making of a Leader – A Biography – The Early Years. 42/4:41-49. (D.L.)

Durasoff, S. Bright Wind of the Spirit. 15/1:40. (J.L.)

Dyck, Cornelius J. An Introduction to Mennonite History. 38/3:53-56. [D.L.]

Eggold, Henry. Preaching is Dialogue, A Concise Introduction to Homiletics. 38/4:48-52. [J.A.]

Eickmann, P.E. Gospel Gems from Isaiah. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Eidsmoe, J. The Christian’s Legal Advisor. 24/4:36-39. (D.L.)

Eidsmoe, John. Loyal OppositionI. 36/4:42-44. [D.L.]

Elliot, Elisabeth. Passion and Purity – Learning to Bring Your Love Life under Christ’s Control. 43/2:51-52. (D.L.)

Elliot, Elisabeth. Through Gates of Splendor. 36/4:45-46. [D.L.]

Elwell, Walter A. Handbook of Evangelical Theologians. 34/3:52-56. (D.L.)

Emotional and Psychological Problems. 37/3:40-47. [V.A.F.]

Erickson, M.J. Contemporary Options in Eschatolog.y: A Study of the Millennium. 18/1:38-41. (C.K.)

Erickson, Millard J. Where is Theology Going? 36/4:50-53. [D.L.]

Erlandson, S. Church Fellowship – What does the Bible say? 21/1:36-42. (J.L.)

Fairbairn, P. Typology of Scripture. 15/3:40. (J.L.)

Farrar, F. W. History of Interpretation. (E.S.) 8/4:30.

Fehlauer, A. Bible Reader’s Guide. 22/1:42f. (C.M.G.)

Fehlauer, A. Gospel Devotions for Children. 19/2:43. (C.M.G.)

Fehlauer, A. Life & Faith of Martin Luther. 22/3:44. (C.M.G.)

Foh, S.T. Women & the Word of God. 22/1:34-37. (D.L.)

Fredrich, E.C. Interchurch Relations in Recent Years. 17/4:32-41. (J.L.)

Fredrich, E.C. Lord. Teach us to Pray. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Fredrich, E.C. Quest for True Lutheran Identity in America. 17/2:18-29. (J.L.)

Fredrich, Edward C. The Wisconsin Synod Lutherans. 33/3:39-42. (D.L.)

Frey, J.D. Is the Bible Inerrant? 171:29-38. (D.L.)

Friberg, B & T. Analytical Greek N.T. 22/2:43ff. (J.L.)

Fricke, J. Formula of Concord: Study Guide. 20/4:41ff. (C.K.)

Galstad, M. Findings. 24/4:40.

Goltermann, S. L. Future of Theological Education. (G.P.R.) 9/4:25.

Goodspeed, E. J. Famous Biblical Hoaxes. (E.S.) 8/4:34.

Gossip, A. In Christ’s Stead. (E.R.) 9/1:34.

Grant, Robert M. Augustine to Constantine (The Emergence of Christianity in the Roman World). 38/3:46-47. [D.K.]

Greek N. T.: American Bible Society. (E.R.) 8/2:34.

Groothius, Douglas R. Unmasking the New Age. 27/3:34-38. (C.K.)

Grunze, R. Young Christian’s Life. 22/1:42. (C.M.G.)

Gullerud, C. M. Family Devotions, Third Printing. 26/2:40.

Gullerud, C.M. Family Devotion Hour. 25/3:40. (C.K.)

Hayes, D.A. Paul &. His Epistles. (E.S.) 10/5:40.

Hazelton, C.J. N.T. Pocket Concordance. 20/1:40. (C.M.G.)

Heerman, Lydia. A Feud with God. 35/3:50. (D.L.)

Henderson, L.T. Ruth. 22/1:44. (C.M.G.)

Hendricks, William D. Exit Interviews. 34/3:51-52. (D.L.)

Hendriksen, W. Exposition of Galatians. (E.R.) 8/5:38.

Hendriksen, W. Israel & the Bible. (E.S.) 8/5:40.

Henry, C.F.H. Christian Faith & Modern Theology. 12/1:40f. (J.L.)

Hick, John. The Metaphor of God Incarnate. 34/4:47-48. (D.L.)

Hobbs, H. Exposition of Gospel of Mark. (E.S.) 10/4:38.

Hodges & Farstad. Greek N.T. according to Majority Text. 22/4:33-38. (D.L.)

Hoenecke, Adolf. Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics, Volume IV. 40/3:49-54. (D.L.)

Holladay, William L. A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament. 30/2:37-40. (G.P.R.)

Honsey, Rudolph E. Job: People’s Bible. 38/2:44-47. [D.L.]

Horton, Michael. Christ the Lord – The Reformation and Lordship Salvation. 33/3:45-48. (D.L.)

Horton, Michael. Power Religion – The Selling Out of the Evangelical Church. 33/3:45-48. (D.L.)

Hudson, Dennis. Protestant Origins in India. 40/3:54-56. (D.L.)

Hunt, Dave, & McMahon, T. A. America: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice; The Rise of New Age Shamanism. 30/1:32-33. (C.K.)

Hunter, James D. Evangelicalism: The Coming Generation. 27/3:31-34. (D.L.)

Hunter, Joel C. Prayer, Politics and Power. 28/4:24-30. (P.F.N.)

Isch, J. How the Child Learns. 18/3:38. (C.M.G.)

Jackson, Gregory L. Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant. 34/3:48-49. (S.K.)

Jahn, Curtis. Essays on Church Fellowship. 37/4:50. [D.L.]

Jahn, Curtis. The Wauwatosa Theology. 37/4:51-52. [D.L.]

Jefferson, C. E. The Building of the Church. (E.S.) 10/2:29.

Jeske, J.J. Daniel. 25/3:30-40. (P.F.N.)

Johnson, Wm. S. and Leith, John H. Reformed Reader. 34/4:46-47. (D.L.)

Kane, J.H. Global Missions. 12/1:12-26. (A.S.)

Kittleson, James. Luther, the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His Career. 27/3:25-31. (R.S.)

Klug, Eugene F.A. Sermons of Martin Luther, The House Postils. 38/1:42. [D.L.]

Koch, Paul G. A Burning and a Shining Light. 38/1:38-39. [D.L.]

Koekema, A. Holy Spirit Baptism. 20/1:41-44. (D.R.S.)

Koelpin, A.J. No Other Gospel. 21/1:43f. (C.M.G.)

Koester, Robert J. Law and Gospel: The Foundation of Lutheran Ministry. 34/2:51-54. (S.K.)

Krafft, Joel N. Complete Agreement in Doctrine and Practice (1 Cor. 1:10) (The Scriptural Requirement for the Practice of Church Fellowship. 40/2:55-56. (M.J.R.)

Kramer, W.A. Here and Hereafter. 18/3:37. (C.M.G.)

Kremer, Kenneth. From the-Ground Up – A Plan to Build Your Christian Family. 42/3:40. (R.R.)

Kruithof, B. Man in God’s Milieu. (R.A.G.) 8/4:33.

Kuske, D.P. Model Christian Congregation. 18/3:36. (C.M.G.)

Kuske, D.P. Thessalonians. 24/4:27-36. (D.L.)

Kuske, David. Biblical Interpretation: The Only Right Way. 37/1:53-55. [C.M.K.]

Lange, L. People of Promise (Exodus). 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Lange, Lyle W. Our Great Heritage. 37/4:49. [D.L.]

Larson, Kenneth E. Concordance to the Book of Concord. 30/1:42-43. (J.L.)

Lauersdorf, Richard E. As Luther Taught the Word of Truth – Devotions on the Small Catechism. 43/2:49-50. (D.L.)

Law, R. The Tests of Life – 1 John. (E.S.) 9/3:32.

Lehmann, A.O. Church Musician’s Enchiridion. 20/4:43f. (R.D.)

Lehmann, A.O. Little Dictionary of Liturgical Terms. 22/1:43. (C.M.G.)

Lenker Edition: Luther’s Sermons. 24/4:40.

Lenski, R.C.H. The Sermon: It’s Homiletical Construction. 39/1:47-51. [M.R.]

Lenz, M. Sing Along with Saints & Angels. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Lenz, Mark. God’s Providence. 38/1:36-38. [D.L.]

Leppien, Patsy A. and J. Kincaid Smith. What’s Going on Among the Lutherans? 32/3:40-42. (D.L.)

Leupold, H. C. Exposition of the Psalms. (E.S.) 10/3:25.

Leupold, H. Exposition of Isaiah. (E.S.) 9/3:27.

Lewis, C. S. Christian Reflections. (E.S.) 8/1:34.

Lewis, J.P. Historical Backgrounds of Bible History. 12/1:39f. (R.A.G.)

Lindsell, H. Battle for the Bible. 16/4:35-38. (R.E. Schaller)

Lindsey, H. Late Great Planet Earth. 13/1:43-47. (M.S.)

Link, George. Luther’s Family Devotions. 38/1:41-42. [D.L.]

Lueking, F. Dean. The Last Long Pastorate – A Journey of Grace. 43/4:51-52. (D.L.)

Luther, Martin, and Riccoldo da Montecroce: Islam in the Crucible – Can It Pass the Test? 43/3:2-3. (D.L.)

Luther. Reprinting of St. Louis Walch Edition in Germany. 26/1:40

Lyon, H. Curtis, and John Juern. Pressed Down But Not Forgotten. 37/3:41-43. [V.A.F.]

Madson, Norman A. Evening Bells at Bethany I and II. 41/2:49-50. (D.L.)

Marquart, K. Anatomy of an Explosion. 18/1:23-26. (C.M.G.)

Marshall, Paul, and Lela Gilbert. Their Blood Cries Out – The Untold Story of Persecution Against Christians in the Modern World. 38/2:49-52. [D.L.]

Martin, Malachi. The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church. 27/3:38-40. (C.K.)

Martin, Robert P. Accuracy of Translation and the NIV. 33/2:40-44. (C.K.)

Martin, Walter R. Christian Research Journal. 35/1:47-48. (D.L.)

Maxfield, John A. Pietism and Lutheranism. 40/3:47-49. (D.L.)

McGoldrick, J.E. Luther’s English Connection. 19/2:43f. (C.M.G.)

McGrath, Alister. Evangelicalism and the Future of Christianity. 36/4:49-50. [D.L.]

Menninger, K. Whatever became of Sin? 15/1:34-39. (P.F.N.)

Meyer, J.P. Ministers of Christ. (E.R.) 5/2:38.

Minirth, Frank, & Meier, Paul. Happiness is a Choice: The Symptoms, Causes, & Cures of Depression. 39/1:54-56. [J.J.N.]

Moe, O. E. Paul: His Life & Work. (E.S.) 9/1:35.

Moffett, Samuel H. A History of Christianity in Asia, Vol. 1. 36/4:40-41. [D.K.]

Morris, Henry M. The Biblical Basis for Modern Science. 26/3:41-44. (C.K.)

Morris, Henry M. The Long War Against God. 30/1:36-39. (C.K.)

Morris, Henry M., & Morris, John D. Science, Scripture, and the Young Earth. 30/1:33-35. (C.K.)

Muggeridge & Thornhill. Sentenced to Life. 24/1:33f. (J.L.)

Murray, Ian H. David Martyn Lloyd Jones – The Fight of Faith 1939-1981. 42/4: 41-49. (D.L.)

Murray, Ian H. David Martyn Lloyd Jones – The First Forty Years 1899-1939. 42/4:41-49. (D.L.)

Nelson’s Expository Dictionary of O.T. 22/1:38-42. (G.P.R.)

Neuer, Werner. Man and Woman in Christian Perspective. 36/2:49-51. [D.L.]

Neuhaus, Richard John. The Naked Public Square. 28/4:34-38. (P.F.N.)

Nichols, Larry, and George Mather. Discovering the Plain Truth – How the Worldwide Church of God Encoun-tered the Gospel of Grace. 38/2:47-49. [D.L.]

Nienkirchen, Charles W. A. B. Simpson and the Pentecostal Movement. 40/4:54-55. (D.L.)

Nolting, P.F. The Social Gospel: A Threat. (E.S.) 7/1:41.

Numbers, Ronald L. The Creationists. 33/2:44-47. (C.K.)

Oberman, Heiko A. 31/Luther: Man Between God and the Devil. 31/3:47-48. (P.D.N.)

Old, Hughes Oliphant. The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church. Vol-ume 4: The Age of the Reformation. 42/4:49-51.

Otten, H. Christian Handbook on Vital Issues. 13/3:32-36. (J.L.)

Packer, James I. A Passion for Faithfulness. 36/4:48-49. [D.L.]

Packer, James I. Knowing God. 38/3:44-45. [M.J.R.]

Packer, James I. Truth and Power – The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life. 42/1:50-52. (D.L.)

Packer,Tenney,White. Bible Almanac. 22/1:44. (C.M.G.)

Patten, D. A Symposium on Creation – II. (R.L.R.) 10/2:30.

Patten, Hatch, Steinhauer. Long Day of Joshua – and Six Other Catastrophes. 14/2:39f. (J.K.P.)

Patton, D.W. Symposium on Creation-III. 12/1:42. (J.K.P.)

Petersen, Dennis R. Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation. 38/3:45-46. [M.J.R.]

Peterson, K.S. Say, Pastor, I was Wondering. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Phipps, William E. William Sheppard – Congo’s African American Livingston. 42/3:41-42. (D.L.)

Pieper-Kowalke. Isaiah II-Exposition. 20/1:37-39. (C.M.G.)

Pittman, Don A., Ruben L.F. Habito, and Terry C. Muck. Ministry and Theology in Global Perspective. 37/3:54-56. [D.L.]

Plath, L.D. Christian Teachers & Their Relationships. 25/4:36. (D.L.)

Pope, Nathan R. Motivation for Ministry. 36/2:48-49. [D.L.]

Preus, Robert D. Justification and Rome. 39/1:52-53. [D.L.]

Ramachandra, Vinoth. The Recovery of Mission. 37/3:50-53. [D.L.]

Ramsay, Wm. Pauline &. Other Studies in Early Christian History. (E.S.) 10/3:25.

Rein, R.C. Treasury of Themes & lllustraions. 24/1:35.

Riddeli, Peter G., and Cotterell, Peter. Islam in Context: Past, Present, and Future. 43/3:9-11. (D.L.)

Saarnivaara, U. Luther Discovers the Gospel. 24/1:29-33. (J.L.)

Saarnivaara, Uuras. Hath God Said? (E.S.) 7/1:42.

Sasse, Hermann. This is My Body – Luther’s Contention for the Real Presence in the Sacrament of the Altar. 41/1:50-52. (W.F.)

Schaal, J. Better Living Through Christ. (E.S.) 10/5:39.

Schaeffer, F.A. How Should We Then Live? 17/2:39-44. (C.K.)

Schaller, Egbert. Selected Sermons of E. Schaller. 41/2:49-52. (D.L.)

Schaller, Egbert. Selected Sermons of E. Schaller. Volume II: The Trinity Season. 42/2:50-56. (D.L.)

Schaller, J. Biblical Christology. 21/2:42ff. (C.M.G.)

Schmitt, Russell. Uncle Sam and I. 38/2:42-44. [D.L.]

Schreiber, C.S. Katherine-Wife of Luther. 22/3:44. (C.M.G.)

Schroeder, A.H. Other Sheep. 22/1:43. (C.M.G.)

Schroeder, M.A.. Martin Luther-Man of God. 23/4:44. (C.M.G.)

Schuetze, Armin W., & Matzke, Frederick A. The Counseling Shepherd. 30/3:31-35. (M.S.)

Schuetze, Armin W., Fredrich, Edward C., and Brug, John F. WELS and other Lutherans. 35/3:51-52. (J.L.)

Schuetze, Armin. The Synodical Conference – Ecumenical Endeavor. 42/3:42-49. (D.L.)

Schuetze, Armin. The Synodical Conference – Ecumenical Endeavor. 42/3:50-52. (J.L.)

Schulz, R.J. Idols-Dead of Alive? 22/4:39f. (J..L.)

Scudieri. Robert J. The Apostolic Church – One, Holy, Catholic, and Missionary. 42/4:51-52. (D.L.)

Sears, J. Conflict & Harmony in Science & Bible. (R.L.R.) 9/5:34.

Shinn. The Existential Posture. (M.G.) 3/3:25.

Siano, Frank P. Presenting the Catholic Faith: A Modern Catechism for Inquirers. 28/4:39-43. (R.M.)

Sippert, Albert. From Eternity to Eternity. 30/1:43-44. (J.L.)

Skilton, J.H.. The NIV New Testament. 20/2:31.

Smith, F. La Gard. The Daily Bible in Chronological Order, With Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God’s Word. 43/1:48-50. (D.L.)

Spencer, Robert. Islam Unveiled – Disturbing Questions about the World’s Fastest-Growing Faith. 43/3:3-9. (D.L.)

Sproul, R. C. Faith Alone. 36/4:41-42. [D.L.]

Stark & Glock. American Piety. 12/3:33-38. (C.K.)

Stein, Robert H. Jesus the Messiah. 38/1:39-41. [D.L.]

Stott, John. Romans. 36/4:46-48. [D.L.]

Strommen, Brekke, Underwager, Johnson. Study of Generations. 13/2:38-48. (J.L.)

Sturz, Harry. The Byzantine Text-Type and New Testament Textual Criticism. 38/1:42-43. [D.K.]

Teigen, B.W. I Believe: 5 Booklets on Lutheran Confessions. 21/2:39-42. (C.K.)

Throckmorton, B.U. Gospel Parallels: Synopsis of the First Three Gospels. 20/1:39f. (C.M.G.)

Tjernagel, N.S. Lutheran Confessions – Harmony & Resource Book. 19/2:43. (C.M.G.)

Todd, Mary. Authority Vested. 40/3:46-47. (D.L.)

Trapp. Luther’s Simple Way to Pray. 23/4:44. (C.M.G.)

Treasury of Great Gospel Sermons. (E.S.) 10/4:38.

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